The Father Says Today – August 2016

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

31 August 2016.   The Father says today come into My jubilee.  This is a jubilee of jubilees – the time of going out in liberty and the restoration of that which has been forfeited.  Gather up says the Father!  Gather up in your life those disappointments and losses of times past.  Reconstitute your joy from the ashes of bitter disillusionment.  Know that I AM the God of restoration and recovery.  You will not always enshrine the losses of years gone by in the crypt of sorrowful remembrance.  I AM that I AM and there is nothing lost to you that I AM not capable and willing to restore tenfold even this day – in this day that you are walking in by My ordination.

Come to Me.  Come to Me with your hopes, desires and dreams.  Come to Me even with the dreams that seem like Lazarus after he was dead and stinking.  I will loose you and let you go free of the grave clothes of death.  I will bring you again to a place of joy.  My Kingdom is joy. My Kingdom is peace.  My Kingdom doesn’t just BRING joy or peace, My Kingdom IS joy and peace.  Don’t run from joy.  Don’t bury yourself in the dregs of heaviness because you don’t want to be disappointed again.  I AM on hand.  I AM NEAR to you because you have called out to Me with your whole heart.  New life begins today. Restoration begins today.  This is your blessing time.

30 August 2016.   The Father says today when you walk in My way – iniquity is not a problem.  Your life in Me is not intended to be an endless cycle of sinning and being forgiven.  You do understand that sin exists, even in the life of a believer?  Yet you can live above sin.  It is not necessary for your life to be an endless, inexorable experience of failure and moral miscarriage.  I AM your WAY.  I AM your TRUTH.  I AM your LIFE and the light of your path.  There is grace in Me – released to you to lift you out of every bondage, addiction and shame.

Expect to experience this day a measure of grace to live differently.  The chain of sin will not hold you.  The iron gates of iniquity that have kept you in shame and fear cannot impede you.  Repent.  Receive cleansing. Move on.  No more cutting yourself as the Gadarene among the tombs of past mistakes.  Move on.  The Greater One is in you.  I live and take up residence in your heart – in the very depths of your person.  Things can be different. You can be different.  You can walk with Me, robed in white – free from every transgression.

29 August 2016.   The Father says today that you are not damaged goods.  There are things in your past that you are not proud of.  They do not figure in to My estimation of you or affect My plans for your life.  You repented.  You asked forgiveness.  You are blameless.  This was all pre-arranged before time.  Before the foundation of the world I determined you were holy and without blame before Me in love.  Before you were born into a fallen condition – before you had an opportunity to sin I applied the blood of Christ in your behalf.  See yourself in the light of redemption.  Understand that I look at you through the lens of the Cross.  You are not disqualified.  You are not excluded.

Do you realize what the Cross has made possible for you, Beloved?  Because you are in Me, you are undefiled.  Man has sought to defile you and circumstances of life contaminated your personal history but I AM with you.  I will never forsake you.  Keep My testimony.  Seek Me with your whole heart.  Refuse to live out of your fractured history but live out of who you are in Me.  Walk in My ways and know My favor and blessing.  Shame is not your portion.  I will bring you to honor because you set your heart to follow Me.

28 August 2016.  The Father says today make preparations.  Make preparation for your life to look radically different than it does today.  The enemy thinks he has effectively barred you from increase and promotion but I AM bringing release and breakthrough in a moment of time.  There is no gate locked against you or chain of impediment holding you that will not evaporate and be broken.  You are coming out so get ready.  Get ready for the doors once closed to you to open of their own accord.

You will not have to kick down the doors closed against you says the Father.  The angels assigned to you have already passed through the breach of obstruction against you.  The way is clear.  The path is open.  Rise up.  Rise up.  No more sleeping for sorrow.  You thought nothing could be done differently but I have already worked your deliverance.  All you must do is walk out.  Shake your hands and the chains fall off.  Stand up and move forward and know that the hindrances and limitations of the past have been removed and you are moving into new found fruitfulness and liberty says the Father.

27 August 2016.   The Father says today that My mercy endures forever.  My mercy extends far beyond what you think it would in any given situation of life.  You might ask “when is God going to deal that that person or that situation.”  Know this, says the Father that I AM extending even to those who oppose you the same mercy and the same kindness that is poured out in your own life.  Follow My example.  Be kind, patient and merciful even to those who would rejoice at your hurt and celebrate your downfall.  Be merciful.  I AM never late and I will not leave you where you are.  I see your distress and will act in your defense.

Some may ask “whose side are you on?”  The LORD says I AM on your side.  I AM taking your part as you yield yourself to My will and My word.  I will yet bless those that bless you and will ultimately chastise those who trifle with you.  Refuse then to put your mouth on your enemy.  Decline from taking matters into your own hands.  Listen to My voice and humble yourself in the difficulty.  When you do not know who to trust – trust in Me for I will never falter and never fail to come through for you oh My beloved.

26 August 2016.   The Father says today that I have heard your voice and the cry of your heart.  My ear is not deaf neither have I turned away from you in the hour of your need.  I am not a far off God.  I AM not a dead-beat Dad.  I take care of My own.  Trust Me. Come to Me.  Take your hand off the tiller of your life and allow Me to direct your path.  Those things that you cannot fix and situations that you cannot change are in My hand.  Know that I AM working.  Know that My promise is true and will be made manifest as you trust and rely upon Me and not any other false resource.

Trouble and sorrow are not your portion says the Father.  Deliverance is My promise and deliverance will be the end of the matter in your current situation.  As you have called upon Me so I will act.  At no time am I sitting upon the throne silently approving of the fact that you are suffering.  I have been represented in that way by the congregation of the uninformed but they have me ALL WRONG.  I will preserve you when you are brought low. I will bring you to rest

25 August 2016.  The Father says today that I AM your truth.  Your truth is not a set of doctrines or a church dogma.  When you stand before Me you aren’t going to get a Sunday school lesson.  When you stand before My throne and give an account of yourself there will be no theological litmus test to determine your entrance into the gates of glory.  There is one question over all to be answered in that cosmic moment – DID YOU LEARN HOW TO LOVE?  Did you accord to others the same mercy and compassion I have poured out upon you?  Did you let others off the hook of your expectations, even those who have harmed and maligned you?  Love is who I AM says the Father and I AM looking both now and then to see the reflection of Myself in your life and in your character.  I want to look at you and see that you have your Father’s eyes.

Love never fails says the Father – why would you EVER step out of love?  When you choose not to love you place yourself by an act of your will beyond My providence.  Love is the principle manifestation of My wisdom.  Love establishes the path and points the way. Love is the voice speaking over your shoulder saying “this is the way – walk ye in it…”  Little children I say to you walk in love and live in love.  Breathe love in and breathe love out in all of your dealings.  Let love be your first, only and complete response in every situation.  In so doing you prove yourself to be children of your Father which is in heaven.

24 August 2016.  The Father says today My faithfulness is with you all day long this day.  From the moment your eyes open in the morning till you turn to rest at night I AM with you.  I AM enlarging Myself in your circumstance and pushing out every contrary influence to My goodness.  You shall see the hand of the enemy only in its decline and retreat from your life.  As I ride high above the nations of the earth so I AM exalted in your life in every area of concern to you.

You are not passed over.  You are not ignored.  The very hairs of your head are numbered.  There is not one foot fall in your walk that escapes My scrutiny.  I know the way that you take and when you come out on the other side you will be as fine gold – smelted in the forge of My faithfulness.  So just keep trusting. Keep moving forward.  Do not allow the enemy one thread of access to your thought life or your decisions.  I AM raising you up out of obscurity and need and establishing you on a rock of testimony and rejoicing.

23 August 2016.   The Father says today that I have seated you in heavenly places in Christ.  You are not intended to live under the crushing burden of adversity originating from the hearts of those who do not see you as I see you.  Despair not when detractors multiply against you for My name sake.  There is not one enemy who rises up against you that I will not make your footstool.  Face the challenges of difficult people from the posture of being seated at My right hand.  Your life is lived out under My superintendence.  Keep trusting.  Stay sweet in your soul.  Refuse to become bitter or contentious.

In the heat of the circumstances around you I will establish the rod of My strength and power.  You will feel yourself drawing from My supernatural resources and not your own human frailties.  These things are all the enemy’s strategy to distract you from the calling and the election I have summoned you to.  Your days are in My hand.  I have not changed My mind about your assignment.  Stay faithful to that which I have called you to do and see the assault of hell against you be brought to nothing.

22 August 2016.   The Father says today I will not allow you to be marginalized in the earth.  Others may ignore and pass you on by but I AM not ignoring you.  There may be those who have denied the still, small voice prompting them in your direction but know this – I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I choose you.  I choose you says the Father and even as I stand at the door and knock – behold I AM entering in.  I AM entering in to sup with you and you with Me.  I will give you to eat of the hidden manna – even that bread of heaven that was laid up in store by Moses in the ark of the covenant.

It is the fresh, baked bread of My promise that is laid before you on My table.  There is a place for you here by Me and it is there I have commanded the ravens to feed you.  Though all around you may come up empty and famished I will fill you and I will fill your life with every good thing.  Open your mouth wide says the Father and I will fill it.  Expect the dividends of the cross to become the descriptors of what is about to happen in your life.  Even this day – this very day you are stepping into a greater favor.  The enemy’s hand is being broken.  His strategy against you will come to failure and you will come out of the fire of adversity without even the smell of smoke on your garments.

21 August 2016.   The Father says today that the distractions around you will come to nothing.  The enemy has made every effort to distract you and discourage you in the midst of great difficulties.  His greatest weapon is intimidation and breathing out threats.  Know this – as you align yourself with My purpose in your life there will no harm befall you.  As I stood by Paul in the night and certified to him his safety even so I will not allow – I will DISALLOW the lies of the enemy and the threats of the enemy against you.  Realize that you are not fighting against people.  People are not the enemy.  People – in the final consideration are neither the answer nor the problem.  Look to Me.  Expect My hand to be at work!

I will give you favor with those you need to have favor with.  I will turn the axis of your situation until the thing meant for your detriment will turn to your blessing.  I will give you water from rock and manna on the ground as I walk you out of this dry and difficult time.  Take this as your season of resting.  Resting and trusting.  Knowing that man does not control your fate.  I AM the master of the waves that are surging around you and My command is “peace be still”.  As you still the tempest in your own heart, even so the stormy circumstance will suddenly dissipate and you will not even be able to locate all those troublemakers who were pressing upon you so insistently.  It’s who I AM says the Father – it’s what I do – as you lean with your whole understanding upon Me.

20 August 2016.   The Father says today there is no expiration date on My mercy in your life.  My mercy is from everlasting.  Even when you create your own difficulty.  I AM merciful and gracious to you even when by your actions you have contributed to your own miserable circumstance.  This is the whole truth of redemption.  I saw you in your distress and made a decision before the foundation of the world that I would be your kinsmen redeemer.  I AM here beloved.  I AM not a far off God.  Fret not neither be dismayed for I AM coming through for you in a time appointed.

This is a time of gathering. I AM gathering you to Myself and drawing you into a closer experience and walk with Me.  The challenges and turbulence in your life are the enemy’s strategy to get you focused on the problems of life rather than living a life of attentive response to who I AM and what I AM doing to deliver you.  Know that I hear your prayers.  Realize the enemy is only trying to distract you from seeking first the kingdom.  Make a decision to trust first and last in My mighty arm to save and deliver.  Let your prayer be heard.  Prayer is the conduit – the delivery system by which My intervention in your life is manifest.  This is that moment.  Take full advantage of My hearing ear and you will see My salvation.

19 August 2016.   The Father says today get ready for change.  Get ready for change says the Father, for the trajectory of your life is about to shift in a different direction.  For years you have trudged and plodded toward what you understood to be My will in your life.  You didn’t mis-hear Me.  The dream you have reached for is not in error.  The enemy tried to tell you that the vision in your heart was of your own making.  The enemy suggested that your vision originated in your own thinking and not My plan for you.  This is a lie.  You heard Me right the first time.  The vision did not lie.  You did not presume – not matter what things look like in the natural.

There is a move ahead for you that will redefine the parameters of the status quo.  I AM upending the circumstances around you to open you up to all the possibilities that your highest heart’s desire comprises.  This will involve reworking many of the commitments you have made and for a time it may feel like you are backtracking over old territory.  Do not be distracted.  Do not feel like time is running out. When it seems there is nothing before you but a blank wall – refused to flinch.  I will open the way and you will go forward.  Time will be accelerated and there will be several “suddenlies” that will pour into your life in days and weeks of what you thought would take years and decades.  It’s a new day says the Father. You have stepped over into your blessing place this day.

18 August 2016.   The Father says today that you are My chosen and My elect.  I have not appointed you to wrath.  I have not appointed you to deprivation, downturn or denial.  Seek My face and you will see My hand.  Seek My face and you shall see wonders in your land and marvels in your circumstance beyond any expectation.  How big can you dream says the Father?  Dream a bigger dream.  I challenge you to bankrupt heaven with your dream.

I AM a God that is pro-vision.  I AM pro-vision and I AM your provision.  My deeds will be made known in your life.  Others will look upon you – not as a cautionary tale of devastation and heartbreak, rather as an example of My goodness poured out in the land of the living.  It isn’t about earning or being good enough.  All I ask is for you to come as a yielded vessel.  Come yielded. Come willing.  Be willing to be willing.  Open yourself to all that I AM in your life this day and the dividends of blessing will be poured out and that right quickly.

17 August 2016.   The Father says that I AM more than enough in your life.  I AM that I AM in your life, Beloved.  I AM that I AM and that is more than enough for what you are facing on a day to day basis.  There is no mountain of adversity that looms higher than My throne of mercy where you are concerned.  There is no accusation against you that My Spirit will not grace you through the storm.  Though every man’s hand be against you My hand of favor will triumph over all and deposit you in your safe haven in a place of victory.  I AM your security.  I AM your provision.  It is My hand of provision that is addressing every deficit in your life.

Plan ahead in this season says the Father.  Plan for the opening up of opportunity.  The doors are opening they are not closing.  Say that silently to yourself throughout the day.  The doors are opening; they are not closing.  Things are trending upward to benefit and blessing, not downward to deficit and lack.  Things are getting better and better every day.  You have been delivered from the domain of darkness and translated into the Kingdom of light.  That which tended to decay now tends to promotion, life and blessing.  This is your portion.  It is simply the nature of who I AM on the inside of you.

16 August 2016.   The Father says today that My favor in your life is more than a brief upturn.  The redemption I paid the price for 2000 years ago is the foundation and underpinning of all that your life represents.  I AM bringing you from breakdown to breakthrough.  Your life is all about tending to blessing and favor, not poverty, heart break and rejection.  Expect the morning that dawns in My power.  Know that I AM with you in all things you put your hand to.  It is a new day says the Father.  This is your time because I AM the LORD of time and happenstance.  I will even cause your mistakes to prosper. Success and blessing are not about “getting it right”.  My blessing is on you because I chose you before the foundation of the world, that I might show forth My unearned beneficence in your circumstance beyond any other reasonable expectation.

So get quiet within yourself and hear the approaching hoof beats of your caravan of blessing.  The camels of provision are bringing to you every good thing that is necessary for life and godliness.  I will and I AM establishing you.  I will and I AM showing forth My unconditional favor.  Come to Me yielding with all of your heart.  Cast off the grave clothes of unbelief and despondency.  This is celebration season.  This is the hour that heaven’s best is divided into your life to reshape and reconstitute the benefits of Calvary that are yours by a blood bought right.  You are precious in My sight beloved.  I AM yours and you are Mine.  Come to Me with expectation and knowing that in Me you will never be disappointed.

15 August 2016.   The Father says today that you are a recipient of My kindness.  It is My marvelous kindness that is shaping your life and preparing you for the good things that I have in store.  There is no need for you to prepare for disaster or downturn for that is not your portion.  I have shown you My kindness in a strong city surrounded by My favor and protected by My right hand.  This is the hour My kindness will be shown in your life.  This is the season that My mercy and comfort will buffer you on the right hand and on the left.

I see your desires says the Father.  I have caused your heart to desire and ache for what I determined to give you and bring into your life before the foundation of the world.  Let My kindness be in you and flow through you even out to others. My kindness in your heart toward others increases the aperture through which My favor rains down upon you.  Therefore, allow My kindness to originate in you and be shown to those around you.  Include those that are unlovely, unkind and dismissive of you.  Be loving and considerate even to those who are undeserving.  In so doing there shall be a well of My life-giving Spirit springing up within you in great blessing, benefit and favor in your own life and circumstance.

14 August 2016.   The Father says today exchange your despondency for delight.  When you are captivated by My love and captured by My favor then you find no basis for despair.  There is no place for despair in your life, Beloved.  Harness your emotions.  Your emotions respond to what you put your attention on.  Set your affections upon Me.  Set your affections upon your place seated at My right hand.  You don’t have a problem – you have a process.  You have a process whose end is dominion, victory and positive outcome.  This is your portion.  This is the difference in the lives of those who walk with Me in this life (compared to those who don’t).

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but by virtue of who I AM in your life I will put your foot on the neck of every enemy.  There is deliverance for you.  There is an opportunity to overcome.  Focus on that.  Respond in your emotional make-up not on where you have been but where I AM taking you.  Because you are in Me – everything in your life is tending to benefit, blessing and increase.  This isn’t something special that I have to make My mind up about where you are concerned.  My promises are YES and AMEN to you.  My default answer to your every challenge is “Yes – I will help you with that …” and “Yes I will put you over in that circumstance…”  In every situation and every circumstance Beloved, I will confront you with My “yes” and My “yes” and My “yes”!  All you have to do is decide if you are prepared to take YES for an answer!

13 August 2016.   The Father says today, let My love constrain you.  When others disgrace themselves with words of harshness and deeds of selfishness – make it your determination to look into the law of liberty and the law of love and be changed.  Be changed this day, says the Father.  Be changed into My image and witness all creation align itself to your blessing and your benefit.  Allow My image to reshape and remake you till the former marred visage of sin is completely obliterated.

You have your Father’s eyes, says the Father.  You see with My eyes and you feel with My heart.  Make your mind and your soul align with that reality for it is your portion to reflect My glory.  My heart to those lost, groping and casting about for one act of kindness from your hand to give them hope for another day.  Go out this day and personify love.  Personify love and reflect My true character – not the distorted image of religious intolerance and hate.  I call you My love and My beloved. Go out and be the beloved and see the transformation that I have promised you.

12 August 2016.   The Father says today I hear your cry in the midst of affliction.  When you are overwhelmed beloved, pour out your complaint to Me.  There is a difference between transparent communication before My throne and murmuring.  I know your heart.  It is your portion to return My will to Me in prayer.  When you are experiencing circumstances that do not fit the parameters of “life and life more abundantly” – make your complaint known in My courts.  This is the manner by which heaven’s resources are earmarked for your life.  You know My will.  You communicate My own will to Me in prayer – and the result is that My will is done in your life.  The angels in heaven stand ready to requisition answers to your need through prayer and faith believing.

Never accept beloved the contaminated and deceitful doctrines of men that hold Me responsible for origination pain, sorrow, desperation, or devastation in your life.  I will never put in your life what the cross and the price of Calvary was spent to take out of your life.  This is not what you have heard nor what you have been taught.  Be a Father pleaser and determine to trust in My word and in My promise even when the councils of the uninformed malign My faithfulness with their dead theology and lifeless doctrines.  My word is alive in you.  My word is putting you over.  My word is the flaming, living sword that is cutting asunder every tie and every chain the enemy has dared to bring round about you.

11 August 2016.   The Father says today that I sit between the cherubim and move heaven and earth in your behalf.  There is no length to which I will not go to bring you out of many waters and establish your sitting down and your going out oh My beloved.  Fear not what man can do to you.  Do not be amazed when men threaten and bellow out their aggression against you.  I will have them in derision.  I will put a stop to the lie of the enemy for I AM the solution to the pollution the enemy wants to defile your life with.

There is strength in My judgments and I AM bringing the gavel down in your favor.  I will establish equity in your situation and righteousness in your circumstance.  Trust in My hand to work in your behalf.  All the prophets and sages down through time looked upon the earth and understood that in the final report it is My will that is done and My purpose that is brought to bear.  This includes you.  This includes your circumstance.  Trust and rest your case in Me for I AM adjudicating for you in the earth and you will prevail.

10 August 2016.   The Father says today that darkness and clouds may surround you but ultimately I AM the one in charge.  The enemy is not in charge of your life.  Those who look at you differently than how I see you will not decide what happens next in your life.  Do not fear those whose decisions seem to control your circumstances.  I AM your provisioning.  I AM your security.  If all the world stood against you I would keep you in perfect peace.  I AM a wall of fire round about you and a cloud of glory in your midst.  Learn to relax and not allow people or situations to determine your state of mind.

Learn to laugh beloved.  Laugh when the flesh wants to cry and feel sorry for itself.  Laugh – for “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh…”  If you are not laughing then you are not looking outward on your circumstance from the “seated in Christ perspective”.  Come up higher.  Step into your upgrade.  This is a season of upgrade and promotion.  I AM increasing you and loading into your life every benefit and every good thing – with persecutions.  Persecutions will come.  Jealousy will burn hot in the lives of those who don’t know My favor.  Give them no heed.  Just know that you will be the one left standing when all others have failed and fled for I AM your LORD and King!

9 August 2016.   The Father says today that your song is a weapon of war.  Make a joyful noise Beloved, for I AM the Rock of your salvation.  Even as I was the rock that followed the people through the wilderness, I AM the Rock that follows you through every circumstance of life.  When Moses and the children of Israel wanted for thirst, they sang to the Rock and the waters of refreshing were made available in abundance.  There is abundance under your feet.  No more waiting for resources from some far-off, pagan concept of My blessing.  I AM a God that is near to you as hands and feet.  Let your voice be heard.  Let rejoicing be in your land for the sound of My refreshing approaches.

There is a sound says the Father, of an abundance of rain.  Though the waiting has been long – behold your deliverance is at hand.  Your blessing time approaches.  Reject the despotism of the familiar and the lifelessness of the situation.  I bring life from death, and from mourning and hopelessness I bring joy and new expectation.  What are your expectations?  That is just the starting place of what I AM doing in your life.  I AM not holding out on you beloved.  My hand is not restrained from acting on your behalf.  Jettison the contaminated theologies of haplessness and victimization.  You are not a victim.  I have not destined you for downturn but for upgrade.  This is a time of upgrade in the earth for those reaching forward by their faith to make their lives available to the hand of My discipling.

8 August 2016.   The Father says today that vengeance belongs to Me.  There are those who have disappointed and wounded you in times past – leave them to Me.  Forgive.  Release.  Bless, and move on.  There is nothing to be gained in rehearsing again and again those painful and bitter experiences.  You have to make up your mind whether you are going to be shaped and fashioned by the past or are you going to embrace the future I have planned for you?  Be restored in your soul this day.  Sever those polluted, emotional connections.  Let go.  Trust Me.  Receive your healing this day.  The injustices of past situations are in My capable hands.  If you will rest your case with Me – I will mend, heal, and restore.

I AM the God that wipes away every tear.  I AM the solution to the pollution of the bitter dregs of the past.  Come out from under the crushing weight of bitter disappointment.  Make a decision that you will no longer pine for that which was lost.  Embrace what I have for you today in your NOW.  Are you ready for NOW, beloved?  The past is a figment of things gone by.  Tomorrow is in My hand.  Now is the day and the hour of your salvation.  Receive the cleansing.  Cut off the harrowing memories of things gone by.  I AM bringing you afresh and anew into your blessing place.  This is your time.  This is that moment that you choose to be better and to receive wellness in your heart and soul – by My hand even this day.

7 August 2016.   The Father says today that I AM working My perfection in you.  I AM both your beginning and your end.  The fullness of the Godhead dwells in you bodily – connecting you to who I AM and revealing to you what I AM doing in your life.  Receive My greatness says the Father.  There is no variableness nor shadow of turning in Me.  Open your heart and yield your mind to all that I AM unfolding of Myself in you at this hour.  My worth and My majesty are the resource of heaven filling and flooding every aspect of your life this day and every day going forward.  This is what the “fullness of Him that filleth all in all” looks like beloved!

So come with a heart of abandonment to who I AM and what I AM doing around you today.  Say yes. Say “yes and amen” to My Spirit.  I AM hovering over you and brooding over the waters of your soul.  I AM speaking “let there be…” and you will see the creation and the reconstitution of your joy and blessing.  You will hold in your arms the substance of that which you are hoping for.  As you bow – so shall you ascend.  As you relinquish the outcome – the end I have in mind for you will be secure.  This, oh My beloved is the upward path.  This is the process whose outcome will deposit you in the manifest reality of being seated, affirmed and anchored at My right hand.

6 August 2016.   The Father says today that I have called you to a separated life.  There is a line of demarcation between the domain of darkness and the kingdom of light.  You have been translated from the fallen world into the native habitat of My glory.  My glory is your portion, and your strength not only in the world to come but in the life that you now live.  You may be walking around in the society of men but you do not belong to the society of men.  Your inheritance is in Me.  Your hope is in Me.  You are in Me and I AM in you and as such you are a child of light and not a child of darkness.  Separate yourself therefore from every contaminating influence.  Realize that there is no communion of light with darkness.  You are called to hold forth the light to those in obscurity but you cannot partake with them or be one with those who know nothing of the truth that I AM within you.  Love them.  Testify to them.  Declare the gospel to them – but maintain your boundaries and your borders in Me.

This is come up higher time says the Father.  What passed for acceptable thinking and doing in days passed is now a point of maturity for you.  Putting away childish things will result in a massive upgrade of power and grace in your life.  You have asked for more of My Spirit in your life and it is available – as you make room for Me in your thinking, your activities and your sentiments.  Yesterday’s concessions and allowances are now set aside as you step into the rarified atmosphere of a greater glory.  Refuse to make the cheapened exchange of earthly trivialities instead of the weight – even the kabod weight of My glory.  Shake yourself.  Rouse yourself.  Awake to righteousness.  Adapt and adopt the mentality – the mind in yourself that is the mind I walked in upon the earth.  In so doing you will step into a new, deeper reality of who I AM in your life and reap the rewards of your obedience.

5 August 2016.   The Father says today that there is a secret place available to you this day.  There is a secret place where I hide you under the shadow of My wings.  There is a place in Me where you can abide and remain continually.  The secret place is a high place beloved.  It is not found in the low place with all the bottom feeders who feast themselves on the negative.  There is no place for skepticism in the secret place.  There is no entrance to the secret place for those who revel in sarcasm and pessimism.  Let all such pollutions go for the secret place is a place of purity, simplicity and child-like trust in who I AM in your life.  When you are pressed, and put to flight by circumstances – find the secret place where the arrow that flies by day or the pestilence that walks by night will not find you.

I have prepared a place for you here by Me.  I will be found of you and you will enter into this this place of provision and protection when you seek Me with your whole heart.  Turn away from the distractions of circumstance and situation.  The things that demand your attention will change and yield to My hand when you take your refuge in My pavilion under the shadow of My overspreading presence in your life.  You were created to walk through life clothed in My presence.  The nakedness of man is the result of being stripped of My glory.  I created you to carry My glory in you and to wear My glory as a shield and an armament against all encroachment of the enemy.  Come to the secret place and be enveloped and surrounded by My pinions this day.

4 August 2016.   The Father says today it is time for a house cleaning.  It is time to scour your life to jettison and get rid of those unproductive things that are only holding you bound.  I have not called you to the mundane or common.  You have a destiny that was mapped out before the foundation of the world.  Life and life’s circumstances have conspired to clutter your path with every kind of distraction.  It is time to take inventory of the old thought patterns and habits that no longer suit where I AM taking you.  Make the resolute determination to set aside the weights, and yes even the sin that would beset and hinder you.  Let your eye not spare any cost in setting your heart to follow Me no matter what.

Make it your determination this day to see that I have cast up every obstacle and put you on the fast track to a full manifestation of My favor.  There is no need to wait any longer.  The enlargement of step you have asked for will come as you commit yourself in full stride to what I promised I would make happen for you.  No more half measures.  No more tentative steps.  Be bold. Be obedient.  Refuse to bow to unbelief or give in to fear.  It is your portion to step out in your day and know what it is to see everything you say and do became as effective as if I said it or did it.  The price has been paid.  They way is clear.  Step forward and claim the fullness of My favor in your life.

3 August 2016.   The Father says today attune your spirit to My Spirit this day.  As I draw near to you there will be a manifestation of My presence as you go about your day.  You will hear My voice for I will direct and guide you.  I will be the voice speaking over your shoulder saying “this is the way – walk ye in it..”  I will never leave you without guidance.  I AM the internal guidance system installed in your heart to take you through every obstacle and barrier that the enemy would throw up against you.  As I walked through the walls to find those that cowered in fear even so you will see doors where others only see impediment and obstruction.

I know the way through the wilderness says the Father – all you have to do is follow.  I have prepared a highway of holiness constructed by My hand that the wayfaring man – though a fool, shall not err therein.  I have not called you to be crafty or shrewd.  It is not by your own cunning that you will evade the tactics of hell ranged against you.  Your wisdom is in Me.  I AM your wisdom and because I live in you and move in you the end result is assured.  You are coming through.  You will walk in divine, Holy Ghost timing.  Others may fall behind or fall short but you will always be in the right place at the right time.  So never question or wonder “am I doing the right thing?”  Just listen to My voice and respond with prompt obedience and the outcome is assured.

2 August 2016.   The Father says today that time is not your enemy.  You are not bound by time or controlled by time.  I AM He that inhabits eternity and I have prepared a place here for you by Me.  You have time. Because I have time you have time.  When you place your trust in Me time is redeemed and the narrative of My faithfulness is extended and established and will not be diminished.  Refuse to count yourself out.  Set aside the opinions of those who despise and make light of you.  Your righteousness is of Me and is not based on what men think or what they have planned.  You are in the center of My will. My faithfulness will be seen in your land.  My favor will be made manifest.

This is a time of pure testimony says the Father.  I AM showing up and showing out in your situation.  The outcome is assured, Beloved – refuse to fear or fret about anything.  I have not given you a spirit of fear or intimidation.  Refuse to worry about anything.  Set your expectations upon Me and know that as you yield to Me and live a surrendered life that every strategy of hell against you will come to failure.  You are not outside My favor.  Your potential is not based upon natural qualification but upon the promise of My word.  I have given you exceeding great and precious promises.  Lay hold on them and refuse to be dissuaded for you shall see My goodness in the land of the living and know My blessing in fullest measure.

1 August 2016.   The Father says today that My kindness is your portion this day.  The riches of My grace are being made manifest in kindness and mercy over your life.  You cried out to Me for clemency and clemency was granted.  The impeding destruction by the hand of the enemy was destroyed and I have now set your feet upon the rock of My trustworthiness.  No more fear. No more intimidation.  No more listening to the lies of the enemy.  I AM your defense and your strong tower.  No man shall set upon you to hurt you or harm you in any way.  My name is a tower of strength and protection made available to you says the Father – run into the high tower of My name.  The destructions of the enemy and the strategy of hell against you is being overturned even now.  This is My kindness to you and the demonstrations of My mercy.

So mount up this day on the wings of My Spirit and see the circumstance from My perspective.  You are not weak for I AM your strength.  You are not in jeopardy for no man can pluck you from My hand.  You will not be denied because I live on the inside of you and I will not be denied.  Shall anything or anyone separate you from My favor and My lovingkindess.  I see the desire of your heart.  I know the heart’s cry that has come up continually before Me.  Do you trust Me?  Then let Me take it from here.  Listen to My voice and make the adjustments and changes that I AM making clear to you now.  Refuse to be distracted.  Refuse to be intimidated.  The gates and bars of impediment will hold you no longer for My Spirit is within you and where My Spirit is there is liberty.


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