The Father Says Today – December 2018

Daily prophecy for December 2018, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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December 31. 2018.   The Father says today, My ear is inclined to the cry of your heart.  Let your mouth pray.  Let your words be heard.  It isn’t necessary to shout or to speak to Me in stilted religious language.  I AM your Papa God and need no coaxing or coercion to respond to your need.  When I formed and fashioned you in your mother’s belly, I placed a deposit of heaven in your unformed substance that assures a response from heaven.  It is the measure of faith given to every man.  It is that very light that lights every man that comes into the world.

Know this, says the Father, that the verdict of heaven was handed down in your favor by the mallet that drove the nails into My hands and feet.  No other qualifying condition is required other than the extension of your faith to accept and believe the finished work of the cross.  Do you now believe?  Then rest in confidence knowing that the petitions lodged by your prayers have a ready hearing at My throne and help is on the way.  In the meantime, have snuggling faith.  Let yourself snuggle into My bosom and lay your ear to the beating of My heart.  Things are going to work out better than you could ever imagine.

December 30, 2018.   The Father says today, your trust in Me is the greatest preservative of your life that exists.  Many around you suggest that you do this thing or that thing as an assurance of protection against the enemy but remember this – on your best day you cannot add one cubit to your stature or change one hair white or black.  Rest in Me, says the Father.  Feel, even this day, My everlasting arms around you.  I AM keeping you, and I AM holding you safe in My hand.  I AM bringing you over into a place of favor and security.  This is the stress-free position where rest and recuperation are fully yours no matter what is going on in your circumstances.

Breathe in of My faithfulness and breathe out all of the tension and fear about what happens tomorrow.  I AM standing in your tomorrow, and I AM fully capable of taking care of what you know is out there AND what you don’t know.  Yes, there is the unknown part of it, but your preparation and your security do not require you to have all the facts.  Your defense and your safety are made an actuality by one thing – the fact that I AM at your side.  This is your assurance policy that no insurance policy offered by man is sufficient for.  Your losses from the past are covered, says God, and your future is assured as you resolve to continue trusting and resting in Me.

December 29, 2018.   The Father says today, the doors of fellowship and relationship with Me are wide open to you.  Who will abide in My tabernacle and who will dwell in My holy hill?  I have examined you, says the Father, and I have taken regard for the mediation of your heart and the longing of your soul for My courts, even this day.  I say to you walk uprightly before Me also as Abraham walked uprightly before Me and I will give you the land and destroy the giants that are opposing you.  The tongue of the backbiters might gnaw and gnash upon you, but I say render not evil for evil.  The cost of their loose words and vain opinions will cost them far more than they will ever know.

There are commitments that you have made before Me that require much-unanticipated sacrifice and inconvenience.  Say not before the angel it was in error lest he grows weary with you and destroys the work of your hands.  As you choose to honor Me, even when you are set at a disadvantage for doing so – there will be recompense.  Keep this thought uppermost in your mind My beloved – on the other side of obedience there is always reward.  Walk this day, I say again in the integrity of your heart before Me, and you will NEVER be moved, says the Father to His beloved, even this day.

December 28, 2018.   The Father says today, keep your trust anchored in Me and not in the promises of others.  People will disappoint you.  They are fallen creatures in a fallen environment.  Failure and disappointment in man is part of the human condition.  Remember the testimony of My word that declares “cursed be the person who puts their trust in man or makes the arm of flesh his strength”.  When men fail you and betray you, I AM the Rock that is higher.  Run into the shelter of My name.  Realize when you find yourself wholly isolated, and without a friend in the world, I AM with you and will never leave you nor forsake you.

Just because someone bailed out on you does not mean My plan for your life has changed.  Stand fast in the testimony of My promise.  Believe that when all else fails, if you resolve to be the last man standing, the reward will surely be yours.  Bear in mind that in the New Covenant, I AM the God that writes on the sand and no longer on stone.  People will change their minds and hearts.  People will opt out of what they once believed was My purpose for their lives.  My plan for your life will adjust to that eventuality, so stay flexible and pliable in your thinking and your expectations.  Remember that stubbornness is as idolatry.  Don’t make an idol out of yesterday. Instead, press into the promise I have for you this day of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled in your life.

December 27, 2018.   The Father says today, you have heard Me correctly.  As it was when I was baptized of John in the Jordan, some said it thundered and some think maybe an angel was talking.  Don’t accept any of those religious speculations.  Know that I AM showing up personally in your circumstance and I will make My Name known as Jehovah, your defender.  Others who should have defended you turned tail and ran.  Others who you thought were on your side betrayed you very deeply.  Refuse to get offended or angry, for that would only distract you from what I AM about to do next.

Have you considered translation as a form of transportation?  In the midst of the mundane struggles of your circumstance, I AM bringing about the unusual and the unique beyond any expectation you might have previously had.  You would have been satisfied with a simple solution to a difficult problem, but God says, what I AM manifesting now will constitute a complete rout and surrender of the enemy.  I will put your foot in the neck of your adversary, and you will know that I AM the LORD and I give the kingdom to whomsoever I will.  Today, I choose you!

December 26, 2018.   The Father says today, the gavel has come down in your favor.  The accuser of the brethren stood to levy charges against you, but every accusation has been thrown out of court, says God!  This isn’t because you are so spiritual or because you got everything right.  I’m not looking at you to see where you missed it or where you should have done something different.  I AM looking to find one thing and one thing only.  I AM looking to find faith in your earth and finding faith and seeing your innate trust in Me constitutes all that I will ever expect you to live up to.

As you move from this season of struggle and downturn, there will be many questions people will ask.  Learn to be a gatherer of information and not a dispenser of information.  If you want the treasures of the secret places, you must learn how to keep confidence with My Spirit, even as Paul heard things that were not lawful to be uttered.  Have you listened to My voice?  Were you challenged?  I never contradict My word but often what I tell you will contradict your opinion about what My Word says.  Allow Me to open your understanding and give you this day the manna from heaven that others in their finite religious thinking will never partake of.

December 25, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM birthing something fresh and new in your life.  Say of your soul “be it unto Me even as you have said, oh Lord…”  There is nothing to fear of the unknown part of what is unfolding.  You are even this day bound on the right hand and the left by My strong arms of protection and provision.  You looked to others thinking, somehow, I would use them to change things, but it didn’t happen that way, did it?  I will never allow any man or woman to say that they were the instrument of your deliverance.  The glory will be Mine, says God – ALL MINE and the benefit — even My sure mercies will be yours to enjoy.

Gather up your courage then, says God, and allow My maturing process to change you into a different person than you were in the beginning. I’ve seen your struggle, and I’ve heard your cry.  Embrace the challenge and know that full deliverance is at hand.  You went into this season with questions and controversies in your heart, and those will be left entirely behind you.  Out of this difficulty, you will come out terrible as an army with banners.  You will be known, even as you are known, and people around you will say these words, “I take knowledge of you that you have been with Jesus!”

December 24, 2018.   The Father says today, I have not forgotten you.  I have not forgotten you, and I AM not ignoring the cry of your heart.  I want you to understand that the first time you petitioned Me, the answer promised was recorded on tablets of emerald with a diamond point.  My promise will be realized in your life, and it will not fail. Just understand that My timing is not your timing.  Stay in a posture of trust as I give others in the situation space to repent until that door is closed, and then your deliverance will be fully manifest even beyond what you thought I was willing to do in your behalf.

Do you trust Me? Then let Me take it from here, says the Father.  I AM not asking you to learn from anything other than the promises found in My word regarding what you are going through.  I AM not using the work of the enemy to perfect anything on the inside of you.  Am I not the Teacher?  Did I not say that I would teach you ALL THINGS?  Then why would I use the tempter or the oppression of the enemy to accomplish any aspect of My purposes?  That isn’t what you were taught but be a Father pleaser and understand this; you are CLEAN through the word I have spoken to you.  You are clean, and you are eligible for the promotion that only comes from My hand.

December 23, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM commanding My lovingkindness upon you this day.  When others are mean-spirited and harsh toward you, do not take it to heart.  You may feel wounded, but that is just the sting of the blow that landed on your soul when betrayal of those closest to you became evident.  You do not have to buy into the victim mentality, and you don’t have to be offended just because someone transgressed your boundaries.  Shake it off.  Set it aside.  Take your eyes off of man and keep them on Me for I AM the One that is working in you and with you to bring you out on the other side.

When it is dark outside, and you can’t see your way, reach down in your heart and spirit to find that song that I give in the night.  Your song will guide you and lead you to safety when all other lights are extinguished.  It isn’t a fairy tale or a false hope.  I AM the God of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  As you embrace the promise, so I will bring you to the provision.  Stay resolute.  Be unswerving.  Refuse to relinquish the vision even when everything opposes what I said would be the end result.  You will not be disappointed, and you will not be left in shame, says your Father.

December 22, 2018.   The Father says today, that you are not crazy.  You are not in a backslidden state.  Neither are you alone.   The enemy wants you to think you are all by yourself in this thing but know this – troops are on the way.  The reinforcements of heaven are about to knock at your door.  Have the discernment and wisdom to recognize them and work with them, for they carry in their lives the initiatives of heaven.  Have you felt dry and cracked in your spirit like worn leather?  Know that I AM softening your heart with oil from the flasks of heaven.  A fresh anointing is on you now, so go ahead and luxuriate in ointments I provide that can’t be bottled or sold on the tables of the money changers.

This is a new day for you, says God.  Old things are passing away, and with them I want you to be shed of all nostalgia for the things of the past.  Let go.  Get on with your life.  Forgive, release and bless those that have passed from the scene that you thought were permanent fixtures in your life.  The only trust I want you anchored in is trust in Me.  You will come out of this harsh season when you come out leaning upon your Beloved’s arm.  I am that Beloved.  I AM yours, and you are mine, and we are walking this thing out together and that you can take for a direct promise from My heart to yours, says the Father.

December 21, 2018.   The Father says today, no more shall tears be your bread night and day.  I AM wiping away by the hand of My sovereignty the tears of frustration and mourning that have streaked your face.  I AM surrounding you with the comfort of My Spirit and satisfying you with the deep refreshing that only comes from the hidden and secret places of My habitation.  I say to you let go of and relinquish those things that don’t make sense to you of the past.  You wondered, and you asked, and no one had any answers that could satisfy the raging controversies in your heart.  What is that to you and Me, says God?  Am I not better to you than ten answers to your most plaguing questions?

Come out of the house of sadness and know that rejoicing lies just ahead.  You may not feel like dancing but at least take some dancing lessons, says God!  You have no idea just how radically I AM about to turn things around.  You may not feel like singing but just acknowledge that you do have a voice and can make a noise that pleases Me, even if it doesn’t please anyone else.  You may not feel like you have a testimony yet, but why don’t you go ahead and write it down in advance and just wait and see how I bring it to pass in radical measure to change circumstances and make all that garbage you have gone through nothing more than a footnote of My greater faithfulness in your life?

December 20, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM your preservation and your trust.  Say in your soul, “God, you are My God,” for the gods of this world and the principalities and powers ranged against you are being brought down to dust and ashes.  You felt as though you were a stranger in a strange land but know this – even there My goodness extends to you and will prosper you in the midst of the opposers and mockers who haven’t taken you seriously because of your testimony to My name.

This is the day that peace will not only be added to you but will be multiplied into your situation beyond your expectation.  You will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied and those who have made themselves your enemies will be turned back at the gate and sent far from your borders and your boundaries.  I AM your portion, says God, and I will cause the lines to fall out to you in pleasant places.  I will maintain your lot and see to it that highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled will be your portion at the end of the day regardless of the threats of the enemy.

December 19, 2018.   The Father says today, you are coming out of the backside of the wilderness.  You are coming out to a place of promotion and increase according to the cry of your heart and the longing of your soul.  I will cause you as My beloved to abide in My tabernacle and to take refuge in My holy hill.  This has nothing to do with how righteous you are or how religious you might portray yourself to be.  This isn’t about you – it’s about Me.  I AM walking in you, and I AM speaking in you, and those around you will take knowledge of you that you have been with Jesus.

The backbiters and the filthy dreamers who have preyed upon you will be condemned and turned back, says God.  Those who have taken reward to pervert judgment against the innocent will be exposed and removed from office.  This is a new day, and you will now walk with Me in a new way. My joy will be your portion, and you will know security and safety beyond what you have in times past.  The gavel of divine justice is coming down in your favor, for this day I AM your acquittal from every false accusation.  Make a choice whom you will fear, says the Father – will you fear those who have nothing but lies as their refuge or will you walk in My fear, honoring Me in the situation and trusting Me to work everything out for your good and My Glory?

December 18, 2018.   The Father says today, you are coming out of the parched and dry place in your soul.  I AM turning your captivity and causing the wine of My rejoicing to satisfy you to the full, even this day.  You thought you had to be perfect and that you had to be “just so” in your spiritual life but here and now is when you experience what “unconditional love” and “unmerited favor” is all about.  The high places of the earth are your inheritance, and I will set your feet amidst the counsels of the mighty and give you an unshakable testimony of overcoming and triumph, says the Father.

I AM your wisdom this day, says the Father, so seek My face for the answers necessary to change things in your situation.  The suggestions from those who don’t even recognize My hand at work in your life are worthless.  Remember that your counselors cannot give you what they don’t have.  Learn to seek out those who are walking in a heavier anointing and experiencing a greater favor and glory than you are and sit at their feet.  The corrupt and the abominable who sought your life for a prey will be sent away far from you, and you will be found side by side with those who favor your righteous cause and who stand in agreement with what you know I AM doing in your life and what I have promised.

December 17, 2018.   The Father says today, just a little while and everything changes.  Those things that you thought were permanent fixtures of opposition and grief in your life will turn and will shift radically to reshape things into the image of heaven come to earth, dreams realized and vision fulfilled.  Despair not, says God, for I AM not hiding My face from you.  I AM not saying “no” to you, and I AM not sitting back with My arms folded while you suffer and struggle with the situations beyond your control.  I declare to you this day, says the Father, that sorrow will no longer be your daily bread and those enemies who have laughed and said “ah ha, ah ha” at your calamity will no longer be exalted over you in any way.

Consider and hear My voice, says God, for you will no longer sleep for sorrow and no longer will shadows of disillusionment darken your door.  The enemy who has said over you “I will prevail” will receive the recompense of the trouble they brought into your life.  You will rejoice in knowing that I came through for you with a double portion of favor and blessing.  Trust in My mercy, says God, and let your heart celebrate in My tailor-made solution for what you are facing.  You dreamed big, but you never dreamed this big.  You had some lofty ideas about what My full blessing looks like, but they were only faint suggestions about what I am genuinely bringing to pass in your life, even this day, says the Father.

December 16, 2018.   The Father says today, open your eyes to look through and not just at the mountain opposing you.  Help is on the way.  I AM surrounding you and sending into your life those who will hold your hands up when you get weary and pray for you when devastating loss threatens your peace.  When those close at hand speak with double tongues, know that I will cause the truth to outlive the lie.  I will expose the double-dealing of the enemy and rip the cover off the lies that were masquerading as the truth about you and your situation.  You will be vindicated, says the Father.  I will relieve you from all oppression and restore your joy and give you a reason to celebrate in the season of celebration.

You are not alone, says the Father, and you haven’t been cast aside by anyone that counts in My Kingdom.  You have felt isolated and you felt as though no one understands what you are facing or going through. Know this, says the Father.  I will arise and set you in safety from every influence in your life that seeks to intimidate, harass or victimize you.  At the end of the matter, you will find that My words to you were pure and though My promise was tried seven-fold in the furnace of affliction you came out intact and on target to receive all that I promised, for I AM the God who never sleeps and never slumbers.  My eyes are open to your situation and My ears open to your cries.  You are My beloved child destined to receive the full, complete and total inheritance of My goodness, favor, and promotion in spite of all the opposition against you.

December 15, 2018.   The Father says today, the darts of the enemy hurled against you will not find their mark.  You will not be destroyed, and you will not be turned back.  Though they lay awake all night long devising evil against you, your sleep will nonetheless be sweet knowing that My mercies are renewed with each new day.  Your foundations are sure and your way secure as you keep moving forward day by day with the calm assurance that I AM with you every step of the way.

Say in your heart “the LORD is My helper, I will not be moved…”  Though a thousand fall at your right hand and ten thousand at your left, I have ordained that you will be left standing regardless of what the enemy plans against you.  The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong.  You don’t have to out-think the enemy or be more clever than those who seek your hurt.  Just trust in My saving hand and continue to pray out your expectation of the outcome I have promised and all will turn out in your favor.

December 14, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM not a far-off God.  I AM not far off, and I AM not hiding Myself.  You have asked the question, “where are you, God?”  Pause a moment and hear My still small voice, says the Father, for I AM right here, as close as the breath of your body.  I see your distress, and I see your desperation.  Feel My arms of grace encircling you and giving you strength for the day and strength to endure what seems so unendurable.  What the enemy means for your destruction will fall out in your favor as I move to heal and restore and reconstitute your hope and your trust in Me, even in the darkest of seasons.

The enemy that lurks in secret places is being routed before you.  Your eyes will see it, for I have seen the cleanness of your hands and the innocence of your heart.  I will act, and I am moving to save you from every threat and intimidation of the enemy against you.  You may feel helpless, but you are not helpless.  Things may look bleak, but they are not bleak.  You may feel as though your world is crashing in but look again, says the Father – see the hope and life that I AM bringing forth in your behalf.  You are not forgotten, and I have not hidden My face from you.  Even now, trouble and vexation are going, and deliverance is being manifested to restore your trust and reconstitute your testimony of My faithfulness in your life.

December 13, 2018.   The Father says today, you are not forgotten, and I haven’t set you aside.  The enemy wants you to think it’s all over, but you haven’t seen anything yet.  You have trusted, and you have believed, and I have noticed that, says the Father.  Your expectation and hope will not perish but will come to pass without fail.  I AM not a God of failure, and I AM not a God who sits back watching you suffer and languish under challenging circumstances.  Call upon Me.  Concerning the works of My hands command Me and see what happens next.

Troubles and trials will not prevail against you, says God.  The gavel is coming down in your favor.  There will be vindication in your behalf, brought about by My hand.  What man has threatened and what circumstances appear to be will be turned around, for this is your “turn around” time.  You will not be disappointed and your confidence in My promise will not come to nothing.  Even when you feel frail and weak and about to cave in, so I will show up in sudden deliverance to change what things look like and cause you to cast off the garment of heaviness and set your feet to dancing as the enemy is wholly turned aside in your situation and circumstance.

December 12, 2018.   The Father says today, when others heap hate and scorn on you, I will show up in great mercy and compassion to deliver you in a moment of time.  Know this, that the gates of death will not prevent you and the jaws of hell will not hold you.  I went to the cross to pay the price that your life might be “as in heaven so on earth.”  Shall I ordain a thing and it not be established by My hand?  Trust Me, says the Father, and let Me take it from here.  What you cannot make happen and what seems so unchangeable in your circumstance will yield in a moment of time to what I AM about to do on your behalf.

I AM your salvation and your helper in the day of trouble, says God.  Nothing you are going through takes Me by surprise.  I AM not pacing before the throne wondering what I AM going to do about what is happening in your life.  Adopt this day a mentality that accepts that you are seated in heavenly places with Me no matter what things look like in the natural.  Run into the high tower of My name and remain there in a posture of trust and faith knowing that I AM working both to will and to do My good pleasure where you are concerned.  The plans that the enemy has for you will come to nothing.  They will be snared and fall into the pit that they dug for you, and you will come out rejoicing, knowing that I was with you all along as you put your trust in Me and relied on My sure promise in the midst of the dark situation.

December 11, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM your refuge and your high tower.  When crushing debts burden you down, and destitution looms, I will come through for you and be known by My name JEHOVAH-JIREH.  As I was the ram caught in the thicket to meet Abram’s need, so I will be there just at the right time in your situation and your obligations will be stamped PAID IN FULL by the Master’s hand!  When others suggest that things aren’t working out as you planned, just remember that Abraham wasn’t working from a plan – he was trusting in Me.  He went out “knowing not where” but in the end, My promise toward him was fulfilled just as My promise toward you will surely come to pass, says God.

I AM a God who is pro-vision, says the Father.  It is who I am and what I do.  In your time of need, you will be remembered.  Though all around you may be faithless and unbelieving – that doesn’t make My promise of none effect where your lack is concerned. Receive this day and expect the provision of Calvary to be made available to you in substantive ways that you can take to the bank.  You don’t have to be good enough or lucky enough or smart enough.  You just need to trust in what I have already made possible.  Just make the positive choice in the midst of seeming downturn to mix your faith together with great expectation that the deliverance you have longed to see is being made manifest, even this day, says God.

December 10, 2018.   The Father says today, this is a day of celebration and testimony.  Let your mouth speak and no longer hold back.  The enemy has threatened, and the enemy has sought to intimidate your testimony, but I say to you be in high spirits, for I AM with you to put you over in life and cause every obstacle to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled to be removed from before you.  I AM working in your defense, says God.  There are those that say there is no hope for you in God, but that is the lie put forward by the enemy – it will come to nothing and your critics and detractors will be ashamed when they see My goodness overflow your life in radical measure in the days ahead.

You will not be turned away, says the Father.  You will not be denied in any way but those who have opposed you will be turned back.  They will stumble, and they will perish because I am militating in your behalf to rebuke the nations and destroy the wicked who have sought to blot your name out and remove from you the blessings that I have ordained.  Your eyes will see the overthrow of the opposer, says God.  When the dust settles, and the smoke of battle clears, you will be left standing for I AM God forever, and in your situation and circumstance I will show Myself mighty to save and mighty to deliver beyond all your wildest expectations.

December 9, 2018.   The Father says today, My glory is in the heavens and My glory is in you.  The whole of My kingdom is encapsulated in you in righteousness and joy and the peace of one whose warfare has been done away with.  You are not estranged from My throne, says the Father.  You are seated with Me in heavenly places.  That is your native state as an entitled member of My family.  The whole of your citizenship rights are secure, not by your knowledge or moral perfection but by the shed blood of Calvary.  Rest in that provision.  Know that as you enter into rest, so will there be manna on the ground every morning and water from the rock to refresh and revive you every day of your earthly sojourn.

You are My workmanship, says God, and I AM ever mindful of all aspects of your life.  There is nothing going on in the earth that causes Me to put My attention elsewhere other than counting every hair of your head and sending My angels to draw near to you lest you dash your foot against a stone.  I have crowned you this day, and I have given you a manifest domain over all the works of My hands.  As all things are under My feet, so all things are under your feet.  You are not below. You are above. You are not the downtrodden.  You are in Me in the heavens far above all principalities and powers that might set themselves against you.  Accept and see this as the starting place for each and every day and you will, therefore, see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

December 8, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM your salvation from those who hate and persecute you.  They claim they are just telling it like it is.  They believe that stripping you of all hope is a calling on their life, but they don’t understand they are under a false anointing, a spirit from the depths of hell that I will put down and destroy in your behalf.  The reproaches that come against you fall upon Me, says God, and they are extinguished in the work of the cross.  Never forget that.  I was despised that you might come to honor.  I was rejected that you might be accepted.  When mother and father forsake you, I will lift you up, for I AM the God who brings you out of the solitary place and causes you to find your tribe and your place in My house.

When the enemy seeks to tear you like a lion rending its prey, know that I will be your deliverance at that moment.  They claim you are only getting what you deserve, but they fail to look at the situation through the lens of Calvary’s cross.  I will render inert against you every word spoken that is contrary to how I see you.  Even at times when you feel you stand entirely alone, know that I AM with you.  I AM here.  Talk to Me.  Hear My still small voice of comfort and encouragement even in the darkest moments.  This is your hour.  This is when yoke easy and burden light kicks in and lifts you out of the mire of despondency and hopelessness.  I AM working, says God, and I AM litigating in your behalf for I AM angry with the wicked every day.  Though they bend their bow against you and send forth the arrows of death to bring you down, I will deliver you and cause all the mischief of the ungodly to become as dust under your feet.

December 7, 2018.   The Father says today, be correctable.  The chastening I give is proof that you are My beloved child that I will never neglect or abandon.  No chastening is pleasant, but in the end as you yield to My correction, blessing will be the result and answers will come that you have been waiting for.  I know your weaknesses, says God, and I AM aware of every point of vulnerability that the enemy tries to take advantage of in your character.  Those things that you cannot change and feel powerless to do differently are the very areas in your life that My grace is more fully poured out.  I have shown you mercy and will continue to have mercy upon you until every last vestige of the past no longer haunts you and you walk free from all the bondage of darkness that has held you back.

This is the season of returning, says God . In returning to Me in areas of your heart where estrangement crept in, I will now flood with My light and the fullness of My love.  I love you because I love you because I love you.  Unending love and ceaseless mercy are all I have to show you.  When tears come, and the breakers of sorrow overwhelm your soul in waves of regret, know that I am there to comfort and encourage you.  When your detractors and critics point the finger and say you are just getting what you had coming to you, I will sweep them away with a wave of My hand and encompass you with My embrace and surround you with My unearned favor.  It’s who I AM and what I do, says the Father, and My promise to you is that they will be ashamed suddenly, but you will never be put to shame, for your trust is in Me.

December 6, 2018.   The Father says today, take time to start every morning with your mind and heart focused upon Me.  When you rush out to the demands of your day before spending time in My presence, you are not doing yourself any favors.  The enemy will be out there with his foolishness and distractions, and I want you to be armed with the resources of strength and grace that are only found in the quiet place alone with Me.  Let your mouth pray.  Direct your cry to Me.  Seek My face before you seek the face of man, and you will find the complexion of your life shifting from struggle and unending difficulty to effortless fulfillment of every promise I have made in your behalf.

Those who work iniquity in your midst and those who embrace foolishness and darkness are being removed.  I abhor the bloody and deceitful man and will execrate that person from your life, for they are a detriment and not a blessing.  Don’t get in the way of what I am doing, says God, for it is for your benefit that My hand is moving to cleanse the ground that I have given you to stand on.  As I establish My purposes and My truth in your life, your responsibility is to keep following the straight path and the narrow way of acute listening to Me every step of the way.  The enemy will entice you and flatter you and failing in that, they will threaten and attempt to bully you into giving up on your destiny.  Refuse to listen, says God, for they will fall by their own counsels, but you will remain because you have kept your trust in Me each and every day.

December 5, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM your righteousness.  You don’t have to try to be good enough, for that is only religious striving.  I hear you when you call. It is not necessary for you to raise your voice as though you don’t have My attention.  The fact that you are in distress only indicates that I am about to enlarge you and magnify My mercies over your life.  You are not going to be put to shame.  I will not allow the enemy to make merchandise of you or to turn you into some cautionary example of one who believed yet did not receive the promise.  My heart toward you is yes and amen, says God, so trust in what I am about to do.

I have set you apart for Myself, says the Father.  Get your focus off the outward turmoil in your life and come into the place of communion and union with Me.  Offer up to Me in the secret place the sacrifices of praise and worship from your lips.  As you express your trust in Me and your reliance upon Me, even so, the word will come and the report will surface that the battle is over and deliverance has come.  There can be no other outcome for you, says the Father, for I AM increasing the corn of your bounty and the wine of My gladness within you beyond measure.  You will lay down in peace and sleep secure in the knowledge that tomorrow is another day and therein will be found the full deliverance and blessing that you have cried out to Me for so plaintively.

December 4, 2018.   The Father says today, that I have heard the voice of your cry.  I will never ignore you when you are in trouble.  When difficulties come, and panic sets in, just take one moment of stillness to close your eyes, take a breath and remember I AM with you and will never leave you nor forsake you in any way.  It doesn’t matter what the enemy has planned or who is in agreement with him.  Even when close confidants and family members reject you and call for your downfall, it doesn’t change one of My promises in your life.  They think you are beyond saving because you didn’t do what they expected and demanded you to do.  What they fail to take into account of is the fact that I AM your HELPER.  It’s who I am and what I do.  So, RELAX and simply trust that I AM working, and you are going to come out alright.

You don’t need to tally the score in the battle you are in, says the Father.  It doesn’t matter if every person in your life were to stand against you, we still have them outnumbered.  You are in the majority when you stand in agreement with what I have said refusing to believe the lie that satan is constantly pressuring you to give in to.  The mouths of the gainsayers will be stopped.  The words of the ungodly will be gouged out of their mouths like broken teeth.  Salvation is mine, says the Father, and I can do anything I want any time I want, and I choose to set My love upon you regardless of the opinions of men to the contrary.  Trust in this and know that I AM working this day both to will and to do My good pleasure in your behalf and nothing will overthrow you in any way.

December 3, 2018.   The Father says today, I have hidden you from the wrath of the ungodly.  There will always be those in your life who have an opinion about what you are doing wrong.  Ask not whether everyone agrees with what I have said to you, instead ask yourself why would you seek their approval in the first place?  They have confused anger with passion and mistaken sinful wrath with heartfelt conviction.  The outcome they have imagined for you is a vain thing, for I AM your defense and will extinguish every one of their threats against you with the enormity of My promises that are manifesting in your situation right now.

I have anointed you, says the Father, with the oil of joy, so go ahead and laugh.  Go ahead and rejoice, for those who demand that you take them so seriously will be held in derision the very moment they spring the trap they think they have so craftily laid to ensnare you.  Know this – he that touches you touches the apple, the pupil of My eye – I will have an autonomic response to protect you and deliver you in that instant.  So, go ahead and ask, says the Father, for I AM waiting to give your enemies over to you as your inheritance. Those who set themselves in opposition against you at the end of the day will find themselves witness to the table of bounty I have spread before you in spite of them.  This is your portion and your inheritance, and your righteousness is of Me.

December 2, 2018.   The Father says today, your blessing is already provided for.  The finished work of Calvary makes every prayer that you could ever pray a past-tense provision in your life.  Things that you pray for will now become manifest in your life as you walk out the timeline of My faithfulness.  When you understand the entitlement and access that redemption affords you – then you will realize that the answers I give are not coming – they are already here.  This is a redemptive reality, and it is available in you NOW in the glory within where I dwell by My Spirit.  Accept this and embrace it as the default state of grace that you walk around in every day.

Reject the contaminated counsel of the enemy.  He has plans and suggestions that will continuously stream from the pit of hell in the words of those who have no love of the truth.  When they come, don’t stand still but instantly walk the other way.  When flattering words abound and they invite you to take your place among them, immediately excuse yourself and find the secret place where I AM waiting.  When those who revel in pessimism and sarcasm ask you to recline at their table, let your spirit recoil as from a striking serpent.  I have so much more for you than this, says God, for I have rooted you and grounded you in the depths of My refreshing.  When all others have withered and dried up, you will be a tree of righteousness full of sap, prospering in the things whereunto I have called you and moving inexorably day by day into your full destiny in Me.

December 1, 2018.   The Father says today, I have made you one with Me.  We are not two, we are one.  This is the simplicity that is in Christ.  I have condescended into your life that I might take up My habitation in your human spirit.  I AM in you, and you are in Me.  Nothing shall overthrow or contradict what happens next in your life because of this one great fact.  You have ascended in Me and whether you feel like it or not you are high above all principalities and powers.  The enemy can threaten, and the enemy can rage but who I AM determines what happens next.  I AM in you, and you are in Me deeper and deeper every day.  Because I cannot be diminished, you cannot be diminished.  Because I cannot be taken captive, so you cannot be taken captive.  Accept it.  Believe it.  Express it as your total and complete expectation.

You are the subject of My outpoured mercies, says God.  In My wrath have I thundered against your enemies.  In My anger, I have come down to deliver.  The mountains melt and the hills tremble.  The fountains of the deep are broken up, and the heavens are opened in your behalf.  No longer be dismayed or in despair for I AM working.  Come alongside Me, for I have come alongside you by My Spirit that you might know and be blessed.  Come into alignment with your words and in your thinking regarding all that I have promised.  Do not be talked out of what I have spoken over you, for My promise will not lie and will not fail to come to pass as you war with your words, in faith believing, regarding all that I have declared over you, even this day.


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