The Father Says Today – April 2016

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

April 30, 2016.   The Father says today that I have established My paternity on the inside of you.  You are not only the child of man you are My child.  I have birthed you by the DNA of who I AM on the inside of you.  There is a father of your natural flesh that chastened you after their pleasure.  I AM the Father of your spirit who chooses to bless you and indulge you after My good pleasure.  Did I not say in My word that it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom?  It is My good pleasure to give you righteousness, peace and joy.  I give you joy this day.  I give you peace this day.  I AM your peace.  Peace is who I AM on the inside of you.  I AM peace and I AM Lord therefore PEACE is taking control and exercising dominion over everything happening around you.

I AM yours and you are mine – righteousness is your portion.  Righteousness is your portion because of who I AM and what I have placed on the inside of you.  You cannot fail or falter or fracture because you have yielded and bent the knee to who I AM and what I AM saying down deep in your spirit.  Hear the rumbling of My voice says the Father for I AM tabernacling on the inside of you and making Myself known to you.  Be lifted up from the place of discouragement.  You will not be discouraged but will be encouraged – and in the encouragement you will rise up and take flight into the full height of My blessing and portion and ministry assignment that is yours this very day.

April 29, 2016.    The Father says today, Judah goes first!  The staff of My authority rests between the knees of those who are willing to move forward as the front line shock troops of intercession and worship.  As it was in the days of Hezekiah – as the worshippers go forward so I will set ambushments against the enemy and he will return to his own land.  Fear not, says the Father!  Believe the good report.  Believe the message that I AM sending forth in this hour – a message not of gloom or of darkness but a message of morning spread upon the Mountains of My Glory says your God.  Trust!  Rest!  Rely upon Me and move forward.  The strategy of the enemy is failing! The forces of darkness are dissipating in the light of My glory that attends all of those who worship Me in spirit and in truth!

You have chosen to worship Me says the Father and in your worship the glory will be made manifest that originates not in the glimmering of man’s false representations but in the authentic and genuine visitation that is your portion in this hour.  Raise the banner and go forward.  Let those gifted in pageantry and dance come forth and be seen.  Let the stringed instruments and the battle drums be heard!  I have received you in an hour appointed and there is no need to cower before an enemy that I have already defeated 2,000 years ago at the cross.  Be lifted up you gates!  Be flung wide you everlasting doors for the King of Glory – your Betrothed and your Beloved is making Himself manifest for your deliverance and your salvation, says your God!

April 28, 2016.   The Father says today I AM your wisdom.  It is not necessary to wring your hands wondering how to proceed or what to do in the midst of a difficult situation.  I AM working to bring harmony among those with whom your heart is knit.  Where envy and strife is there is every evil work.  You are not on any one’s side; you are on My side.  When others attempt to compel you to take up their defense open your mouth and say, “I am neither for you nor the other party – I am on the LORD’S side!”  There is no place for sectarian sentiments or division among My people.  Make up your mind that you do not belong to this one or the other group but that you belong to Me.  In so doing this will be a point of maturity for you and there will be an almost immediate dividend of blessing accompanied with a freshly opened heaven above you.

The open heaven is your portion says the Father.  Do not be distracted.  Do not allow anything to take your eyes off of the throne on High.  Your authority is there.  Your blessing is there.  Your provision is there.  Your shift – the change you have cried out for is there because you make a positive choice not to get caught up in the barnyard politics of religious striving.  You are not a barnyard animal.  You are called to be a saint – an Eagle Saint – willing to fly in a solitary formation if necessary to climb the greatest heights and be seated with Me in heavenly places.  There will be times when others want you to join their controversy but remember in the days of My flesh when I did not join Myself to man for I knew what was in man.  I haven’t called you to join with men but to love men.  You cannot allow men to dictate what loving them means or the terms of your connection to them.  Those who attempt to pressure you into their camp are taking to themselves a presumptive authority over you that belongs only to Me.  It is Christ that died for you and Christ that saved you and Christ that is taking you on – so stay faithful to Me, keep walking in love and you will not be derailed in your pursuit of My glory that will come to you and manifest in you and that right quickly.

April 27, 2016.    The Father says today that I AM rendering to you the double.  You have been a prisoner of hope in this season but in the midst of hope deferred you have turned to the stronghold that I AM in your life.  Even today do I declare that I will render double to you.  I have bent My bow and raised up a defense for you in the dry places of the earth – even in Zion that the enemy has sought to occupy to destroy your zeal.  I will cause you to take again the high places and to cast down the altars of idolatry there that have sought to usurp your destiny says the Father.  My arrows will go forth as the lightning and the warring Angel will blow the trumpet.  There My favor shall be found in your midst with whirlwinds of the south and as the Lord of Hosts I will defend and devour the enemy of your soul and subdue the unrighteous with sling stones of My right hand and shall not miss My target.

I will fill the bowls in the corner of the altar with the incense of your praise for you will see to the fullest extent the victory that I have promised you in your now season and not another.  As the Lord your God I will save you in that day and spare the flock of My people even those you have cried out and petitioned Me for their deliverance and safety.  They shall be as the stones of a crown lifted up as an ensign upon My land – a signet of My faithfulness and a testimony for you to delight in.  My goodness and My beauty will be your bread and the corn of My mercy shall make your heart cheerful as new wine does the maids in the time of threshing out of grapes.  There is a salvation, says the Father, that I AM working out in your life.  The good news of My grace and My goodness is the headline of your tomorrows and not the doom and gloom prognostications of those who look with the seeing of their eye and judge with the hearing of their ear.  I will cause you to break forth upon the right hand and upon the left and cause your heart to be knit to My heart and My purposes to be undeniably fulfilled in your life says the Father.

April 26, 2016.   The Father says today that there are wells – deep wells of salvation I AM bringing you to.  I AM pouring out of the seven spirits before the throne even My Spirit of Understanding to reveal and unveil those things that make for godliness and transformation in your life.  You will draw out, yes, and beyond that you will suddenly find yourself in the upsurge of those rivers that I promised in My word would flow out of your belly!  You will know you are in the river because it will become so easy to hear My voice you will be surprised and stunned by the power and accuracy of what I will cause you to hear and to share with others.  You will participate just in a casual conversation and suddenly the power of My voice will shift things to another level and the person beside you will experience transformation and change in a moment of time.

There have been occasions that you opened up and made yourself vulnerable that others mocked and scoffed and wounded you.  Surely mockers and religiously misdirected people abound on every hand but the difference is that the power of what is now flowing out of you will cleanse every wound and keep you available and pliable for My use.  Like the prophet who could not keep silent so you will be unable to be silent because of the force of My river flowing up from the inside of you.  In the midst of this it will be for the purpose of you knowing their hearts and knowing how to effectively pray for those who make light of your testimony.  You will sense My presence and you will open your mouth and speak as the oracle of My throne.  I can trust you with My word so don’t worry about making a false move because my anointing is on you to keep the flow pure and in that purity will come healing for you and great deliverance for others.

April 25, 2016.   The Father says doors are opening in front of you this day.  Things may look closed off and opportunity may seem distant but LOOK AGAIN.  I will be petitioned of you this day says the Father.  Ask and the door will appear and stand open with fresh potential and blessing that will make its way to you.  Knock and the angels assigned to you will cause the gates of impediment to open to you of their own accord and bring you to great liberty.  Liberty is your entitlement.  Where My Spirit is there is liberty that you will walk in and take full measure of even this day.  There are times that discernment is required to realize just what is in front of you.  Jesus walked through a door to find his disciples cowering in fear.  To them He came through a wall but He actually walked through a door that none could see.  I AM giving you vision says the Father and with the vision comes not one but multiple opportunities.  You get to choose!

As I was with you in the days of constraint and detriment so I AM with you this day – in this day of your blessing to bring an effective golden door being ministered to you under this sun.  Seek it . Expect it.  Know it is your portion and your blessing from My hand. I will bring the miracle but you must cooperate and act.  I’m going to open the way, but I do that by your seeking, by your asking, by your knocking.   And I’m going to show you what’s on the other side and you’re going to be delighted, you’re going to be surprised at times, but you’re going to be delighted that your course in life has brought you to the place of effective ministry.  The LORD says, you’ve done your homework.  You’ve done your research.  You have searched me.  You have found me and I have been found of you.  And I will found of you.  And people will inquire of the hope that’s within you and you’re going to be able to draw from the resources of my life inside your life.

April 24, 2016.   The Father says today I AM moving all your challenges to the forefront of My purposes – get ready for change.  You will now begin to see stressful issues brought into new forward momentum.  Be prepared to advance even in areas of your life you would identify as stagnate and on hold.  It may seem like things have been on the shelf for a while but I AM changing this – even beginning today.  Know this that the change I bring is not something to be anxious about.  I AM increasing you.  It is all about increase, promotion and God-speed acceleration of the promise coming to pass in your life.  I AM not diminishing you, says the Father.  Though time has passed this has only been the vintage of My goodness in your life coming to full measure and now you will drink deeply of My faithfulness as never before.

Ministry portion will come to the forefront now.  I have a new ministry for you.  It is a new shining ministry revealing My glory.  Your testimony will be that I have made all things new.  I have put an anointing in you that’s going to resonate on the inside of you and flow out to others to greatly encourage, renew and set free those that are languishing in the stuck place.  I have anointed you to bring liberty and freedom to those who have felt defenseless, lost and in jeopardy.  You have an anointing, says the Father.  You have a calling.  Part of that calling touches the marketplace, but it extends beyond the marketplace to My house where others serve Me.  I AM anointing you to make a difference.  So just keep moving forward with My love emblazoned upon your heart.  I will send those that will come alongside and partner with you.  There will be brotherhood in Christ and effectiveness in touching the lives of many, for I AM deploying you now in My kingdom and I will give you dominion where you have felt defeated and you will be blessed and others will be blessed and many will rejoice for the fruit and blessing that will be made manifest says the Father.

April 23, 2016.   The Father says today refuse to be distracted from My glory.  I said in My word I would meet all your need out of My riches in glory.  When the enemy distracts you from My glory he is attempting to delay the manifestation of breakthrough that My glory produces.  When the enemy seduces you saying, “lo here is Christ” or “lo there is Christ” know this that My anointing that changes YOUR life is within you not in some outward resource.  I have not commissioned you nor ordained you to chase after anointings.  The greatest anointing available to you is resident in you in My glory.  Look within. My Kingdom is within you.  My Kingdom is not some process or outcome that comes to you through the progression of some linear purpose through time.  My glory is a resident, dynamic power on the inside of you working its way out to change every aspect of your life.

So know this today and walk in recognition of the fact that My Kingdom is within you.  Christ in you is your hope of glory.  Christ outwardly proposed by men to be in some ministry or in religious infrastructure is not your hope of Glory says the Father.  Do not be distracted. There are many false Christs.  There are many misdirected men and women who are blindly leading My people away from who I already am on the inside of you.  You are not waiting for anything.  I AM already here on the inside of you.  You are not deficient in any way for I AM on the inside of you pressing out of your belly in a river of living water that is reshaping your land for My glory.  Press into My glory says the Father.  Turn toward who I AM on the inside of you.  Know My glory and rejoice in My glory for there the price that was paid will make its full dividend of blessing to be made manifest in your life.

April 22, 2016.   The Father says today that I will be found in the place of stillness.  All of life conspires to drown out My voice in your life with a cacophony of sights, sounds and distractions.  No matter if you withdraw to the most remote place in your life there is still the insistent outward distractions to take your mind away from My Spirit.  Make it your determination to lobby against those things that take your mind and draw your heart away from Me.  I AM here says the Father – talk to Me.  I AM here and My ear is attentive to your cry.  I AM here not only to receive your petitions but to engage in discourse and wisdom at depths far deeper than you have ever experienced to this point in your walk with Me.

Come away to the quiet place.  Wage war against the tyranny of the urgent and the distractions of life around you.  It can wait.  They can wait.  Life can wait as you put things on hold and have that one golden moment of silence and bliss where I will break forth into your heart and thoughts to make known to you My presence.  Be presence driven today says the Father and not bouncing from one crisis to another or one vain pursuit to another.  Choose not to be a Martha – scurrying about and tripping over My feet.  Stop the foolishness and simply be a Mary – lost in My gaze, sitting at My feet, rejoicing in the communion of heaven that will refresh and renew you in the midst of the noise and activity around you.

April 21, 2016.   The Father says today this is a time of “night season intimacy”.  As I stood by Paul in the night, so I AM coming to you in visitation to stand by you and cause you to receive that which I would communicate with you.  I will bring night visions to you.  I will open things up to you and draw back the curtain of the natural and show you what is really going on around you in the realm of principalities and powers.  You are not isolated or left to yourself.  As the young prophet I will cause you to know that greater in number are those that are for you than those that are against you opposing.  I will make the realm of spiritual things more real and substantial to you than you have ever expected.  As Paul who looked in on the Roman church by the Spirit, so you will awaken and not know whether you went somewhere in the Spirit or in reality.

Have you considered translation as a form of transportation?  Scoffers may mock and religious authorities ridicule but as happened to Philip with the Ethiopian eunuch you will find yourself in one place and then another without reliance on the instrumentality of a natural mode of transportation.  You see says the Father you are not a natural being having a spiritual experience you are a spiritual being having a natural experience in time and space. Adopt this mentality today knowing that you belong to Me and I have you safely tucked away in My pavilion.  Though the world, the earth and all things in the Spirit be opened to you in vision, discernment and unveiling do not be intimidated.  Just hold on to My hand and I will lead you.  Do not expect others to understand.  This isn’t about impressing others – it is about a new place of understanding and authority in Me – where I get all the glory and you get to enjoy the benefits of what I have given you this day.

April 20, 2016.   The Father says today that it is not too late.  The enemy has told you it is too late but it is not too late.  The circumstance and the situation say that it is too late but know this – I AM the God of time and eternity.  I hold all your days in My hand.  All of your days are written in My book and that book is not a tragedy or a twice told tale of foolish hope.  Keep your eye upon Me.  Refuse to believe or allow the circumstance to dictate to you the parameters of your expectations.  I AM stepping back through time and through the circumstances and situations of your life.  I AM turning back the devastation and disappointment and bringing forth beauty from ashes and renewed hope from disillusionment and what appeared to be utter failure.

The things that are seen are temporary – subject to change.  The things that are seen are subject to those things that are eternal.  Relinquish your outcomes to Me.  Your hand will not bring salvation.  You must trust Me and listen to My voice and obey promptly that which I have assigned you to do.  Give Me your Isaacs and your Ishmaels and trust that I will superintend and arrange your life in such a manner that the benediction of your heart will be “LORD you do all things well…”  You are going to have to come up higher and begin to think My thoughts with My mind or nothing will make sense as I begin to move.  The promotion I bring is promotion into what looks like chaos to the natural mind but is in reality a pattern and plan so broad and so deep that finite man could never anticipate just how much blessing and destiny and purpose I AM establishing in you and through you says the Father.

April 19, 2016.    The Father says today I AM bringing you to times of refreshing.  In every dry place in the earth I have placed streams of refreshing to bring you on your journey.  Despair not says the Father.  Drink deeply of My faithfulness.  Let the streams of My grace flow over you today and hydrate you with My goodness.  I have placed a fountain within you to refresh and renew you when your spirits are dry and your heart is discouraged.  As David of old make a choice to encourage yourself in Me when you can find nothing outwardly to be a strength to you.  I AM the rock that you can run to and out of that rock will come a river of pure refreshing to strengthen and vivify you when all other resources have failed.

I will not leave you where you are says the Father.  I will take you on.  I will take you out of the dry places and bring you to your Jordan crossing.  Come to the banks of your low place this day.  Know that I inhabit the high and lofty place with those that are of a contrite and humble spirit.  My purpose is to revive and rejuvenate you not to diminish or scourge you.  There have been those who claim that what you are suffering is by My hand but know this – they are impugning My goodness by so alleging.  I came that you might have life and life more abundantly and I haven’t changed My mind about that in your situation.  Open your heart. Hear My words.  Make necessary adjustments and change.  You will see the result almost immediately says the Father.

April 18, 2016   The Father says today there is nothing tame about My kingdom or My people.  I have not called you to be tame or domesticated by the world around you.  I AM spilling My people out of the containment that culture has defined for them.  You are coming out of the ghetto of religion and into the public square.  You will come out by demonstration of My Spirit and demonstration of My power.  You will move mightily in signs, miracles and wonders.  The sun will be changed in its appearance and the moon will cast it’s shadow unique from any other shining from the beginning of the world.  I will cause My people to rise up in radical confrontation and they will know – the world will know that they govern at My indulgence and that My people are kings and priests in the earth.

This is your hour and your time to form ranks and not break ranks.  I AM calling you into apostolic culture to band together not by affinity or doctrinal agreement rather by the common passion of a people who have discovered just who they are in My Kingdom and just what the valuation is of the price that was paid on Calvary.  You are not a victim says the Father.  You are not subject to the veiled scorn of those around you who think you worship Me by their clemency or permission.  As Moses of old I AM bringing My people out into a gathering of eagles who will take the prey and rend the serpent until nothing is left of the domain of darkness to oppose the will of My Kingdom upon the earth.  This is your portion and your placement says the Father and your calling and election is sure so embrace it, declare and know it as your default state as a redeemed one of the Most High.

April 17, 2016.   The Father says today this is coming out time for you! I will not leave you where you are.  I will not leave you to languish in a stagnant situation with no way out.  I will open a door of escape to you and it will seem as though in a moment – in a day you have been snatched out of what was and propelled, blasted into a new territory of blessing and potential.  Refuse to get comfortable where you are.  Realize that everything changes – sometimes on an accelerated timetable.  Throw away your map of how you think things are going to go and realize that My thoughts and plans are different from yours – only better.

I AM the God of better things.  I have things in store for you that are unanticipated.  The troubles and trials you are laying up for will come and go unrealized.  Refuse to build your life on an expectation of trouble.  Build your life instead on an expectation of life and life more abundantly for I have nothing else to offer you.  I don’t DO trials and tribulations.  There have been those who have misrepresented Me as a God of suffering and sorrow and pain – beloved that is not who I AM and that is not what I have laid up in store for you.  I do not place any premium upon suffering in your life and as you put your confidence and trust in Me you will begin to see the shift and change out of darkness and bondage into great release and emancipation says the Father.

April 16, 2016.   The Father says today that I will make an end.  He that endures to the end shall be saved.  Beloved make it your resolve not to opt out of the process that I AM working in your life.  Others may bail out and run away but know this – I AM working something in your life that will bring great reward as you remain faithful to that which I have called you to do.  Though the pressure is great and increasing remember that it is through much tribulation you enter the kingdom.  It is through much pressure you enter the Kingdom therefore know this, that mounting pressure is no indication you are heading the wrong direction.

So press into the pressure and you will break out into the kingdom.  The Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force.  Make it your determination not to take no for an answer.  I AM a God of yes.  All My promises are yes and amen to those who have abandoned themselves to Me.  I will deliver you from the mire of circumstances.  The consequences of your choice to obey Me will be blessing and not diminishment.  Those who have threatened and spoken against you will be marginalized.  Bless them though they are your enemies.  Bless them, forgive them and release them to Me.  I AM capable and committed to addressing every concern of your heart for I AM a loving Father and you are My beloved child!

April 15, 2016.   The Father says today render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render to My kingdom the balance of your life in trust and expectation that I do all things perfectly in My timing.  You are not subject beloved, to the economy of man.  You are not bound nor limited by the valuation that men lay upon your life.  What man extracts from you I return seven fold for you are My beloved and it is My kingdom that rules over all.  Fret not.  Fret not when the kingdoms of this world impose their agenda upon your life.  This world’s governments, rulers and potentates hold the staff by My indulgence and there is nothing that man can take from you or do to you that I am ultimately not in charge of.

So resist not evil says the Father even as I said in My word.  My rule and My lordship over your life is the superintending force that provides for you and promotes you and elevates you into an experience of being seated with Me far above all power, or might or any name that can be named in this earth.  Your treasuries are sheltered not in a bank vault or a protected account held by the institutions of men.  Your treasuries are secure by My hand and you do not have to wait to exploit the dividends of that resource in your life.  Let your heart rise in faith and let your mind begin to cognate with a deep and over arching comprehension of My sovereignty even over the mundane matters of finance and transactions of natural resources.  I AM your banker says the Father and I AM making the deposit of heaven in your life to cause you to ride prosperously above the high places of the earth even this day.

April 14, 2016.   The Father says today this is water walking time.  I AM taking you places says the Father – things are changing and the move is on.  Look not at the winds and the waves of adversity.  Refuse to be influenced by those who only wish to remain behind in the safe place.  Be a risk taker.  Be a risk taker for as you step out you will find Me walking on those waves that others suggest will only pull you down and destroy you.  Be found faithful says the Father.  Trust Me.  Walk on the water with Me.  Step out by faith.  Know that I AM the fourth Man in the fire.  You won’t be moving forward alone.  I will enlarge your step as you take the plunge expecting and knowing that I am not about failure or loss or disappointment.  I AM in you and I will not be disappointed therefore I will not allow you to be disappointed.

You were not born to the kingdom to play it safe says the Father.  I have raised you up and brought you into the earth with a specific assignment.  The time is now.  Do what you can with what you have and stay faithful and persistent.  As you are a good steward with what I have already provided you I will send more and more and more.  There will be no lack. There will be no limitation of provision, direction, wisdom or favor.  I AM giving you favor with those you need to have favor with.  Those who turn aside and reject you will be marginalized in your life.  Leave them to Me.  Keep pressing on.  You success will be found not in man’s approval but in the overwhelming blessing I AM pouring out upon you as you commit your way to Me.

April 13, 2016.   The Father says today get up and out and make yourself available.  Make yourself available in the public square to be used of Me today for I AM putting those across your path who need a word of truth and a word of encouragement.  You are an encourager says the Father.  You aren’t about the doom and gloom and negativity that is so commonly found in conversations today.  I say to you this day that you have My voice.  You have My voice because I AM placing My voice within you.  You have a hunger and an appreciation and a divine respect for the prophetic voice and the Spirit of prophecy is flowing to cause you to bring light to those in darkness and encouragement to those who are about to give up on life.

Go out in your day today with the unbending intention to encourage those that are weighed down and disillusioned with life.  Ask of Me “Holy Spirit, what can I say to encourage this one?”  As soon as you ask I will show you.  It’s going to be like fuel on a fire.  You are going to have confirmation.  You are going to know that you know that those persons have been touched by what I give you for them.  It will be joyful and delight-some and it will inspire and encourage you to continue that process.  I have had you in training and I’m going to train you further.  This will not be a fleeting activity but something that will follow you and you will participate in the rest of your life.  It is part of your ministry portion and as you seek to walk in this new assignment great blessing will come into your life that you have sought for some time.

April 12, 2016.   The Father says today that your body is My temple and I AM a faithful tenant.  Will I not cause your health and vitality to be strong and renewed?  I live on the inside of you.  I AM not dwelling on the inside of you without respect to the quality of your health says the Father.  My life is flowing through you.  As Moses of old your strength will abate not and your eye will not grow dim for I AM on the inside of you renewing and blessing and revitalizing.  I have all the issues of your health in My mind and in My eye.  Your health is springing forth speedily.  I AM causing you to be more robust, more fit, says the Father and I am providing the grace to cooperate with those things that make for good choices in every area of your activity and your appetites.  Being legalistic and difficult with yourself provides little benefit.  It is time to trust Me and look to Me to change what you cannot change.  I AM helping you.  I AM the HELPER and you will begin even over the next few days to see that happening in a new way.

So cooperate with the moving of My Spirit.  Say “yes” to My “yes” and “no” to those things that do not make for benefit, blessing and healthfulness.  I AM even going to work a change in your metabolism and your disposition.  You are going to be more active.  See yourself this way.  As I told Joshua about Jericho “see I have given you the city” even so I say to you “see I have given you your own body” for better is he that rules his own self than he that takes a city.  Rise up and take your territory and see the results I will reward you with.  There will be so much joy on the inside of you because you will know this is not about human striving but about the new thing I AM doing in you and you get to be the beneficiary of it. It isn’t something wrong with you – it’s something right.  It is My Spirit resonating down on the inside of you and bringing new life and power and recovery to every aspect of your being.

April 11, 2016.   The Father says today that the treasuries of heaven are opening up to you.  My favor and My bounty are your portion as you open your heart and align your life with My truth and My direction.  This isn’t something you receive from man.  I have anointed men to teach and to reveal but beloved there is a point that I want you to come to Me and receive from Me directly.  My greatest purpose is worked out in your life when you look to Me and not to another.  When you seek Me directly there will be the impartation of new life not just to you but to all of those around you that have been asking questions that you have found difficult to answer.  Take no thought when you are challenged by the skeptic or unbeliever for I AM going to surprise you with what comes out of your mouth in answering those with the hardest hearts.

I AM the God of surprises and I have some pleasant things coming your way.  I AM breaking off limitation in the area of natural things and even in relationships.  There is a friendship that has been written off that I am restoring.  Look for this and expect it to begin very soon.  You don’t have to do a thing to make it happen this is by My hand.  It is coming says the Father, it is knocking at your door.  It’s all about the joy and the peace that My kingdom is made up of.  I AM not willing for you to live without fullness of joy.  I will no longer allow you to live without the level of joy that My Son died to bring into your life.  So expect the sudden and the surprising to begin to take place.  I will flow through you out to others as My wisdom comes suddenly to your mouth and it will manifest even in your personal life.  When you seek the kingdom you get to have it all and this is the day I AM doing a quick work and you will see it and enjoy it and be glad!

April 10, 2016.   The Father says today I want to give you a new mirror.  I want you to begin to see yourself as I see you.  The mirror that you have been looking in has distorted the reflection of how you see yourself.  The reflection that you see is not the reflection that I see.  I want to give you a perspective that is going to manifest before your eyes and cause you to see yourself as I see you.  You have perceived yourself as shallow in your spiritual understanding and not capable of receiving the deep revelations that are in My word.  You look in My word and listen to others teach My word and think “where do they get this understanding?”  Those depths are also in you says the Father.  I AM opening your eyes and illuminating My word to you in a greater measure because you are a lot deeper spiritually than you give yourself credit for.

There are people around you that do not have the longing or desire for deep things and I am changing that.  They do not see the depths of My Spirit in themselves and they don’t see the depths of My Spirit on the inside of you.  When they glance at you they see one thing but they do not see in you what I see and what I AM revealing in this hour.  The Father says, I have put My depths down on the inside of you.  I AM sounding out your depths.  I will be measuring your depths in the next few months because I want you to know what I have placed down on the inside of you.  Depths to such a degree that no natural light can penetrate.  The natural mind cannot conceive these things because they are spiritually understood.  Now is the time and now is the season for you to open your heart and come aside into the secret place.  I will commune with you and show you things that you know not of and you will be changed.  This is My portion for you and this is the answer to the cry of your heart says the Father.

April 9, 2016.   The Father says today I AM doing a new thing in your life.  Though My plans were established from the foundation of the earth I have stored up some blessings to be revealed now – even this week.  Open your heart and look expectantly for what I AM doing today in your situation.  It may look stagnant, as though nothing will ever change, but that is not how things really are.  The things that are seen are temporal and changeable.  Say that in your heart.  See in your heart – blazoned across the threshold of your inner man “SUBJECT TO CHANGE.”  I AM a changeless God that requires you to live in a state of anticipated change.  Your security and stability does not arise because of what man does or plans or concedes to.  Your security is in Me.

So be at peace says the Father.  Come into the place of rest.  Trust and know that your assignments and the tasks that I put before you are not in vain.  Do not allow the urgency of outward demands to usurp the priorities and initiatives of heaven in your life.  I AM working with you.  I AM working in you.  I AM working through you.  You are not a spectator to the process so never assume that you will sit idly by without any demand being placed upon your faith.  Be a risk taker.  I favor what you do, not what you think, or what you think you believe.  You are not going to think yourself into breakthrough, you are going to walk yourself into breakthrough as you trust in Me and step out this day and every day with a radical expectation that I will change the things that need to be changed and rewrite your destiny according to My expectations for you and not man’s.

April 8, 2016.   The Father says today that songs in the night bring joy in the morning.  Do not allow the enemy of your soul to steal the song in your heart.  The song of the Spirit is not a funeral dirge.  I AM not a God of mourning.  I AM a God of rejoicing.  Joy is not the by-product of My kingdom it IS My kingdom.  My kingdom in your life IS righteousness, peace and joy.  No one can steal your joy.  Your joy is not something ephemeral or fleeting.  Your joy cannot be stolen but you can choose to walk out of joy by looking and responding to what is going on around you.  Refuse to let that happen.

Nothing can separate you from My joy says the Father.  My joy is your portion.  My joy is your ally and resource in a time of challenge.  Look to Me and expect good things to happen.  You are not being naïve to believe that the sky isn’t falling the kingdom is coming.  The nations of the earth bicker and rattle their sabers and do their best to get you to think like them and look like them and act like them.  Do not give in to the insistence of man or the shrillness of their alarmist views.  Though all the earth detonates in a cataclysmic moment of orgiastic violence – it will not come near you.  I have you in the secret place.  You will be unharmed for in nothing will man set on you to rob from you that which I have set and settled of My blessing in your life.

April 7, 2016.   The Father says today surrender to My peace.  Let My peace be the umpire in your life deciding with all finality every matter of concern to you.  Your peace is not found in the disposition of outward circumstances.  Peace is not the absence of conflict.  Though conflict may rage around you just come down to a place of rest and snuggle into My embrace.  I have you and hold you safe in My arms.  The winds and waves of man’s shrill insistence that you do things their way will eventually pass.  I will execrate them from your life as a contaminant to the peace that I AM multiplying to you this day.  Trust Me. Look to Me. Know that I have everything in hand.

This time things won’t turn out the way the enemy might expect.  The enemy sets his snares and lays his traps but he isn’t counting on your refusing to come out of the secret place.  There is a place of rest and trust the enemy cannot trespass says the Father.  Anchor yourself there.  Even though from without the enemy might clang and clatter and threaten and defy you – know this that I am coming through for you.  You can trust in the finished work of Calvary.  Let go of all unreasoning concern and trust in My goodness.  Know that I AM your peace and I am your joy.  I AM defending you and preserving you.  I AM your ever present help until the time of trouble is past.

April 6, 2016.   The Father says today I have not called you to strife and contention.  Let strife cease says the Father.  Refuse to contend or to strive and wrangle with those around you.  They may claim authority over you or insist that you listen to them but turn away from such and put your confidence in Me.  Immerse yourself in My word and My truth and refuse to defend yourself or seek occasion of offense against those who have maligned and slandered you.  I will deal with them.  I will execrate them from your life in a conspicuous way if you will choose to be a part of the solution and not part of the ongoing problem.  Get quiet in your soul.  Look to what I say about you and not what others say or insist regarding your life and your testimony.

If you are going to contend says the Father – contend for the faith.  If you are are going to resist – resist the devil and He will flee from you.  If you are going to fight then do not fight as one that beats the air, rather fight the good fight of faith against the spirit of unbelief in the earth.  Get your eyes off of man and get them on Me.  With all your ability seek out My thoughts and My mind and My Spirit.  It doesn’t matter what people say or think about you.  When your ways are pleasing to Me I will cause even your enemies to be at peace with you.  Stop obsessing over the opinions of men and commit your way to My purposes and lean not to your own understanding.  It is time for you to do this.  This day I call you to a specific point of maturity in this area. Now is the time.  The reward will be almost immediate.

April 5, 2016.   The Father says today that My love is endless and My grace is unfathomable in your life.  I AM not that hard to get along with.  I AM not an austere God sitting on the throne of heaven hurling lightning bolts of judgment against you.  If you are going to truly know who I AM then you are going to have to relentlessly jettison from your life the widespread and false understandings of who I AM not.  I AM not the author of confusion.  I AM not the point of origin for suffering in your life.  I AM not unkind or unmerciful.  I do not hold Myself aloof from your pain or withdraw from you in times of suffering.  All of these things have been taught in My name by those who claim to have the authority to impose upon you their understanding of My character.  They have Me all wrong.

I AM a good God and a loving God.  I AM patient with you beyond any human metric.  I brood over your life constantly to bring forth life and light and blessing.  Every breath that you breathe is a direct gift from My hand.  I have crafted your destiny and written all your days in My book.  I have no plans to hurt or harm you in any way.  I love you because I love you.  I have provided the grace of Calvary to set you free from every aspect of your character that conflicts with My nature.  I have provided you all things that pertain to life and godliness.  Be willing to receive the transformation of your character as well as the transformation of your circumstances.  Sin is a reality in the human condition and you are not exempt – however I have afforded you forgiveness, repentance and transforming grace to stamp you with My image and remove every vestige of transgression and iniquity from your heart.  Trust Me and receive Me on My own terms and know Me as I truly am for I have come through for you and I am moving in your life in a radical way this day.

April 4, 2016.   The Father says today My dunamis power is visiting you this day.  My power and My energy is flowing through you to revitalize and renew you even in your mind and emotions and physical body.  Your mind may be tired but I AM about to infuse you with My thoughts and My strength.  Your emotions may be beleaguered but I AM pouring in the wine of My joy upon you to restore your heart and give you courage to hope and trust and risk again.  Fret not about the call to be risk taker.  Risk taking is the primary activity of a faith-filled heart.  As you step out I will enlarge your steps.  As you launch yourself into a posture of radical faith you will not be disappointed.

I AM not a God who disappoints.  I AM not a man that I should lie nor the son of man that I should repent.  Have I said what I would do in your life and will it not be accomplished?  Surely I have caused your heart to ache with the very things that I have desired to bring about in your behalf.  So trust says the Father . Delight in what I AM bringing about.  Know that you are not misdirected or disillusioned.  I will cause you to drink the sweet and eat the fat and know the fullness of the table that I have laden for you with every good thing heaven affords.

April 3, 2016.   The Father says today change is at hand.  Get ready for a shift in circumstances.  Hold everything loosely.  Stay flexible.  This is not the season to pack up all those resources and affections that have only kept you in the place of limitation.  Let go says the Father.  Empty your hands and simply ascend into a place of new trust in Me.  The place of trust is your place of security.  The posture of trust is the launch pad of new possibility.  Give Me – give yourself the latitude to bring about the unanticipated blessing that you could not have dreamed I would cause to come to pass.

I AM the God of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  There is nothing small or insignificant about your life.  I have set you as the pupil of My eye.  I have graven your name on the palm of My hand.  I will never forget or forsake My kindness toward you.  My loving kindness and tender mercies are the parchment of heaven upon which your days and years are recorded.  The record is assured and as you commit your way to Me we will walk it out together.  Trust and accept says the Father the full accounting of Calvary’s dread cost as accruing to you this day as the object of My love and My favor.

April 2, 2016.   The Father says today the promises I have given you are much closer than you realize.  The promise of your Father is not so much dependent upon a period of time as a quality of faith.  I AM not sitting back in the heavens looking at a stop watch or a day on the calendar before I act in your life.  I AM a God of the now. NOW is My native habitat.  I AM not time bound therefore nothing I have in mind toward you is limited to time.  I AM not holding out on you.  I AM not taunting you with the passage of time or endless, senseless delay.  Enter into your now.  Realize that because I have time you have time.  I AM LORD over time therefore time is your servant and not your master.

Trust Me says the Father and I will empower you and lead you into a walk with Me where time is your servant and the heavens are your footstool.  We will walk through the days together and you will see Me cause your yesterdays to be redeemed and your tomorrows to become secure.  I AM the God of the second chance.  I AM all about reclamation and restoration.  You will step out into the potentiality of each day and know – just know that your Heavenly Father has all in hand therefore success is assured.  Failure is not an option.  I AM not a failure therefore you will not fail – as you put and keep your trust fully in Me says the Father.

April, 1 2016   The Father says today stand fast.  Stand fast in your confidence.  No longer flailing away at circumstances that are beyond your control.  I did not call you to be in control.  I called you to a place of quiet trust in what I promised you in the midst of challenge.  You can choose manipulation and fleshly dominion or you can accept the authority I give that only flows through humility and deference to My plan for your life.  It is time to stop acting in the power of the flesh and begin walking in the power of My Spirit.  The goals and purposes that have so long eluded you will suddenly become real probabilities when you come into that place of new and fresh yieldedness to Me.

I AM the God who is able.  My ability is an extension of your faith and trust in Me.  There is no disability in Me.  I AM not impotent therefore you are not impotent.  I AM not powerless or incapable.  Draw upon who I AM on the inside of you and see the change come that you have cried out for.  Refuse to see yourself any other way for you are in Me and I AM in you.  What you have purposed to do in life cannot be founded upon your small estimation of your limited human strength.  Set your sights and your expectations on what only I AM capable of bringing about and you will have then some semblance of that wonderful thing that I have in store for you in your future.


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  1. Hello Russ,
    I wanted to leave a question for you but couldn’t find a way on your site to do that.  I hope this finds its way to you.  I have been a born again Christian for about 30 years and I do believe in miracles and gifts of the spirit.  I just heard your video account of the man in the hospital morgue who was delivered to your house.  It was a great story, but the obvious question that occurred to me is, did you contact the hospital to let them know that someone was missing?  The hospital would have had written records documenting that this man was dead and taken to their morgue.  Think how much credibiity it would add to your testimony if you had copies of the hospital death certificate or other records and could recount the aftermath of this miracle in regard to how the hospital dealt with it.  Thanks for any response you can provide.

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