The Father Says Today – June 2018

Daily prophecy for June 2018, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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June 30, 2018.   The Father says today, step into the ageless realm of My NOW!  You are not time-bound, neither are you bound by the parameters of your age either young or old.  Because I have time, you have time.  You are as old as God and as young as God.  Time is redeemed in you this day by the power of the Cross.  Accept this, says the Father!  Know this as a most fundamental truth of who you are in Me and who I AM in you.  Become aware, says the Father, of the eternity that I have set in your heart.  You are not just pressing into eternity – eternity is pressing into you – EVEN NOW!

Can you take now for an answer, says God?  Can you tap into by faith the power of an endless life that is NOW breaking forth in you?  That is the freedom I have brought to you.  I AM breaking the tyranny of time lodged against you, says the Father.  You are a tree of righteousness filled with the sap of eternal life that you might conceive and bear fruit in EVERY season you are in!  You are in the ageless realm of now where nothing can enter that defiles or makes a lie in you – even in your physical body.  This is the power of My grace to transform and change and promote you from glory to glory, says God.

June 29, 2018.   The Father says today, discern the difference between My truth and mere information.  Facts have to do with happenings and events in your life, but the Truth I have brought to you in Myself and the Truth you have stepped into this day takes full authority over every misinformation of darkness lodged against you.  I AM the Truth-Bringer, says God – even the Truth that is WHO I AM and not just a vain message of religious understanding.  The facts of your life may tell one thing, but the Truth that I AM is in charge and will compel every contrary fact to My promise in your life to BOW the knee until you receive all that the cross paid for in your behalf.

The enemy of your soul has purposed to put you through a living hell.  What he fails to understand is that though your bed be made in hell, I AM with you always causing you to triumph.  I AM with you, and I AM in you.  In the midst of assault, lies, and falsehood I AM standing up on the inside of you, and you are standing up on the inside of Me.  I AM defending you, and I AM liberating you to a new entitlement, even the entitlement of sons, says God.  That will cause you to know what it is to be a god-man in the earth – one who does the greater works and walks in the greater glory of My Kingdom.

June 28, 2018.   The Father says today, all creation praises My name.  That which was created by My hand is returning to My throne the due deference of honor and worship that it was created to bring forth.  There is praise in the earth, even as the very stones cry out, for My sons and My daughters are being made manifest.  The groaning of the earth is heard in the heavens and as the heavens hear the earth and the earth responds to the heavens, change is coming forth and a new liberty will be experienced in your life, says God.  The earth around you is responding and YOUR EARTH, the very dust that you came from is resonating and vibrating at the frequency of My glory.  Say to your eyes, see and your ears, hear, for this is a day when flesh and blood is being brought into acquiescence to My will and My purpose in you.

This is the freedom by which I make you free.  I have freed you, not to unrestrained license but to the first principles by which you begin to inherit the full manifestation of who I AM in you and all that entails.  I AM drawing you, says the Father.  I AM compelling a new understanding in you and a fresh experience in you of the glory that you had in Me in the beginning before the world was.  Before the earth was ever on the drawing boards in heaven, you were perfect and accepted in the Beloved.  I call you therefore My beloved and I call you out of the limitation of a human experience seeking the heavenly.  I call you into the unlimited spiritual experience of heaven, breaking through all natural barriers and the hindrances of the enemy to establish you and launch you into the deep of My Spirit beyond all your expectation, says God.

June 27, 2017.  The Father says today, listen for the certain sound that is sounding out over your life from My Spirit.  There are many sounds in the earth that are calling out for your attention.  It is up to you to filter out the distractions of the enemy that are designed to do nothing more than dissuade you from the highest heart’s desire that I have purposed to make the default outcome for your life.  This is the day of your salvation.  This is the time when everything begins to shift in your life in regard to My total and absolute favor.  I am not delaying you and I AM not denying you in any way.  The seeming delay and the seeming denial result when the whispers of the enemy penetrate your thinking and give you pause in contemplation of My promise.

This is your now season.  This is the very hour that changes the world – that changes your world and the atmosphere around you.  You are no longer disenfranchised. Say of your soul “I am an entitled heir of a loving Father…”  Let this be your most basic truth that you will not deviate from for any reason.  It does not matter if all the world oppose you. When you are aligned with Me in your thinking we together constitute a majority that overrules any outcome other than what I have promised.  Are you ready to receive the promise?  Do not be misdirected by putting thought into HOW I AM going to bring you to your blessing place – just know that I will.  Just rest in the incontrovertible fact that you are entering in to the very depths of My full blessing and full promise beyond what you could ever ask or think.

June 26, 2018.   The Father says today, the prevailing winds of My Spirit are blowing.  Abandon all self-interest and distraction and purpose to follow after what I am doing in your midst, says God.  Be willing to commit to what I am doing without requiring explanation, clarification, or analysis.  I AM working a thing in your midst that your mind will not understand because My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are not your ways.  Will you be scandalized, or will you say, “speak Lord for thy servant heareth?” The answer to that question will determine what happens next in your life, says the Father.

This is the season of the open door.  Not a door by which something you understand and approve of will enter in, but rather a door for you to step out of what you know and into what I have planned for you in this next assignment.  Be pliable.  Be interruptible.  Be sendable, spendable and bendable.  Allow Me to bend you like wheat in the wind.  Exclude the contamination of natural thinking that demands answers and rational understanding of what lies ahead.  I have great and mighty things that I AM doing in the earth, says the LORD, but for you to participate you must be a willing and obedient servant, not answering again but simply yielding, trusting and following Me to where I would lead you this day.

June 25, 2018.   The Father says today, the move is on.  You are leaving the old things behind and making your transition to fresh territory and different blessings.  Know that your investments of time and energy in current relationships and commitments are not lost.  Nothing is ever adrift in My Kingdom when you put your foot forward in the path that I have set before you.  Face forward then and eyes front!  Remember Lot’s wife.  Your blessings lie ahead of you, so release and bless what has passed on behind you.  Press onward with zeal and passion, for greater things, greater days and greater glory are just ahead.

This is more than a momentary adjustment, says God.  No matter how fond you are of what is, you must always learn to hold everything loosely.  Learn to own nothing.  Learn to anchor your security in nothing more than who I am in your life.  In so doing, you will go from glory to glory and faith to faith from now to the end of your earth journey.  Things that remain the same and never change or move always come to death.  The cloud of My presence is shifting ever forward, and the pillar of fire is continually lighting your path on to the next assignment.  You are a pilgrim pressing in to greater glory, greater anointing and greater conquest in My Kingdom.

June 24, 2018.   The Father says today, take no thought for creature comforts.  I know what you have need of even before you ask.  Come to Me daily and the Manna will be there every morning.  Water from the Rock that I AM will refresh and ever renew you.  I AM here, and I AM now.  There is no need to look back to what once was or to pine for what hasn’t happened yet.  I AM the God of time and eternity and My declaration is that NOW is the hour of your salvation. Waiting and waiting and waiting is not necessary.  Simply attend to My voice and My words.  Know that I am bringing about My highest will and greatest purpose as you trust continually in My faithfulness to work out every single detail in your life.

It is pre-ordained that you rise up and overcome in the midst of adversity, says God.  I haven’t created you to falter or to fail.  I AM your ever-present help, closer than hands or feet.  You were totally created to live a life of super-abundance beyond all your expectations.  Before the world was founded I became your supply and your provisioning.  You need not divine mysteries or uncover some complicated religious principle. Simply believe.  Fear not and believe only. Know that of yourself you can do nothing and know nothing – BUT you are not alone!  I AM that I AM is with you, working in you both to will and do My good pleasure.  You will see My goodness in the land of the living.  Your testimony will be intact because you have set your trust upon Me above all else in the midst of the pressures you are facing.

June 23, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM your shield and your exceeding great reward.  Your security does not come through earthly things.  You need not fret or fear the loss of natural resources or provisions, for I AM your Jehovah-Jireh.  The supply of heaven is opened to you.  You cannot be diminished.  The storehouses in My glory are yours to call upon, so be not afraid.  Call upon Me in the hour of need and the faith within you that moves mountains will manifest the substance of all that you could ever have need of.  You are limited only by your faith and your understanding that heaven’s bounty is yours to draw upon to satisfy every demand in your life.

Trust Me for the fullness, for of My fullness you will partake of and experience satisfaction in every challenge to your happiness.  I came that you might have joy and joy unspeakable.  I will not allow any difficulty or challenge against you by the enemy to diminish that joy or to take away your peace.  My kingdom does not just bring peace, or joy or righteousness – it IS peace and joy and righteousness.  Revel in My joy this day.  Take your ease in My peace, the peace that attends you in the midst of all turmoil.  Know that the righteousness that I AM in you will act in your defense to put you over every obstacle and completely destroy all the works of the enemy against you.

June 22, 2018.   The Father says today, it isn’t too late.  The circumstances of your life may seem dire and it may seem like all hope is lost, but I AM on the scene.  The vision you have cherished has not expired.  The dry bones in your valley will yet come together and stand up as a mighty army.  The rain of My goodness is about to be poured out on your dry and thirsty land.  Just because the hand of man cannot fix the problem doesn’t mean your miracle is not forthcoming.  I AM here.  Trust Me to do what only I can do.  Lift up your head and be encouraged.  Despair not, neither be dismayed for your deliverance is at hand.

Do not allow yourself to be surrounded by those who only exude unbelief and failure.  Reject the false pity of unbelieving sympathizers who are perfectly willing to see you go down in defeat.  When failure swallows your hopes, everything is right with their world, but when the miracle comes that I bring they will laugh you to scorn.  Let them alone.  They are the dead burying the dead, but I AM your resurrection.  I AM at hand to do for you what no man can do because you have put your trust in Me to bring life from death and hope from despair in a moment of time, says God.

June 21, 2018.   The Father says today, the hour has come that the Son of God be glorified in your life.  I AM not glorified in want, downturn, or defeat.  I AM not glorified in the enemy plowing under your hopes and dreams.  I AM glorified, says God, when My manifest presence makes itself known in your life to obliterate every obstacle and every opposition that stands against the pouring out of My blessings and benefits in your life.  I came that you might have life and life more abundantly.  If it is not abundant, if it is not life and life more abundantly, then it does not originate in Me.  Refuse to accept any substitute for My complete and full blessing in your life.  Make it your purpose in faith to see every drop of Calvary’s precious blood have its full portion made evident in your life in power and great glory.

I call you the Redeemed of the LORD.  I declare that you are bound recipients of all the benefits of Calvary.  I will not be denied what the cross paid for in your life, says God, therefore neither will you be deprived of My bounty and blessing.  Rise up against the gates and bars of doubt and unbelief.  Go forth conquering and to conquer knowing that I am with you and will never leave you nor forsake you.  Leave behind the naysayers and Job’s comforters who have nothing good to say.  All they know about and all they are in authority to speak about is failure and defeat.  They speak what they know, and they predict their own future.  Do not be numbered in their ranks.  Failure is their portion and they cannot stand the thought of anyone having an experience in My Kingdom beyond what they have known in their own lives.  Leave them alone.  Let the blind lead the blind.  Stand forth in the kingdom of your Father and move forward into the full measure, the full portion and the complete inheritance that is yours today if you only will, says God!

June 20, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM captivating you with My peace.  I have given you My peace and I have released to you My peace.  Harmony is coming into all the affairs of your life.  Where there has been turmoil, I have spoken softly, “peace, be still…”  Be still inwardly and be still in your mind.  Be still in your emotions and do not let anything move you out of the place of peace I have provided you.  Agitation has no place in you.  Raised voices and stressed out emotions are not your portion.  They have no expression in the new creation that I have caused you to become.  You have ascended, and you have taken your place here by Me and nothing shall disturb or perturb the composure you have at My side.

The search is over, says God.  What others have denied you, I have accorded you.  Where others have manipulated you and tormented you with false promises, I have now freely given you.  You may turn away from those illegitimate authorities, for you have outgrown their machinations and manipulations.  Your peace that I have given you will not be taken away.  My peace is the peace that passes understanding.  My peace on the inside of you has eliminated in you the need for explanations or rationalizations about what happens next.  My peace has placed you in the fast lane where your needs are miraculously met, and your desires are spontaneously fulfilled.  You are walking forward this day on the “yes” and “amen” entitlement that is My free and loving gift to you this very day.  Accept it and know it, not as an earned reward but a free and loving endowment upon one such as yourself that I have loved so well and will bring you forward to the total apprehension of all that you have cried out to Me for, says God.

June 19, 2018.   Guest Prophetic Intern Katie Kahre

The Father says today, that LOVE IS THE KEY to the supernatural.  It is the key to supernatural healing, miracles, and living.  I AM LOVE.  Just as I stated in scripture that all three remain faith, hope, and love.  The greatest of these is love.  For love never fails in anything.  Plant the seed of love, and let the roots of hope take place, and watch the tree be manifested by the action of faith.  I know that you live and operate in a world filled with sin, but you can live and walk in My presence that will keep you focused and in tune to that which I AM doing in your life.  Make love your priority.  I know at times you have briefly touched the pinnacle and operated in some of My love in your life, but there is a supernatural occurrence that takes place when you operate CONTINUALLY in My love in your life.  Get rid of judgments, pride, hate, and all the worldly grime, and refocus on My love, and start operating in it.

Many wonder why they walk around sick and not getting healed or things not changing in their life.  Know this, LOVE, My AGAPE LOVE, IS THE KEY.  When someone disrespects or hurts you, I know in your natural human mind it is easy to get offended and to think, say, or act in some unpleasant way, but instead choose to bless them, find ways to bless them.  Work on your love muscle every chance you get.  Think of ways you can use it at any time of the day.  To choose to love and bless others.  I have called My children to LOVE.  Do parents not give the best advice to their children so that their outcome in life will lead to nothing but the best?  I too have given you, My children, the best advice which is to love others as you love yourself.  Eventually, this will become second nature to you, and this action in love will activate hope and faith in your life to the highest degree, causing the supernatural doors of heaven to infiltrate your life.  Love is the key to EVERYTHING.

June 18, 2018.   Guest Prophetic Intern Allison Walther

The Father says today, feel My breeze blow over your life.  Feel My breath reviving those areas in your life bringing back your heart’s passion to serve Me.  Drink from My refreshing waters out of My cup that runneth over.  Lay all the cares from the world at My feet.  Dwell in your secret place with Me.  Let me refill you with My Spirit.  Take in all that I have to offer you.  This is My gift to you for your faithfulness and obedience to serve Me.  I know all of your heart’s desires and I want all of your heart’s desires to come to pass.  I placed these desires in your heart for a reason.  Let me nurture each desire into its fullness in Me.  All that I have and all that I AM is because of My love for you.  Accept all that is coming your way with open arms.  Enjoy the delight you will receive from what is coming.

My fire will be released in your life. I t will burn everything up that is not of Me.  It will ignite new levels of passion in you to do more kingdom work in ways you could never imagine.  I AM opening and expanding your understanding in new ways and into new realms.  You have pushed through the trials and tests to reach this new season.  It will be worth every push you have endured to get to this point.  Watch as My plans begin to unravel and unfold in your life, and in this hour.  My divine strategies are being released over the things you have patiently waited for.  Enjoy this time, Beloved.  So much excitement is brewing in the heavenlies for My plans over your life.  Be on guard for any distractions that want to take away from all that I AM giving to you in this time.

June 17, 2018.   Guest Prophetic Intern Darcy Wozney Downing

The Father Says today, go and find all of her! It is time to collect all of the bride, every part, every man, woman and child wide-eyed and asking, “Where can I find a Savior?”  My beloved children, there are family members missing from our table.  You know them.  Your hands have brushed against the backs of My maligned, bruised and broken.  Turn your hand toward her and grasp it as I have grasped yours.  There is neither rich nor poor at My table, there is no placard that would define you as such.  Turn over those cards as I overturned the money changers tables in the synagogues.  Announce this day to the heavenlies, “It is time to set the table!”

Overturn the placard in the heart of those who argue it is too late, it doesn’t matter.  There are family members missing!  On the streets of Gibraltar I hear her cry; My beloved weeping for her Savior!  Lost sons and daughters looking in rain puddles at their reflection instead of the One who would hold them, love them and invite them into the deep oceans of My Presence.  Will you be My hands to touch their face and tilt it upward to My gaze?  It is there where the wealth of the wicked has been stored! In so doing, the scales of injustice will be tilted.  I AM here now beloved, to take it back!  I AM inviting you to join Me.  Open the door of your heart and let the least of these family members come into the wedding feast.  They have not yet received their invitation and their invitation is directly linked to an inheritance like none other.  You have noticed them and in so doing you have captured My heart, beloved, My love is awakened.

June 16, 2018.   The Father says today, I have brought out and established you in a new place of understanding in My Kingdom.  I have brought you out and now I AM directing you into a place where there are many needs.  I AM bringing you to where there are those that are crying out, even for a breath of fresh air, and for a drink of pure water.  And I would say to you that I have given unto you a fresh word, even the word of the LORD your God to pour out from you to the hearts of others like a healing salve.  This word is in you, so do not think it is a strange thing.  I have placed it within you and I have put it there that thou might pour out of My Spirit to others.  Purpose this day, says God, to be a vessel that is poured out not only to Me but to those that are hurting and in need.

Yes, says God, purpose and determine to be a vessel that is overturned and allowing that which is within you to pour forth even unto My people all around you, for they are crying, and they are hungry and thirsting. In the desert places, I will send you, not to wander aimlessly but to bring refreshing to My body and My servants.  There may be those that aren’t interested and those who turn away, but continue on in faithfulness to Me.  If you are not received in one house, don’t linger – just shake the dust off your feet and find the next assignment, for that is the nature of things for you just now and in your faithfulness, you will find great reward by My hand.

June 15, 2018.   The Father says today, the trust of heaven is upon you this day.  As you have been faithful in little, even so now I will make you ruler over much.  I know your heart and according to the cleanness of your hands I will reward you. My plans and My purposes are coming to bear in your life, says the Father.  Purpose in your heart to be ever confident in the work that I AM already doing on the inside of you.  Even from your mother’s womb I have prepared you for this day.  These years are exciting years that you don’t have to look forward to with dread, but rather with joy knowing that I have promised you an outcome and a life worth living.

I AM bringing you into My delight, so be prepared to be delighted and not disappointed.  As you delight yourself in Me I will give you the desires of your heart.  The enemy has tried to give you faintness of heart, but faint not neither be dismayed, for what you have cried out for and longed for and asked unceasingly for is being made manifest in your life.  My goodness and My benefits, even the blessings laid up for you are now coming to manifestation.  You will be refreshed by the angel of My presence in the days ahead in a radical way.  Newness of life is yours.  Restoration is yours and even recovery of those things that were lost to the battle will be recovered to you by My hand, says the Father.

June 14, 2018   The Father says today, you are on My information highway.  There is knowledge in My Kingdom and I AM filling you to the full with the knowledge of My Spirit.  The downloads of heaven are coming quicker and quicker, says God.  I AM increasing the bandwidth of your understanding.  The Spirit of knowledge and the Spirit of Understanding are opening up to you now.  I AM making you of quick understanding that you might run with the swift and take the prey, even from the mouth of the enemy.  Even as you have sought the prophetic, I have given you a hearing ear to hear what I AM saying to My people.  Be faithful to hear, says God, and faithful to speak in this season.

Know this, says the Father, that I have called you as one of My prophetic voices.  I AM the God that made man’s mouth and in you My words will be heard. In order to speak My words, I will cause you to know with confidence that you have heard Me.  I AM NOW breaking off of you the lies and the deceptions, those mind-binding spirits that have tried to discourage you from knowing that you know that you have heard from heaven.  Every illegitimate authority over your life is being extracted.  The stoppers are coming out of your ears and the blinders are coming off your eyes because you do have ears to hear, you do have eyes to see.

June 13, 2018.   The Father says today, My DNA is in your marrow.  The DNA of the royalty of Christ on the inside of you is changing you into My image.  I AM causing you to shake off the false restrictions of the enemy.  They can hold you no more.  Those things in your life that have bound you will restrict you no longer for I have made you free.  My Spirit is with you and where My Spirit is there is liberty, increasing liberty day by day.  This is the time that you will now move forward in My plan for your life.  I AM now bringing clarity to your assignments and clarity regarding those things that must be laid aside if you are going to walk in My purposes as you have asked in times past.

Be encouraged in this, the LORD says, My sheep know My voice and you are one of My sheep.  Another voice you will not follow.  Learn to live out of your sheep nature and the plaguing doubts that have crippled you in the past will be no more.  There have been times you have wondered but learn to trust the first witness of My Spirit.  When you ask, I will give you answers, even prompt replies.  You will no longer second guess yourself or doubt whether the voice you heard originated in Me.  You will extract the precious from the vile.  The enemy will no longer create hesitation in you for you will know that you know that you know and as you step out – it will be just that way.

June 12, 2018.   The Father says today, you are in a five-year plan.  Sit down and begin to write out the steps that I AM giving you to get you from where you are to where I AM taking you.  I will show you what the next years will be like and what I expect of you in terms of cooperation and alignment with My purposes.  In the next five years, there are going to be many tentative things that are not going to be tentative in your life any longer.  Five years from now your life is going to look dramatically different.  Not just because of the passage of time and not just because of the changes that come naturally as years pass, but because of a plan and a purpose that I AM bringing about.

I will do nothing unless I reveal it first to My servants, and I call you My servant. Begin to seek My face afresh and anew.  You are going to write some things down that I AM giving you and you will be challenged to believe them.  You will think “how can this possibly be God?  It can’t be this easy.”  Will there be the unknown part of it?  Of course, says the Father, for as I left giants in the land for the people to overcome, even so there will be giants, but you will defeat every one of them.  I will also speak to you in dreams of things that are difficult for you to hear but necessary for you to know.  Be correctable.  Be willing to hold loosely those things you have clung to in the past. It is My glory to conceal a matter and it is your glory to find it out.  I will even uncover to you the hidden riches of secret places and fill you with My goodness to such a degree, you will be astounded and enriched and so blessed that even the blessed people will call you the blessed by My hand!

June 11, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM sending My Spirit of promise upon you.  I AM sending My presence to you and in My presence, are My presents!  There are some things that I have for you that are not about something you earned, or something you accomplished, or aspired to.  This is not a time of labor but a time to receive of My Matchless Gift.  I call you one who receives of My inexpressible gift today even in four different areas; in your finances, in relationships, in your ministry portion, and in the area of your health.  The Father says, that your health is going to spring forth speedily.  I AM increasing your vitality.  I AM giving you a robustness of health that you might be prepared for the purposes that I AM bringing you into.  There is ministry purpose that I AM bringing you into My beloved.

You may have experienced a lull, but that doesn’t mean that I have delayed to act in your life, says God.  You ARE moving into the next season I have for you whether it seems apparent or not.  You are moving from one assignment to another.  You are moving from assignment to assignment to assignment.  It will seem like just when you finish one thing that there will be another thing right there demanding your attention.  Fear not, says the LORD, for this is just Me doing a quick work in your life.  You may feel the stress and experience the strain but be patient and trust me for the outcome.  This is the press that you press into that causes you to break out into the kingdom that is righteousness, peace and joy.  This is the answer to what you have asked Me.  This is My faithfulness whereby I cause highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled to become your reality, even this day.

June 10, 2018.   The Father says today, that you are on holy ground.  That which I have birthed in you is a holy thing.  Take off your shoes from off your feet for I will speak to you of things to come and things to happen even this day in your life.  Men have made their plans, but their plans are not of Me.  They have commanded you to get with their program but that is not what I have chosen for you.  Align yourself with Me.  Settle down on the inside where I live in you and just rest. Let them threaten.  Let them demand . I will have them in derision, for in touching you they have touched the pupil of My eye.

I AM moving upon you on the inside, says God.  I AM birthing in you even as I birthed in Mary.  Say softly with a yielded heart “be it unto Me even as thou hast said…”  The birthing of My purposes is coming forth in your life.  Things are going to look different from now on.  Situations that you thought would never change will suddenly yield and you will have to reorient your thinking about what life looks like.  The mountain is being made low.  The valley is being made high.  You are coming forth in liberty and in rejoicing.  The spoil of Egypt is on your shoulders.  The transfer of the wealth is coming upon you as you come out of the things of the past into the new things that I have ordained for you even this day.

June 9, 2018.   The Father says today, you are in the secret place of the Most High.  A thousand may fall at your right hand and 10,000 at your left, but it will not come near you.  Nations rise and nations fall, but My faithfulness is forevermore.  Catastrophes strike the earth and there is distress of nations but that is not your portion.  You are called to be light in the midst of darkness.  You are called and you are ordained to be the one left standing when everyone else just sees their hope as lost and their life a smoking crater of destruction.

Of My peace and of My government there shall be no end, says God.  This is the Kingdom that I have translated you into.  You are not of the earth, earthly.  You are from above as I AM from above.  I have come to you and made My abode in you.  When all faces around you are darkened with anger or white with fear, just rejoice.  Rejoice knowing that you are not left to yourself.  I AM with you and will never forsake you.  When trials come and threats come, just run into the high tower of My name and dare the enemy to breach the protection I have placed around you.  You are going to be OK.  You are hidden in My pavilion.  You are safe.  You are secure.  You are coming forth whole and free regardless of what man thinks or what the enemy threatens.

June 8, 2018.   The Father says today, you cannot solve the problem on the level of the problem.  You cannot bring peace in the midst of conflict.  You cannot bring healing where only corruption and contamination of spirit reign.  These things are the distraction of the enemy to take your eyes off of who I AM and what I AM doing to free and liberate you.  Don’t look at these things beloved, look to Me and live.  Pull yourself away from all those things demanding your attention and just look to Me.  Look to Me saying, “Father, you are My refiner…”  Look to Me and say, “Father, you are My relief and My deliverance…”  For I AM refining you and I AM delivering you and I AM bringing you relief in the midst of the trial.

You cannot solve the problem on the level of the problem, says God.  You must ascend above the problem on the wings of your faith, no longer trembling and uncertain.  Just because you don’t know what to do doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get through this.  Do you trust Me?  Let Me take it from here.  Do you trust Me?  Then go low and just worship Me till the scourge that comes at noon day passes over you.  Till the arrows of the enemy whiz past you and fail to find their mark.  I AM hiding you.  I AM keeping you.  You are coming out on the other side of things without even the smell of smoke on your garments.

June 7, 2018.   The Father says today, every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.  Anything that is not good or is not perfect doesn’t come from Me.  There is no need to ask, “God, is that you?” because only the good and only the perfect comes from My hand.  All else is of the enemy.  Men have confused this truth with their religious thinking.  They have accused Me of giving cancer, they have accused Me of bringing loss, devastation and suffering.  That is the lie, says God, and originates in the father of lies.  It doesn’t matter how tearfully they espouse their “deep truth” for they have no truth in them.  They have believed a lie.  I AM a good God and I don’t give you anything that does not originate in heaven.

There is no defilement in heaven.  There is no poverty in heaven.  There is no sickness in heaven.  There is no heartbreak in heaven.  There are no classes in heaven where I cause men to experience hardship because I AM teaching them something.  Did I not say that you should pray “as in heaven so on earth?”  Why would I then reach into the bowels of hell to put you through hell to allegedly make you more like Me?  Turn away from these false notions, says God.  Accept the truth of My grace and My goodness that will never put on you what the Cross took off of you.  I was bruised so that you would be healed.  I was smitten so that you would be protected.  The blows that were directed at you landed upon Me.  You are free.  You are protected.  You are provisioned by My hand to overcome and to get through every situation with your testimony of My faithfulness intact, says God, so rejoice in My goodness and no longer accept the ghastly and false teachings of “enlightened men” who malign My nature with their wrong ideas and wrong notions.

June 6, 2018.   The Father says today, My grace and truth resides in you.  You have power to overcome.  You are no longer deluded, you are informed of heaven.  I have opened your eyes that the enemy will not be able to snare you again with the things of the past.  It is a new day, says God.  That which was difficult and crippling to you will now become yoke easy and burden light.  Can you take now for an answer?  Now is all I have to give you.  There is no need to look back and say “God, do it again” or to look forward and say “God, come and get me…” for I AM right here and now!  You are living out My day and walking out My day on the inside of you, even that day of fullness and completeness that causes you to inherit the full promise of heaven in a moment of time.

You are tasting today of the powers of the world to come.  You are walking today in the strength of the eternality that will sustain you a million years from now.  There is no line of demarcation in your future when you will be given access to something that you don’t already have ready at hand.  Expect a miracle.  Expect the unusual and unique thing that I will do today to break you out of the limitation of the enemy.  This is where man’s extremity meets My sovereign ability and willingness to bring you through.  I AM bringing you through, says God.  You will not be left behind. Others have left you behind, but I AM not leaving you behind.  Others have forsaken you, but I have not forsaken you.  You are coming with Me one way or the other.  Your passage has already been booked.  Your ticket is paid for.  Your access is assured, so rejoice before you even arrive at tomorrow’s challenge.  I AM already standing there with the Victor’s crown that is the reward for faithfulness and obedience for every one of My true servants, says God.

June 5, 2018.   The Father says today, receive of My divine nature.  In the work of the cross you received of the marrow of My life to produce itself and reproduce itself in you.  I have purged you from dead works.  I have cleansed you from the past.  I have caused you to drink of the cup of communion that is My blood and to partake of the bread that is My body.  You are well.  You are healed.  You are empowered.  You are changed.  Receive the change.  The angel of change has come this day to initiate the change.  As he draws near there will be shaking and there will be trembling but fear not, for all is for your benefit and your blessing.

That which was lost has been restored.  Adam and Adam’s nature in you is being done away with.  You are a New Creation in Christ.  You are not of the old man any longer.  You are a new species altogether.  Sin shall not have dominion over you.  The sin that held you bound in times past is now optional.  You may think you have no choice but that is simply the motions of the flesh.  Discern in yourself, am I not resident on the inside of you?  Live out of that glory and sin will fade away and not hold you any longer.  Corruption will no longer contaminate your peace.  You will not only be clean, but you will feel clean and walk away whole and free of every besetting sin, says the Father.

June 4, 2018.   The Father says today, this is where it gets easy.  This is where you discover the full meaning of yoke easy and burden light.  Those who cry out the burden of the LORD, the burden of the LORD, have taken their eyes off the finished work of Calvary.  They define walking in My Kingdom as a crushing burden that makes them look like suffering servants.  They have received their reward.  They think they are suffering for Me, but they are not suffering for Me, they are simply carrying out religious theater that makes men look spiritual and good, but gives no testimony to My goodness.  Forsake all such foolishness and just come to Me.  Come to Me expecting the yoke to be easy and the burden light and the blessing of My hand to find you.

Shake off the chains of false piety, says the Father.  Let the scales of religion fall off your eyes that you might truly see.  A shining path is set before you.  The destruction of the enemy is behind you.  I AM walking beside you to strengthen and empower you.  Though you walk through the fire you will not be burned.  Though you go through the waste howling wilderness, I will sustain you.  Though the floods of the enemy are cast against you, I will cause you simply to walk on those waves till you come to safety.  You need not fear.  You need not despair.  You need not wonder “God where are you” for I AM right here.  I AM as close as the breath of your nostrils and will bring you through today, tomorrow and next week, because that is who I AM and that is what I do, says God.

June 3, 2018.   The Father says today, the gates of hell are yielding to who I AM in your life.  Death shall not hold you.  Death shall not take you just as it never took Me.  Death didn’t rule over Me, I laid My life down of My own accord.  If you go by way of the grave, it will be as simple as checking out of the hotel and checking in to your heavenly home.  There is no need to fear death.  Death is the last enemy and every time you draw a breath you are defeating death, for if the enemy had his way you would have laid in the grave long ago.  All your days are in My hand.  I AM not killing you, I AM giving you life.  I AM not taking from you, I AM giving to you all things that are necessary and needful for this day’s challenge.

Be a kingdom seeker this day.  Be one that asks Me upon rising every day “Father, what was it you had in mind that I occupy Myself with today”?  My children rush to and fro doing many things in My name and they wonder why things don’t work out.  Inquire of Me.  Seek My face and you will see My hand.  Let Me guide you with My eye, as the good servant who knows with a glance from the Master exactly what is needed and does that.  Then death will not find you.  Then sickness will no longer be able to hold you or to slow you down.  Then the breath of My Spirit will sustain and take you forward and establish you in the strength of My purposes to fulfill every assignment of heaven ordained for you this day, says the Father.

June 2, 2018.   The Father says today, receive the Gift of Heaven.  Receive what I have freely given to you.  You don’t have to beg.  You don’t have to talk Me into the blessing I have already pre-determined to give you.  I have put the robe of righteousness on your shoulders.  I have placed a signet ring upon your finger.  The past is gone.  Forget the past.  Forget the swine husks of the past that never did meet your needs.  Forget those with the elder brother mentality who resent the kindness that I shower upon you now.  You are forgiven.  You are clean once more.  Sin is no longer the issue. What needs to happen now is for you to adapt your thinking to just how kind and how loving I want to be to you right now.

I love you because I love you because I love you.  That is who I AM and that is what I do.  I so loved that I gave.  I so loved that I AM giving.  You have asked Me what I AM doing in your life and I say to you that I AM giving to you.  What am I giving?  I AM giving you all things that pertain to life and godliness.  I AM giving you of heaven’s bounty to meet every need of your life.  Embrace that as the most basic truth of who I AM in your life.  I AM the giver.  I AM not the taker, I AM not the thief.  The thief came to kill, to steal and to destroy.  If you see death, theft and destruction around you, know that none of that originated in Me.  Others have said I do such things, but they are those that KNOW NOTHING of who I AM nor do they know just how much I love you and choose this day to pour out to you of My love in full measure.

June 1, 2018.   The Father says today, partake of the bread of God.  I have ordained that each day of your sojourn you will find the Manna of heaven on the ground every morning and the water from the rock every day.  You may be walking through a wilderness experience but am I not the cloud by day and the fire by night that leads you?  Look not back to the leeks and garlics of Egypt.  There is no going back.  Put your hand to the plow and don’t look back.  Don’t spend one moment wasting your time pining for what once was, for I AM not bringing you back to what once was, I AM bringing you forward to what has never been experienced in My Glory.

You are a partaker of My glory.  You are a partaker of the untapped resources of heaven.  The vaults of heaven are not closed to you.  I AM not holding out on you.  Men have taught that I AM saying no to you in those times, but I say to you that all My promises are yes and amen even to you.  My default response is always yes.  Don’t let your fear be that I will say no to you.  Let your fear be that I will say yes, for when you ask I will answer and when you cry to Me I will say “here am I”.  You don’t have to overcome My reluctance to move in your situation because guess what?  I don’t HAVE any reluctance to move in your life.  Calvary – even the brutal, blood-spattered timbers of Calvary’s cross are the testament to what I AM willing to do to see that you experience a YES and AMEN victory in every situation you are facing now or will ever face at any future time, says God.


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