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I Have Sent the Prophets of My Love Among You! — 6 Comments

  1. Amen, dear beloved Deborah
    All the words of God is about love. We are invited to salvation, forgiveness, love, hope, faith; we are also urged to stay there with warnings. The love of God is divine and unconditional so all can come. All the words of God is absolute truth and His law of love is perfect. We are invited to live in peace, love, safety with each other. Unconditional love therefore does not mean we can do things of old nature any longer, unconditional love means best for all. Unconditional love is not freedom to sin, it is freedom to live a holy life, because God give us strength. Warnings do not contradict unconditional love. We are invited to give testimony of God’s actions in our lives, not that we suddenly are no longer ordinary people, but that we have seen the miracles of God in our lives. It is time to gather, and yes, if it is necessary, we must warn. I will go and tell about the fact that God really live today and He offer forgiveness to all who will receive. God bless you all and your offspring. Lucia Ludvigsen

  2. Then if you really tested that the Lord is good, leave then all your inquiries, say the Lord. Stop all your adultery with the Prince of this world and I’ll clean all your sin.

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