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  1. Hello Russ,
    I wanted to leave a question for you but couldn’t find a way on your site to do that.  I hope this finds its way to you.  I have been a born again Christian for about 30 years and I do believe in miracles and gifts of the spirit.  I just heard your video account of the man in the hospital morgue who was delivered to your house.  It was a great story, but the obvious question that occurred to me is, did you contact the hospital to let them know that someone was missing?  The hospital would have had written records documenting that this man was dead and taken to their morgue.  Think how much credibiity it would add to your testimony if you had copies of the hospital death certificate or other records and could recount the aftermath of this miracle in regard to how the hospital dealt with it.  Thanks for any response you can provide.

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