The Father Says Today – July 2016

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

31 July 2016.   The Father says today you have asked for outcome – commit to My process.  When you put your attention on the end goal – know that there is process involved.  Process will discipline you.  Process will chasten you.  Process will compel you to take up your cross and follow Me.  Process will require you to FOCUS ON ME and let the rest go.  Refuse to be distracted.  Refuse to demand instant answers because that’s not what I do.  Say of your soul – LISTEN TO ME – say of your soul “I am not in a problem – I am in a process!”  When you understand that problems are just processes leading to an outcome, then you won’t help yourself but to smile, rejoice and keep forging ahead.

If you want growth, says the Father, you must accept the fertilizer.  Hear what I AM saying beloved.  Where there is no ox the crib is clean, but MUCH profit comes from the labor of the ox.  Stop demanding the ox to clean up after itself.  Stop asking Me to clean up the process in pursuit of the outcome you have been asking Me for.  I will help you.  I will illuminate you.  I will put My words in your mouth and give you the wisdom to step right through the difficulties as though they were nothing.  Others will look at you and think you are mad because you won’t get bogged down by the details of process because of the broad brush of promise with which I AM painting your life!

30 July 2016.   The Father says today I AM pouring out My wonder in your life.  You are going to be wonder-ful because I AM filling you with My wonder.  Refuse to be bored.  Refuse to no longer be astonished or amazed at who I AM in you.  Do not allow the waves of stagnant religious dullness to sweep you into the abyss of the normal.  Come up and come out of “normal” into the rarified atmosphere of My favor.  This is the favor I AM making available to you.  The enormity of My favor is visited upon you this day.  Throw away all the evil reports and vile opinions of others that don’t fit with what I AM saying about you.  Those who have criticized you and vilified you are about to completely upended and pulled kicking and screaming into My joy.  I will deliver them from their own putrid attitudes and while they have opposed you in times past – they will soon surpass even your own obediences in the same choices they have opposed you for in the past.

Don’t allow others to make themselves your enemy.  Destroy the works of the devil by loving them back.  Love them lavishly.  Love them abundantly.  Love them joyfully.  Then just go ahead and seek the kingdom.  They will figure it out if they have to go to remedial classes in heaven.  Don’t resist evil.  Refuse to be bitter. Refuse to retaliate.  Just rejoice.  Be thankful.  Obey Me and let everyone COPE with your all as you continue to delight in Me. My delight is your portion.  As you delight in Me My joy in your life will completely eclipse the attention getting strategy of the Pharisees and hypocrites who can’t stand your total joy in Me. Don’t hold grudges.  Don’t get bitter – get better.  Those who refuse to get bitter will have frequent flyer miles in the avenues of faith that cause you to take wings and ascend in a moment of time into your full and complete destiny.

29 July 2016.   The Father says today that I AM restoring your joy.  I AM taking off the garments that are drab, stale and without imagination in their design.  You will live this day in a sense of wonder and awe.  You will dance and rejoice.  You will stand amazed at what I AM doing in your midst.  You will quake and tremble with anticipation as My Spirit attunes to your spirit like a tuning fork, so My sound will go forth from you to those deafened by unbelief.  Allow My sound to come into you, Beloved.  I AM originating My sound within you and My sound is creating stunning vistas of victory and wonder that will spin out creatively from your heart and reshape and refashion what your life looks like.

The enemy has tried to impede your involvement in My Kingdom and this day I AM changing all of that.  My voice is the sound that comes into you and gets you moving forward in favor and gladness.  You are a created being and I AM yet creating on the inside of you.  Wake up to My majesty.  Wake up to the delightsome land I have laid before you as a bounty and a blessing.  Live in wonder and live in total yielded awe to all that I AM doing and saying in your life.  When I say get involved I AM calling you to throw yourself upon Me and stretch yourself in full over My stature.  I will cause you to grow and learn and be transformed.  This is the lion that lays with the lamb.  This is the yielded spirit endowed with the Lion Heart of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  This is what it means to be made in and to reflect My image and this is My portion in your life.

28 July 2016.   The Father says today let’s get unpredictable this day shall we?  I have not called you to a life that is dull, predictable or monotonous.  I AM an active God and I AM active in the midst of My people as the tempest from heaven blowing out all the dust and debris of the old life.  I have called you to new life, Beloved.  I have not called you to march in place in My Kingdom.  You are called to move forward – to surge forward knowing I have equipped you, called you and enabled you to do so much more than you have experienced in your life time.  Do not say in your heart “the time is past, the time is past…” or that “this is the work that others are called to do…”  My time for you is NOW.  I AM a NOW God and it is NOW that I AM making Myself real to you in such a way that you will no longer be able to stand still.  Come out of the stagnant place.  Behold the chains and fetters of the ordinary are being broken!  The fresh wind of My Spirit is refreshing you and filling your sails for an assignment far different from what you have known in past seasons.

So get up and get out into the assignment of heaven.  Give no thought to what you will say or do or to what comes next.  Be willing to be surprised with the challenges I bring you into and the results I give.  You are called as planters, waterers, harvesters and adventurers in My kingdom.  The domain of darkness is retreating.  The government of My throne is increasing – go out and ENFORCE the peace of My throne in the wilds of an unregenerate world.  Be an embassage of My peace and of My power.  Have I not called you?  Have I not equipped you?  Will you not return with the many sheaves reaped from the burning and brought into My garner!  This is your destiny and your portion and your gladness will be made full as you comply!

27 July 2016.   The Father says today let no man despise your youth.  I AM the Ancient of Days and I live on the inside of you.  The wisdom that I have given you is not based on experience.  The wisdom I have given you flows out of the anointing I have imparted to your life.  You will teach things you don’t actually know, and you will affirm things you have yet to experience.  You will step out of the atmosphere of My glory and make known to many the path of life that leads to life.  Many that are out of the way and have been misdirected by the enemy will recover themselves through the gifting that I have placed upon your life.

Receive this day the mantle of service I have released to you.  You are not an outer court believer.  You are called to walk in My courts and to serve at My table.  Despise not your own youthfulness and refuse to let others despise as well.  I have need of you in My kingdom and I AM not willing to proceed further as though your life did not count for something.  Preparation time will be accomplished as you walk with Me in the way.  There is a time for training and learning and there is a time for acting and doing.  This is a time to act.  Come out of the idea of passively learning and know I will walk you into My wisdom and My knowledge as you put your hand to the plow and don’t look back!

26 July 2016.   The Father says today you are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices.  There is a discernment in you to know where your warfare lies.  There is a discernment in you that identifies the pollution and contamination of the enemy that impedes My people, and has impeded you from moving forward at times in My plans, purposes and pursuits.  Get your eyes off of the past, and turn your attention upon the promise that is inherent in your NOW season.  My promise in your life is a NOW promise.  My promise in your life brings cleansing and new beginning.  Are you ready to begin anew?  Then forswear the backward glance and open your eyes to the door that I have placed in front of you this day.

This day I call you up into the watchtower of My city says the Father.  You are one that will see and know and identify the assault of the enemy before it comes.  You will know what is on the morrow because you have refused to be distracted by the bitter dregs of yesterday’s disappointments.  No more nursing the wounds of the past says the Father.  Refuse to have the eyes of your understanding put out by the hot pokers of yesterday’s offense.  Grow up and grow out of an old way of thinking and put on My mind and My perspective about the things that have gone on before.  Refuse to recriminate yourself as though you could have done things differently.  This is all preoccupation of the enemy – but there is a work to do watchman, and I have called you this day up to it.

25 July 2016.    The Father says today that I AM calling you out of obscurity.  I have not called you to be an obscurantist.  I have called you into the main stream that you might touch many lives in My name.  The enemy has worked over time to side line you and keep you out of touch with others.  He has sought through difficult circumstances to desensitize you to the heart’s cry of many around you but I AM changing all of that.  What many have called a “prophetic” gifting is really a game the enemy has run on them to keep them bound by opinion and held captive by judgmental and critical spirit.  You have seen this operating in your own life at times, leaving you exhausted and compromised in your own heart.

I gave you a mercy motivation says the Father.  You have My heart – and My heart is a heart wherein mercy triumphs over judgment.  You are not of the tribe of Dan you are of the tribe of Judah.  I have not called you to be the law giver pronouncing judgment or predicting “punished” on the lives of others.  My message – the message of the kingdom, is a message of repentance.  It is My goodness that leads men to repent.  There is a place for mercy and a place for severity.  Despise not My goodness for My goodness is where your anointing flows to bring people out of darkness into a new walk with Me.  Cast off the illegitimate expectations of others who have imposed the false burden of the negative. Become the encourager I have always called you to be and you will be a repairer of the breach and a restorer of paths to walk in.

24 July 2016.  The Father says today enter into the finished work of Calvary.  When I bowed upon the tree and said “It is finished” – it meant that it is finished for all time.  Your healing is a past provision.  The stripes that were laid on Me for healing are not a conditional resource.  I do not make up My mind on a case by case basis whether or not I will or will not heal.  The fountain stained with blood flowing from Calvary is for whosoever will and whosoever when.  I will never say NO to what the cross says YES to.  My sovereignty is expressed in My “yes” and not in any arbitrary denial of My promise to act in your behalf.

So enter into the “yes” and “amen” of My promise this day.  There are a thousand reasons why you may not receive your healing but there is one reason why you will: I AM faithful.  I AM faithful to hear and faithful to deliver.  My word is a faithful resource that will never leave you disappointed or disillusioned.  Come up and out of the landscape of unbelief with its featureless topography of doubt.  Step out of the boat of rationale and logic and believe that I AM who I said I AM and I will do what I said I will do.  This is signs, miracles and wonders time for you.  This is the hour that the river of My grace and power begins to flow through your life and reshape what tomorrow looks like.  You will live and not die says the Father and declare the works of your God!

23 July 2016.   The Father says today that your life has not been in vain.  At times you felt like everything you touched turned to brass.  You cried out to Me many nights feeling as though you were Esau and not Jacob.  The enemy tried to hide from you the fullness of My glory in your life.  The enemy sought daily to rob you of joy.  You watched daily as others who wallowed in compromise and disobedience were seemingly promoted above you through machination and manipulation and flattery.  They made a showy appearance and left lives devastated in their wake.  You were faithful to go in and clean up the mess and minister to the lives of those who were damaged by ego-driven leaders that spared not the flock.

Despair not says the Father.  Recompense is your portion.  I have heard every cry.  Every tear you cried whether in yourself or for the needs of others – they have been saved as precious ointment in My bottle.  There will be glory and fullness and blessing for you.  Honor is your portion.  Dishonor and the warfare of times past will be washed away by the spirit of recompense and restitution I release over you this day.  This day is a day of celebration.  This day we celebrate the faithfulness of one with a servant’s heart who lays their life daily on the altar of living sacrifice.  I see your heart.  I see your uplifted hands in the night seasons.  Know that I AM your Great Benefactor and in My pavilion you will recline and know the rest I have accorded you in My presence.

22 July 2016.   The Father says today that your sonship is secure.  You have been born again of the incorruptible Seed.  When you gave your life to Me, I then at that very moment planted within you – conceived within you the seed of Myself.  I put within you a portion of Myself that is gestating and coming to the birth.  My image is being made more evident in your life and in your person than ever before.  Others may look and not understand, but realize this – I have no interest in inducting you into religious culture.  You have My permission this day to circumvent the artificial religious culture established by men.  Step in to that which is real, and substantial, and dynamic. Step into the life of My Spirit – what My Spirit is currently producing and duplicating within you.

They have said you cannot be genuine unless you conform to their expectations.  You have been pressured to be a cookie-cutter Christian but that didn’t originate with Me.  I AM the God that NEVER PLANTED ANYTHING in a row.  I have not called you to conformity to man’s way of thinking no matter how lofty his title or how high his opinion of himself.  Set all that aside.  Do not be distracted by those who put their expectations upon you.  You must accept and realize that you owe no man nothing except to love him. Move on.  Have the civility and dignity to love them and move on seeking that city that Abraham looked for.  This is that city – that relationship and family whose builder and maker is none other than Myself.  There I have prepared a place for you BY MY SIDE.  There you will lay down your life like a drink offering and know what it is to walk with Me robed in righteousness as an obedient son and daughter of My hand.

21 July 2016.   The Father says today, ignore the mockery of men – I AM acting in your defense.  Those that have mocked and those that have scoffed will be occupied elsewhere for I AM stepping up to the task at hand in your life to show Myself mighty and to demonstrate My lovingkindness in your behalf.  There are times that life’s mercies can be cold comfort when you are hurting says the Father.  Close associates hold themselves aloof at times from your need.  Those that rallied to your side in victory have withdrawn when things weren’t going so well.  Leave them to Me.  Give Me those relationships that have crushed you and disappointed you.  I AM the God that sets the solitary in families.  I will never leave you in a broken state.  I will renew your joy and give those into your life that will rejoice when you rejoice and weep when you weep.

Be comforted then.  No more mourning.  Your days of mourning are over.  Leave the past in the past.  Comfort is who I AM and not just what I do.  I revealed Myself in the word as COMFORTER and comfort I bring and refreshing I bring into your life and your heart.  Be refreshed.  Do you understand what I AM saying to you?  Allow yourself to be refreshed.  No more cutting yourself among the tombs with the shards of broken fellowship and relationship.  Move on.  Stand up.  Dust yourself off and move on.  Broken people produce brokenness.  Broken people walk a broken path.  I want your attention and your focus to be upon Me and not any other contaminated filter of disappointment or despondency.  I AM your hope.  I extend hope to you this day for a renewed life – free of the past, rejoicing in the bright future that will be made manifest, and that right quickly says the Father.

20 July 2016   The Father says today that this day is a day of double witness.  You have endured the test and the test is over – now comes the reward for a heart postured in faith before Me.  In your patience you have possessed your soul therefore NOW is the recompense accorded to you even as it is to all those who rest their case in Me.  This is the rest says the Father, and this is the rejoicing, that though all men forsake you and ignore your plea – I have not forsaken you and I have not ignored you.  I AM about to shake the situation, and bring the cry of your heart and the injustice of your situation to the forefront of those who have brought the gavel down to dismiss your claim.  Get ready says the Father, for a reversal of fortune.  Prepare for that good thing I AM bringing about in your behalf.

The lies that have been told will not stand.  The truth of who I AM in your situation will be made manifest.  There has been deceit and bedevilment by those that have flaunted My name and attempted to steal from you what heaven’s court says you have the title deed to.  Fear not therefore says the Father.  Be not dismayed.  Refuse to lay your hopes down or to hang the harps of your rejoicing on the willows of despondency.  The long standing challenge is about to be ploughed under by My hand.  I will show My hand mighty to chastise those who erred in attempting to abscond with your blessing.  Are you ready to put it behind you?  Now is that day!

19 July 2016.    The Father says today never lose your capacity to live in simplicity before Me.  Refuse to be passive in the presence of My majesty.  My majesty and My glory are on the inside of you and there is nothing casual about that.  My presence within you is resident not to merely enhance your life but to change your life completely. My mind is online in your heart to impart to you the way I think so that you address every interaction and circumstance you face with a present tense expectation of the miraculous.  Are you ready for a miracle?  There is nothing ho-hum about what I AM purposing to bring about even this day.  This day is your day of salvation, restoration and restitution.  Come out of the lethargy of pessimism and sarcasm.  Pessimism and sarcasm are the two primary components of spiritual sloth and indolence.  Awake to righteousness says the Father for your entitlement in Me is coming online even this day.

The choice is yours says the Father – for all of My choices have already been made.  There are those that imply in their misdirected teaching that somehow I make up My mind to bless on a case by case basis.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Even as I have said in My word EVERY PROMISE is YES and AMEN because you are called by My name and belong to Me.  My blessing is extended globally and universally in a PAST TENSE provision.  I bless preemptively but I do in fact judge on a case by case basis.  That is why MERCY triumphs over JUDGMENT.  I have seen those that have maligned you and mistreated you.  I AM giving them the same conservancy of mercy and forbearance that I gave those that drove the nails into My hands and feet.  I AM not slack in judgment nor do I delay in mercy.  Just trust Me to adjudicate in your behalf in such a way that your testimony will be “Lord you have done all things well…” all the while knowing that the mercy you extend to others is a measure of the blessing that you enjoy that was purchased for you as well on the cross of Calvary.

18 July, 2016.   The Father says today what I call clean, do not call unclean.  You are clean through the word that I have spoken to you.  There are no great tasks to perform or religious standards to live up to.  Your qualification is of Me.  Because of who I AM and what I have done in your life your disqualification is done away with.  You do not have to be a mystic or a hermit to receive My glory.  There is no need for you to become erudite in the word as though it was necessary to become a scholar to understand who I AM to you this day.  No, put all such thoughts from your mind.  Do not be seduced away from the simplicity that is in Christ.  Realize that I AM no respecter of persons but I AM a respecter of faith.  As you do with your faith what others have done with their faith you will see the same outcome.

This is what it means to become My servant.  Serving Me is a matter of hearing My voice, jettisoning your opinion and doing what I say – asking nothing.  The one asking all the questions is the one in charge, My beloved so get quiet, listen up and allow Me to teach you.  Allow Me to teach you not by what I reveal but by what I have hidden.  It is My glory to conceal a matter – it is the glory of kings, even YOUR glory to seek it out.  The greatest illumination does not come as a set of answers to a set of questions.  My greatest delight is to obscure to your mind My glory that I might reveal to your heart My majesty.  So learn to be more comfortable with your questions than you are with everyone else’s answers.  The person who cannot stand to have unanswered questions is one who has allowed their mind to usurp My Spirit on the throne of their life.  Learn, I say, to sit at My feet as Mary and simply, oh My beloved, learn of Me.

17 July 2016.   The Father says today this is your turn around time.  This is the time of the turnaround.  This is the time when the fortunes of your life pull back from the precipice of destruction.  This is the time that I AM loading into your heart the coordinates of the high place in Me you have sought for so long.  You will no longer pine or struggle or grovel in the low place.  I AM bringing you to the high places of My Spirit.  Look at your feet beloved!  Your feet are beautiful!  Your feet are like hind’s feet.  Look!  Look oh, My beloved you are coming to Me leaping upon the mountains as a hind freshly washed and adorned with My glory – ready to be presented at My courts.

No more low living says the Father. No more looking back.  No more leeks and garlics.  No more longing for the relationships that are only monuments of bad mistakes and poor choices.  Those relationships long broken that you languish for are merely the pillars of salt in your past.  Don’t look back. Let go.  This is letting go time beloved.  This is the turnaround time – the time of release and healing.  I AM healing you by the greatness of My love flowing through every infected wound of the past.  Brokenness is going and wholeness is coming.  You are taking on the influence and the affluence that accompanies all those who choose to love and be loved with that great love wherewith I love you.  Receive My love says the Father and be changed.  Be changed into THAT man and THAT woman who reflects MY glory – even the glory I show forth over you like a honey shower even now at this moment!

16 July 2016.   The Father says today that I AM your defense.  You will not be decimated.  You will not be diminished.  You will not even be distracted from that which I AM currently saying and doing and leading in your life.  This isn’t the end of a thing it is the beginning of a thing – even THAT thing you have awaited for so long.  I AM fulfilling My will in your wilderness.  The wilderness shall bloom.  There shall be showers of blessings even in the dry place.  I AM with you oh, My beloved.  I will never leave you.  I will never forsake you.  I will show My favor to you in such a manner that those with the elder-brother mentality will say THAT’S NOT FAIR!  They will say “that’s not fair” and guess what?  I will invite them to the party!  Those that have excluded you and maligned you I will show mercy upon them and promote and bless you nonetheless.

So let go of all bitterness of spirit.  Release all adverse opinion.  Release it now My beloved – for your thoughts and the meditations of your heart are predictive in your life.  What happens next is largely determined by what you would visit down on the heads of your detractors.  In loving them you are loving yourself.  In forgiving them you are forgiving yourself.  Love them.  Forgive them.  On MY TERMS and not theirs.  This is your hour.  You can afford to be magnanimous for I AM bringing the expanse of My glory over your life as a canopy of extreme favor.  Be flexible.  Be forgiving.  Be a yielded vessel.  Let all opinion and hardness of heart by removed and a soft heart of flesh made in its place.  This, says the Father is the hour of your visitation.  You will walk with Me robed in white, and you will know the day of My appearing says the Father, in this moment that you have cried out to Me in.

15 July 2016.   The Father says today that you are not a wall flower in My Kingdom.  I have not called you to sit idly by watching others fulfill their destiny and experience My glory.  You are called, Beloved to be a participator in those things that you have seen and heard.  There are testimonies you have borne witness to that were so riveting to you.  You are one that cherishes the good report.  You have heard so many stories and testimonies and your one great cry is “Pick me! Pick me, O God!”  You are not being ignored.  You are not being sidelined.  The enemy has used that fear to torment and frustrate you at times to the point of giving up and just marching in place expecting nothing.  That is not your portion.

You ARE destined and earmarked and designated to be a participant in that which I AM currently saying and doing in the earth.  You are not merely a spectator.  The greatest things in your life that I will do and you will experience are not going to come in the pew.  Get up and get out into the circumstance and situation around you.  Know that I will put you in the right place at the right time.  Know that I will cause you to carry My glory into a dark place.  You will be the first one on the scene and it will be YOU and not someone else who will turn on the light of My glory and experience to the full the outpouring and manifestation of power that you have longed after for so long.  So rejoice beloved.  Be encouraged.  The time is now.  Listen to My voice.  I say to you – obey the still small voice and ACT.  You will not be disappointed.

14 July 2016.   The Father says today I AM causing the light of My countenance to shine upon you today.  Even as I AM the light that lights upon every man that comes into the earth – know that I AM shining upon you this day.  My face, My countenance is upon you to change and to bring glory in you and through you in a substantive way.  You will hold in your hands and make an accounting of My faithfulness this day.  I AM so much more than a religious god who only brings some ephemeral concept of good and blessing.  That is how I have been represented by the councils of the uninformed but I say to you that this day you will sink your teeth into the fruits of My faithfulness and know Me as the Rock that bore you and the fountain that sustains you day by day.

So place your expectations upon Me today. Incline toward Me this day and not away from Me. Refuse to compartmentalize your attentiveness to My Spirit.  Do not shut Me out beloved.  In shutting Me out you do not change what I know about the secret places of your life.  You only succeed in excluding yourself from the good thing that I would bring to deliver and cleanse you from those bondages that you can find no freedom from.  My love for you is an everlasting Love.  My love for you is unconditional.  My understanding is deeper than any sin or shortcoming.  Seek Me early.  Seek Me in transparency.  Be open and willing to accept and receive and cooperate with the change I AM bringing about.  You are not a creature of the night.  I declare you are a son and a daughter of the day and I AM the Daystar arising in your life this day.

13 July 2016.    The Father says today be an extension of My mercy out to others.  Be My hand extended even to those you don’t agree with.  Be My hand extended even to those who have maligned and misrepresented you.  If you love only those who love you – there is no reflection of grace put forth.  Even the heathen and those who shake their fist in heaven’s face love their own.  The efficacy of love – My love, the GOD KIND OF LOVE is that you can look past the failings and fracture in others and love them unconditionally.  There is no other agent of change that can shape the world greater than My love.  You have said “they need God” but remember that I AM love.  So what you are saying is that they need exactly what I have called you to afford them – THROUGH YOUR OBEDIENCE to the mandate of love.

So go out in your day and let love be your expression.  Let love be that which you portray to those known and unknown to you.  It is not your doctrine or your “anointing” or your strident protestations that will change hearts beloved.  It is My love that will cause change to come.  Repentance to come.  Cleansing to come.  Love is who I AM not just what I do.  As you love others with an unconditional love you will find no room for accusation.  Accusation only originates in the accuser.  Extend My love for in extending My love you are extending who I AM into the lives of the broken and those who are out of the way.  In this you will be pleasing to Me and in this you will be constituted a faithful steward of all that Calvary has afforded your life.

12 July 2016.   The Father says today that there are many voices being heard in the earth.  There is My voice and there are the voices of Babylon.  My voice will always speak in the interests of the kingdom.  The voices of Babylon will always speak in the interests of self.  Watchmen what of the night?  I AM calling watchmen up in this hour to look to see, listen to hear and sense to feel after what I AM currently saying and doing in the earth.  The intercession of those that have been planted in hope is being answered.  The mantles of those who served Me and departed are coming down to earth and many will experience My hand heavy upon them in a new way they have not known before.  The voices of Babylon are being heard in the second watch of the night and you must exercise yourself to know the difference.  The voices of Babylon always demands “what is in it for me?”  There is coming a rising crescendo of the voices of Babylon that will deafen many and has deafened many to My still small voice that is speaking in the third watch of the night.  Make it your determination that My voice is the only voice you will hear and the only voice you will be an instrument of speaking says the Father.

My voice in the third watch is coming forth and will be heard.  My voice will be heard by those who have wrapped their face in their mantle.  My voice will be heard by those who have turned away from the earthquake, the fire and wind knowing that what I have to say is not originating there.  Listen for the still, small voice in the third watch of the night.  I say to the watchmen of the earth – listen for the still small voice in the third watch of the night.  Listen while I may yet be heard.  There is coming a famine in the land – not a famine of My word but a famine of hearing My word.  Many will not hear because they have been deafened by those voices that only speak in the interests of self.  This is the voice that originated in the boughs of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  It still resonates through everything that is of the earth, earthly.  My voice is that voice that calls you up to who you are in Me, and who I sacrificed Heaven’s darling for, that you might come up higher and know that of all the nations of the earth, you are first and foremost My people called to speak My words and manifest My heart and My truth in the earth to a disobedient and a gainsaying people.

11 July 2016.    The Father says today that you are a citizen of heaven here on earth.  What that means is that the earthly rules of spirituality do not apply to you.  I have not called you to a life of enforced misery from a religious perspective.  Many talk about the glory of suffering and efficacy of the struggle.  Beloved realize this – there is no suffering in heaven.  There is no struggle in heaven.  If I placed a premium upon suffering and struggle, then as soon as you got to heaven I would clap you in stocks and bring a cat of nine tails across your back.  Stop allowing your understanding about who I AM and what My purpose is in your life to be co-opted by those who think such dark thoughts.  I suffered so that you do not have to.  I struggled so that you could have the yoke easy and the burden light.

To those who champion the life of suffering for you ask them first “are you volunteering?”  It is an amazing thing says the Father, that those who preach suffering, sorrow and struggle are doing the least of it! Set all such thinking aside.  Purpose this most of all – that you will press in to experience all that the cross of Calvary means to you here and now.  There is nothing that Calvary will mean to you THEN that it does not mean to you NOW.  If you allow the false theology of struggle and suffering to be your idea about who I AM then you will never be free from the clutches of the enemy.  What part of life and life more abundantly is delineated by the counterfeit gospel of pain and suffering?  Come unto Me beloved, and know to the fullest the price that I paid to lift you out of the mire and set your feet on the Rock that I AM in your life.  In this light you shall bask and drink deeply of My faithfulness in all things.

10 July 2016.   The Father says today that there is something of Myself growing in you on an exponential scale.  The entire scope of the cost of Calvary is summed up in three little words: CHRIST IN YOU.  I did not send My Son to lay the foundation for a religious culture.  The Christianity that Jesus bled and died for is not an institution, or a regimen of liturgy or spiritual principles.  I came that you might have life. In order for that life to be real in you, I had to give the whole of Myself to you as an indwelling reality.  I have held nothing back.  My Spirit is available to you without measure or portion.  The only determination is, how much of yourself are you willing to relinquish to have all of Me, all the time, in every way possible?

What I have put on the inside of you is bigger than you can contain.  You must allow the deposit of heaven within you to come forth and breathe in the environment you find yourself in.  As I live and move and have My being within you and through you – things will change.  Are you ready for change, says the Father?  Change is the result of yielding fully and completely to who I AM and what I have purposed within you.  Be that, says the Father.  Be that living sacrifice that will not crawl off the altar in search of a better offer.  Religious pipe dreams and false promises will never satisfy the soul or answer one prayer.  Come to Me says the Father.  Come to Me promptly.  Come to Me fully.  Come to Me fully and you will know Me fully – more so than you have ever known for I love you greatly, and I AM not willing for you to go down in defeat, clinging to a half measure of religious truth that does not reflect the fullness of My favor that is extended to you even now.

9 July 2016.   The Father says today that you are not walking through life by yourself.  I AM in you and with you.  I AM above and beneath you.  I go before you to smooth the way and bring up your rear guard to preserve you from the snare of the enemy.  Refuse to adopt an attitude that suggests everything relies on you as though life is being unfair.  Life is not unfair because I AM YOUR LIFE and My default response to you is one of mercy, favor and yoke easy, burden light.  This is where you realize that there is no giant advancing upon your hopes that is bigger than who I have caused you to be in the situation.  There is no strongman bringing pressure to bear against you whose bands you cannot break even as Samson broke the flaxen bonds that the enemy bound him with.  I AM your strength.  You are not weak.  You are not a spiritual pygmy.  I AM standing up within you therefore you are a towering Spiritual source of power and deliverance because of who I died to be in you at this moment.

There is an anointing on you says the Father.  There is an anointing on you that is not just for your own personal needs.  The anointing on you is for your neighborhood.  The anointing on you is for your town and your community.  You are the principality and the power that the illegitimate authority of Satan is so intimidated by.  The enemy wants to intimidate you and make you think you are not who I say you are.  Who are you going to believe?  What I say or what the adversary says?  Cast down the illegitimate authority of the natural and the “seen” realm.  Adopt the cry “Abba Father” and advance against the assault of hell knowing you are My beloved and I will defend you every step of the way.  I AM with you says the Father and I will never leave you or forsake you.  I have called you to occupy till I come.  You are a one-person invading force. Heaven invades earth because of who I AM on the inside of you THIS day!

8 July 2016.   The Father says today that this is a day of new beginnings for you.  There is a covenant that has been in process in your life that was ratified at the cross and validated in the shed blood of Calvary.  I AM a God of promise and it is My promise that is being established and My promise that is working its work over you and in you and through you.  You have wondered “God what is going on?” and “God what is coming next?”  I say to you this day fear not what is on the morrow for you are not hastening to your downfall, you are hastening to the dawning of that day – even MY DAY in your life.  This is the time in the constellation of your life you will find that I AM manifesting Myself as the Daystar that is guiding you and illuminating you and bringing you into the greater dawning of purpose.

Be patient says the Father.  That which you have longed for and waited for is even at the door.  Let patience have her perfect work.  Your destiny will not be an abortion.  My promise will not be stillborn in your situation.  Others may mock and scorn.  Others may choose not to believe but disregard that because those that believe not will not be partakers.  You however, will be a partaker, even a first partaker and participant in that which I AM currently doing and saying in the earth.  Open your mouth then, says the Father.  Open your mouth wide to speak and open your mouth wide to receive all that I have for you for this is the hour and the season of reaping out of the earth of My fullness and faithfulness in your situation.

7 July 2016.   The Father says today you are where your attention takes you.  Set your affections on things above and not on things of earth.  The thoughts that fill your mind set the preamble for what happens next in your life.  Choose to meditate on My goodness and benefit and blessing in your life.  The meditations of your heart are the gates and bars of resistance that throw back what the enemy is attempting to bring against you.  As you look to My blessing and anticipate My favor you bring My Spirit and My power online in your situation.  Make up your mind that you are part of the process of your own deliverance.  As you cooperate with My Spirit and refuse to be flaccid in your faith you will mount up with wings as an eagle and find refuge from every assault of the wicked one.

This is the nature of the new creation that I have formed you to be.  You are not a creature of downturn or defeat.  You are not destined for destruction.  You will not be plowed under by the juggernaut of the enemy’s assault against you.  Put your trust in Me.  The enemy seeks to rob you of strength.  When the mind of the flesh says “I’m tired.  I’m exhausted.  I can’t take anymore…”  Just laugh!  Laugh the laugh of faith.  Refuse to feel sorry for yourself.  Refuse to be a victim.  You are not a victim.  You are a victor.  In fact, you are a conqueror and more than a conqueror because of who I AM on the inside of you.  We play till you win.  Though everyone else gives up on your situation know that I AM still working.  Things may not look like what you expect at the end of the day but you will nonetheless declare with all authenticity “what else could possibly go right!”

6 July 2016.   The Father says today – step into your identity in Me.  When you walk into a room, let your identity in Me be activated for benefit and breakthrough.  You see beloved, your identity in Me is not merely a commodity you consume for your own benefit.  In fact, if only in your own interest you exercise the authority I give you – it won’t work.  This is why I said in My word that faith works by love.  Faith contains the identity you have in Me.  Love activates that identity in every situation you walk into – at that very same moment.  The work that I do is not a rear guard maneuver to clean up the messes afterwards.  I go before you and make the way smooth so that when you step into a new day you do so as a master of all that you survey.  This is what ruling and reigning are all about.

As the ministry portion of your life increases so must the intercession.  Where are the intercessors?  If you don’t know then you have your assignment.  Who are you interceding for?  You are called to intercede for those whose faith you have been called to follow.  Those who are walking in a greater anointing, experiencing a heavier manifestation of My glory are the ones you must intercede and open your mouth and pray for.  When you fail to pray for your mentors, instructors and fathers in the faith you are forsaking your own mercy.  The path they are walking is the one I AM leading you in.  You can look at the benefit and anointing of your mentors and see what your future looks like.  So make some adjustments.  You know in your heart there are adjustments to be made.  Otherwise nothing changes and stagnation sets in.  I have not appointed you to stagnation but to liberty, life and abandonment to My favor says the Father.

5 July 2016.   The Father says today this is your turnaround season!  The very things in your life that have felt completely immovable, will move by My power this year!  The circumstances that you currently find yourself in will completely turn around!  I have been watching you ever so closely, so do not think that I AM not aware of the problems that beset you or the negative circumstances that you find yourself in.  On the contrary, they matter a great deal to Me.  I will answer the cries of your heart.  The prayers that have ascended to My throne will be answered.  Even though you have been tried by fire, the fire of My love will now consume each and every prayer and request, and be returned to you as a reward from My heavenly throne.  I AM a loving Father and each and every one of My children are what matter to Me.

So come to Me once again with your request.  Watch Me fulfill your highest heart’s desires.  I will endear My children to Myself through answered prayer.  You will be amazed and awestruck at how personal I AM.  So come to Me and share your most intimate and cherished desires, even the ones you think don’t matter to Me.  I will show you how much they matter.  I will love you back to life.  I will encourage you daily with My presence and My voice will become ever so clear to each of My children.  Trust Me, and do not be ashamed.  It is the enemy who causes My children to feel ashamed.  I do not shame My children.  I love My children.  I help My children.  I instruct all of My children.  I heal My children.  And most of all, I set My children free for this IS the year of ENDEARMENT!

4 July 2016.   The Father says today, I AM going to make your ax head swim.  What you have lost will be restored.  When circumstances conspired to take from you that which was promised, I recorded the loss and have worked from that very moment to see that you recover all that has been taken from you.  What does this mean to your life?  As the prophet Elisha made the ax head that was lost to swim in the water even so I AM putting lost dreams and expectations again within reach.  Those hopes that seem so distant will become near says the Father.  Those aspirations that to the natural mind seem like complete fantasy will become attainable because I have so worked in your circumstance to bring My faithfulness online for a miracle.

There are no dashed expectations in My kingdom says the Father.  Adjust your desires and wishes to My way of thinking and sudden change will begin to take place.  I AM a WAY MAKER says the Father and as I make a way for you – the yoke easy and burden light will become very apparent.  Those things that you surmised would crush you by their weight will become the small dust of the balance as I bring the immediacy of My favor into your life.  Why would I do such a thing?  Because I AM the God of “yes” and “amen”.  Rest in this.  Know that you can rely and trust on My faithfulness this day.  The price is paid.  All arrangements have been made.  The change you have cried out for begins now.

3 July 2016.   The Father says today do not rationalize away your blessings.  Though the situation may look bleak know that processes are at work that are not evident to the natural eye.  You may think you are surrounded by the enemy on every hand but open your eyes.  Command your eyes “be opened”.  Command your eyes to be opened and to see the host of angels surrounding you and the chariots thereof.  The enemy and the situation that look so formidable are about to be plowed under at My command.  Just as Jesus could call 10,000 angels to deliver him – I have commanded a legion to protect, defend and preserve your every move in life.

I refused to call on angelic assistance so that you might be entitled to call upon them.  What I denied Myself on the cross is accorded you because of salvation.  Every disqualification in your life to My promise is addressed in the shed blood of the cross.  There is no need to earn My favor.  There is no need to immerse yourself in religious thinking or religious semantics.  You do not need to convince Me to act in your behalf.  You do not need to overcome any reluctance on My part to move in your life.  My default answer to the cry of your heart is yes.  No more striving.  No more hopelessness or frustration.  Move from despondency to celebration.  Be a celebrant of My kingdom for today is that day of salvation you have so long cried out for.

2 July 2016.   The Father says today that My government is increasing in the earth.  Though gross darkness covers the nations of the earth know this – the sky is not falling the kingdom is coming.  A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand but the calamities of the earth will not come near you.  I AM your high tower and your protection in time of storm and upheaval.  Know that you are in the shelter of My pavilion and nothing shall by any means hurt you.  As the angels of heaven were assigned to Me lest I dashed My foot against a stone – even so the angels of heaven are assigned to you.  You will not grope in darkness.  You will not be without answers to those that challenge you.  In the very hour that you are called to give an account of yourself I will give you My wisdom and the mouth of the gainsayers will be stopped.

I AM not a man that I should lie neither the son of man that I should repent.  I said that you would dwell in the secret place with Me and there you will abide and be secure.  Though all men forsake you and overlook you I will not overlook you.  I will not neglect you.  I AM an “on time” God and will deliver you and that right early.  Fret not.  Refuse to panic.  Anchor yourself in My strength.  You are not weak and you are not a weakling.  Fear and exasperation are not your portion.  No matter the enormity of the challenge you are more than enough because I AM more than enough.  My strength in you gives you all that is necessary.  As is your day so shall be your strength.  Rest in this.  Know this as your most basic truth.  I AM here.  I AM on task.  I AM in you and working through you to bring about highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

1 July 2016.   The Father says today that the despising of man will not prevent that which I AM doing in the earth.  The line of demarcation has been reached.  I have declared the decree “that will be enough of that!”  There will be no more waiting and no more watching.  The time for brooding over the chaos is at an end, and the word of life is being brought forth.  This is a season to embrace life and to embrace mercy.  Embrace mercy, says the Father, for I AM passing over the earth by My spirit to remediate and correct and set aright the nations of the earth.  In times past, when My Spirit would strive no more, I brought a deluge upon the earth.  Now and at this time I remember My oath that I would no more destroy the earth by a flood – but that I would move in mercy toward man, to pour out My Spirit in an undeniable act of grace that would not be denied.

I AM pouring out My Spirit this day on My servants and upon My handmaids.  Those who feel they are the only valid representatives of My kingdom will be scandalized as I raise up both young and old from obscurity who will voice My truth with purity and without compromise.  The stones erected that have been hewn out by man are being cast down, and I AM raising up stones that have not the mark of man upon them but the mark of My hand and My Spirit.  Know this, that upon the altar of your life I AM pouring out My Spirit.  Upon the altar of a heart laid bare, upon the altar, I AM making Myself known in the fresh oil of My outpouring.  Come yielding and pliable before Me for this is a day that My truth is being made known, that the hearts of man – even those in deep darkness, may run into the tower of My name and be safe from the overflowing scourge of the enemy’s hand against the earth.


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The Father Says Today – July 2016 — 1 Comment

  1. I am so amazed at the accuracy of your guidance and your clarity of God’s perfect purpose and destiny in our lives. It is truly so building and so liberating to be so precisely aware of the work of the Lord. I have gained by heaps and bounds. Grace is being multiplied because of your faithfulness. I exhort you to continue the excellent work. May Jesus be your constant companion at all times. Amen.