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  1. Maria:
    I agree with you about water being essential to our well-being.  I too, often visit with an elderly friend who is in an nursing facility.  My concern is that he doesn’t get enough water to drink.  Although he asks for water, very seldom will the staff give him water when he asks for it.  He’s on a special diet that only allows him to have water with a powder thickner added to it, making it very thick. This is done with all of his liquids. Therefore, most times he won’t drink it.  As you stated, this causes strife and contention, especially when I attempt to advocate on his behalf. Let us join together in prayer against any spiritual weapons formed against the elderly who are confined and are thirsty for water. 
    In Christ Jesus,

  2. Hello Elaine,

    I am happy to hear that you endure the sufferings and I am convinced that the Lord will heal you. Amen.
    Perhaps what I share also will be a blessing;
    The last 1-2 years at night, I have had an extreme dryness in my mouth and throat and in my eyes that have been very painful and it is also a symptom of a disease so I have prayed a lot against this.
    I work with sick and elderly in different places and everywhere they are in a constant lack of water.
    The ordinary staff gives them juice and such things but almost never pure water.
    My own ‘dryness’ made me extremely observant on this and therefore I started to give the elderly water as much as they could manage to drink.
    This caused (and still cause) great strifes and after a while I understood that there
    is some spirit (the spirit of death) behind this which hinder the giving of water because the elderly became more alert and became clearer in their mind when they started to drink.
    And water is vital for life.

    The last months my own painful dryness in eyes and mouth have disappeared and I believe that God gave me symptoms for the reason that I should take the (spiritual)
    fight about the water because every time I saw an elderly I could almost ‘feel’ their dryness and pain in their mouth and throath.

    Perhaps we sometimes have sufferings that we- when we endure it while we are waiting for the Lord to heal us- are doing spiritual victory also for not only ourselves but also for other people without that we know about it.

    “And we ought, we who are strong, to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves Rom15:1

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