The Father Says Today – November 2014


November 30, 2014:   The Father says today Beloved do not be discouraged!  Do not be cast down for My determination over you is that you overcome and see of the travail of your soul.  The enemy will exhaust himself in vanity to detract from your life or to harm you in any way.  The angel assigned to you always beholds My face.  He will drag the enemy in chains from your life kicking and screaming.  I am turning the clock back and undoing circumstances you thought would keep you from moving forward in My promise.  I am with you and I will never leave you and I will never for sake you.  This is the character of your life in your walk with Me!  Abandon yourself joyfully to My promises and put My plan first and I will to launch you into exploit after exploit that you might know the greatness of My fidelity toward you and the fullness of My blessing in your life.

November 29, 2014:   The Father says today that relationship estrangements are coming to an end. Make the first move.  Love freely.  Lavish your love on the angry and the bitter.  Pour out your kindness upon those who refuse to let the past be the past.  Forgive. Release, Bless.  I will show up in the situation says the Father.  I am kneading their hearts with the My hands even now.  Allow My mind and My heart to be your mind and your heart in this season.  It is time to break the bars of iron and the gates of brass that others have surrounded you with in their cruelty and pettiness.

It is a new day today says the Father.  A day of ascension.  Humility.  Love.  Kindness. Gentleness.  This is your arsenal of breakthrough.  The seeds will be sown.  The tender shoots will be watered.  The blossom, bud and fruit will come forth and you will bring redemptive breakthrough even to generations to come for there the contamination of lovelessness is being broken and you are the first fruits of that new day and new time.  Be strong.  Be of a good courage.  Make the first move, expecting nothing.  Let your testimony be “I love you no strings attached”.  Let your resolve be “I’m going to love you and there is nothing you can do about it”.  Love never fails Beloved.  Never step out of love.  Move toward them in love and see love’s dividend manifest in healing, restoration and liberty.

November 28, 2014:    The Father says today that I am not willing for you to live without joy – without fullness of joy.  Beyond all efforts to put a positive spin on negative circumstances know this says the Father:  You will not have to talk yourself into highest heart’s desire or greatest dream fulfilled.  My determinate will for your life is joy and joy unspeakable filled with My glory, filled with the outraying of the divine.  Trust Me says the Father for there is no obstacle or circumstance or person in your life that will be able to spoil the full bandwidth of joy and liberty and freedom that I have accorded to you says the Father.

So fret not over the unimportant demands of the urgent and critical for there is no emergency says the Father.  I am on task and on the scene and there is nothing in your life that takes Me by surprise.  Trust Me says the Father.  Rest in My watchcare over your life.  It is a new day and a new time to become aware and cognizant of the whole and complete plan of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled in your life.  This is My purpose says the Father.  This is the pathway through which My character is changing and shaping and transforming you into My image.  You get to have it all says the Father for that is who I am and what I do and in the midst of the process My kingdom will come and all that you have cried out for will be made manifest in your now.

November 27, 2014:   The Father says today that I am not willing for you to live without joy – without fullness of joy.  Beyond all efforts to put a positive spin on negative circumstances know this says the Father:  You will not have to talk yourself into highest heart’s desire or greatest dream fulfilled.  My determinate will for your life is joy and joy unspeakable filled with My glory, filled with the outraying of the divine.  Trust Me says the Father for there is no obstacle or circumstance or person in your life that will be able to spoil the full bandwidth of joy and liberty and freedom that I have accorded to you says the Father.

So fret not over the unimportant demands of the urgent and critical for there is no emergency says the Father.  I am on task and on the scene and there is nothing in your life that takes Me by surprise.  Trust Me says the Father.  Rest in My watchcare over your life.  It is a new day and a new time to become aware and cognizant of the whole and complete plan of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled in your life.  This is My purpose says the Father.  This is the pathway through which My character is changing and shaping and transforming you into My image.  You get to have it all says the Father for that is who I am and what I do and in the midst of the process My kingdom will come and all that you have cried out for will be made manifest in your now.

November 27, 2014:   The Father says today that there is no GPS coordinate for where I purpose to take you and the geography of blessing I have set aside for you in this season.  You aren’t going to be able to think your way into My plan says the Father.  I didn’t say in My word that you would go out with intellect or be led forth with rationale.  On the contrary says the Father you will go out with joy and be led forth with peace.  My joy in your heart establishes the direction and My peace establishes the timing.  The time is now says the Father – the time is now.

You are ordained to be a first partaker and a participator in the full bandwidth of joy and favor that is accorded all those who put their trust in Me.  The entering in comes in steps of faith and expectation and hope – no coping strategies, no half measures.  Go first class all the way and know that I will lavish My love on you and cause you to luxuriate in My affection.  Be immersed says the Father in My fondness.  Accept My unconditional love.  Expect the sweet surprises and the kiss of heaven that makes every day a testimony and an expression of My kindness and everlasting mercy.

November 26, 2014:    The Father says today that I am a debt cancelling God.  Just as you have received the double for your sins I will cover even financial mistakes you have made and areas where you now realize you should have used more wisdom.  You have heard it said that I will not help My children out of troubles that they get themselves into through bad choices.  This is a lie.  You cannot earn My love or My providence.  I move in your life through unconditional mercy and that mercy is renewed every morning.  I love you because I love you and I will never stop loving you.  Love never fails and as you move into My love and receive My love you enter the fail-safe territory of My unconditional favor.

I am not a capricious God, neither am I a petty God who delights in tormenting you over your errors and sins.  Forgive yourself for I have forgiven you.  Receive by faith the rolling back of the situation and circumstance and do not allow yourself to be ensnared again with the yoke of bondage.  I know this is not what you have heard taught but make it your choice to be a Father-pleaser and reject the illegitimate authority of religious condemnation.  I love you says the Father with a boundless love without restriction or condition.  Allow Me to guard you and guide you and lead you to a new place and a new beginning where the mistakes of the past will no longer rob you and the lessons learned will give you new hope and new possibility.

November 25, 2014:    The Father says today that opinions are toxic to faith.  Opinions arise from rationale and sense knowledge.  Faith flows from intuition and revelation knowledge through My word and My voice that is resonant on the inside of you.  Make a choice today not to dabble in opinion but trust in My heart that flows down to you through the oil of My Spirit to refresh and renew and guide you in all things.  Do not stumble says the Father.  Bend your ear low to hear My voice in the silence between your own thoughts.  There is no misdirection that can originate in that dwelling place within you where I take up My habitation.

Break the bars and locked gates of opinions.  Challenge your opinions with the objective truths of My word and the righteous judgments of My throne.  I have adjudicated you and found you just as if you had never transgressed.  Receive the cleansing says the Father and wash yourself therefore in the potential of one to whom all things are possible because you choose to hearken to My voice and not the limiting thoughts of your own sense ruled mind or the judgments of others who never looked at you in the light of redemption.  This is your day of freedom and authorization to be full of joy, full of power and full of witness for I will never leave you, nor forsake you nor allow anyone or anything to harm you in any way says your Father!

November 24, 2014:   The Father says today you didn’t want to be normal did you?  What is normal anyway?  Normal is boring.  Normal is marching in place.  Normal is living a life within the parameters of the possible.  I have created your human spirit with an airframe designed for pushing the limits of the impossible.  You will not crash and burn.  You will not fail if you will not falter.  All things are possible only believe.  There are those that think only in terms of the pedantic, dreary, truncated attainments of desperate normality.  I have called you to higher things says the Father.

So make it your purpose today to achieve escape velocity from the expectations of man and your own fears and insecurities.  I know you are scared.  Do it scared!  Obey Me even though you do so with your pulse pounding in your ears and your heart racing in your chest.  I am with you says the Father I will not allow you to come to destruction.  Others have failed but they are not your example.  I have called you to audaciously risk where others bones have bleached white with unbelief.  They will say “It will never work…” and you will laugh as I manifest the substance in your life of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

November 23, 2014:   The Father says today do not allow your head to talk your heart out of My promise.  The set backs in your life at this hour are really set ups from heaven to transition you into a place of yoke easy and burden light.  I know it isn’t comfortable but you did say you trust Me right?  Then don’t change your mind now.  I will not leave you where you are because I am not willing for you to live without fullness of joy.  I am increasing the pressure not to destroy but to eject you from restriction and impediment into liberty and full blessing.

The way things look right now are not your permanent spiritual or even natural environment. Get ready for change.  Embrace change.  Seek change.  Make change.  Give Me some change says the Father I will give you some transformation.  It’s a new day.  It is a new day and you are walking with Me as of this hour in a new way of life and a new way of making the decisions that govern your future.  You are going to have to jettison the old mentality and wed your mind to your faith and put your faith in charge where once natural reasoning ruled. Get up says the Father.  Get up and shake yourself for the launching of a new blessing is at hand in your life.

November 22, 2014:   The Father says today there is going to be a Great Awakening in the earth.  The natural course of spiritual decline in the earth is about to be staunched by a fresh outpouring of My Spirit.  The winds of the kingdom are about to blow across the earth and even the media outlets will take notice and report that change has come!  This will be a renewal not of mere words but mighty acts of boldness and audacity by those that know their God and are unafraid to perform exploits in My name.

No longer will the people of God pine for a by-gone era of revival and visitation for they will be walking in the GLORY RAIN of My goodness upon the earth.  The doom-and-gloomers will have nothing to complain about says the Father for make no mistake – My government and My glory is on the increase through-out the earth.  You are destined says the Father not only to be a participant but a first partaker as you draw yourself away with Me and choose to strengthen yourself with the resources of heaven for a new day, a new season and a new time when the nations of the earth will be confronted with the claims of Christ in a whole new way.

November 21, 2014:   The Father says today that My mercy is everlasting and My patience is enduring beyond all of man’s expectations.  When man reviles and repudiates and condemns I turn and renew My mercy even upon those who oppose and forsake their own mercy.  Hell was not intended for man but for those angels that rebelled and left their first estate.  There was no place of punishment intended for man for I made man in My image.  I have no need to be punished therefore I take no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked.  Every sinew of My right arm is bursting forth in mercy and grace and loving-kindness.  Be the recipient of My mercy O nations of the earth for I will heal the land and heal the waters and draw humanity from many waters of destruction and chaos.

Go out in your day today and be a minister of reconciliation.  Allow My glory to burst and beam forth out of your life even to the undeserving and the unappreciative.  Love them.  Lavish your love upon the obnoxious and unbelieving.  Pour out your love on the unkind and contemptible . Release those that have wronged and defrauded you.  Forgive, release, bless, move on.  You are not a child of wrath therefore choose today not to beget wrath from within yourself into the lives of your detractors and your critics.  Love never fails says the Father. Unlimber your love today for love is who I AM.  As you love unconditionally, no strings attached even those who reject and vilify you – so you secure for yourself the mercy and grace and favor that has eluded you in life.

November 20, 2014:   The Father says today that the voice of reason is not always My voice.  My voice rides on the winds of intuition and will not pay homage to the opinions of man or the limitations of circumstance.  Embrace the impossible says the Father and set your expectations on those things that man would hold to be unrealistic and illogical.  Abraham went out he knew not where for he trusted Me for daily guidance for himself and 318 souls in his household.  If I cared fully for Abraham in the wilderness how much more will I care for you?  I see your needs and I have heard your cry.  I am on hand to lead and guide by My still, small voice.

Do not listen to the shrill and insistent voice of fear and panic.  That is not My voice that is the voice of the enemy manipulating you with the urgent to distance you from the important.  Find your place at My feet in the midst of the chaos and just learn of Me.  When you are overwhelmed just look to Me and ask “Father – how are you going to get Me out of this one”?  For I stand ready at every juncture to lead you through and bring My peace online to steady you regardless of outward circumstances.  So up and let us be going for there are mountains to scale and enemies to conquer.

November 19, 2014:   The Father says today enter into the intercession of the Son.  My Son sits at My right hand.  He is resurrected.  He is sinless and perfect – yet prayer is still a part of His life.  If He has to pray then YOU have to pray.  Prayer is verbalizing My will revealed to you through My word and through the prophetic voice.  I am turning up the amplitude of My voice in your life because I will not compete with the tyranny of the urgent.  I will still the waters of controversy and in the midst of confusing I will be made know to you in clarity and surety.

I have and I am communicating My will to you.  Just because there are questions doesn’t mean you don’t have marching orders.  Go out.  Go out with joy and be led forth with peace.  Be expectant not of the problems man might bring but of the answer that I AM THAT I AM in your NOW situation.  You have perceived My will and there’re your assignment is to return My will to Me in verbalized prayer.  You are going to have to ASK and in the asking DECLARE and in the declaration PROCLAIM for I am not shy neither am I timid.  What I said I would do will I not do thus?  Let your mouth pray and I will then take those prayers as live coals on the altar of Heaven and bring them to pass in your life and in the earth.  I would that men and women pray everywhere with all manner of prayer and supplication.  In those transactions of heaven are the things you have waited and expected and cried out for.  Let your mouth pray says the Father and in the praying will be the release of grace and anointing and power to bring the things you ask for to pass.

November 18, 2014:   The Father says today your assignment today is to reclaim the inner ground that Satan has staked out within you today.  The enemy has conspired to rob you of your composure and your calm.  Push back against the enemy with your composure and your calmness.  Your calmness in the face of assault demoralizes the enemy and leaves him tired and deflated.  Give the concerns and fears and distractions to Me.  Give them to Me says the Father for they are not yours they are Mine.  I will take your cares and you will take My glory.  Casting all your cares upon Me for I am caring for you.

You are not a carrier of burdens and falseness you are the carrier of My Glory.  I am not willing to bring the glory into the earth that doesn’t not flow powerfully to you and freely out from you.  I am not willing to do the things in the earth that I am going to do without you.  There are many more FOR you than are against you . You and I are a majority against the hordes of Satan who seek to impugn My faithfulness in your behalf.  Be encouraged this day today.  Choose a GLORY PERCEPTION and not a FEAR PERCEPTION.  Join the company of the redeemed who take no prisoners and push through to full immersion in My purposes in their lives.

November 17, 2014:   The Father says today, Do not look back.  I say again Beloved – do not look back.  Do not look to the things that are behind you but look to the things that lie ahead.  I have prepared great and tremendous things ahead for those people that will obey my word and those people that will walk in My Spirit.

I have great and mighty things that I want to do in the earth says the Lord.  But I need a willing and an obedient and humble people. I  need people that are willing to pay the price, people that are willing to turn from the things of the world and give me their whole life, completely and totally dedicated to me.  With no compromise, with nothing of the world, but just looking unto me, being so obedient unto me, that they move in My Spirit.

Because it ISN’T by might.  I’ve told you and told you and told you “Not by Might, Not by Power, but by My Spirit…”  It isn’t your might and its not men’s power but it’s My spirit that is going to do the things in the earth that I’m going to do and the only way you can be a part of it is to walk in my Spirit, but you must draw yourself away with me, says your God.

November 16, 2014:   The Father says today I am opening a new chapter in the book of your life.  This is the day of new beginnings.  The book of new beginnings has been opened and I have closed the books on old pathways and stale plans.  I say to you AGAIN the time is now, the time is now.  Can you take NOW for an answer?  Enter into the NOW of My purposes.  You do not have to wait any longer.  Though the enemy seeks to hold you bound in the past I say to you that the past is the past and the way forward is now fully open to you.

All is well says the Father all is well.  Go forward, do what I’ve called you to do.  Step into the assignment communicated to you by My hand.  Forsake the gainsayers and critics who have presumed to know My mind when they have NO idea where I purpose to take you in life.  Fear not.  There will be water from the rock and manna on the ground as necessary.  My hand upon you and I am smiling on you this day.  All is well!

November 15, 2015:    The Father says today that old relationships are now ended.  You prayed and you sought and you cajoled and reached out to no avail.  Let go.  Move on.  Your heart investments are in My kingdom and My purposes and not the broken and fractured relationships of the past. Forgive.  Release.  Bless.  Move on.  There will be a day that reckoning will take place but it is not the day before you now.  Turn aside from the house of mourning and step out into a new path of rejoicing and light.

You think I write in stone but I do not says the Father.  I write in sand.  Things change and people change and My plans for you change in accordance to the yieldeness of those involved.  It is not good to be alone yet there are times that going forward to greater things in the kingdom requires a solitary choice.  I will not leave you.  I will never forsake you.  You will know the fraternity of the faithful again but for now know that this is the day to shake off the past and release those connections to Me, trusting Me to settle every heart account and keep you safe in the midst of transition.

November 14, 2014:      The Father says today that I am putting you on your own recognizance with Me.  Today you will take responsibility for your own walk in My kingdom and not rely any longer on the training wheels and tutelage of others.  There are things you have asked Me for that you cannot walk in unless you are willing to step out and take responsibility for your own spiritual growth.  I am extracting you from the eternal childhood of the believer and causing you to stand up into your sonship and your entitlement to growth and full maturity in My kingdom.

You know there is a call upon your life says the Father.  There is a call on your life and it doesn’t involve sitting around watching others do what I’ve called you to do.  Stop it says the Father.  Cease from the endless protestations of inability and unpreparedness. Now is the time and this is the day.  Step up and step out in your calling.  I will guide you and yes you will falter and fail and make mistakes.  Then I will make those mistakes to prosper and become testimonies of My faithfulness.  The training wheels are off says the Father and you are now walking in your calling and destiny for real.  Are you ready?  This is going to be the most exciting season of your life.

November 13, 2014:    The Father says today I am clearing up misunderstanding and ambiguity in your walk with Me.  You are going to hear My voice with clarity.  Even as My voice was heard walking in the cool of the day so shall My voice be heard in your land walking and becoming known as never before.  My sound is beginning to resonate in your life and I will come to you and My sound will be found whirling on the inner breezes and currents of your own human spirit.  Your inner man is as a tuning fork and as I draw near you will begin to vibrate and resonate even physically within yourself.  Things of hindrance and timidity are going to begin to roll off of you and you will experience much longed for change that will manifest in My presence.

You will walk into a room and people will do a double take because I will walk in with you.  The atmosphere will change without you saying a word.  The enemy will manifest and you will say with authority, “Shut up and come out”!  That is just the beginning of a new demonstration of My power in your life.  I will demonstrate My hand and My mind and My heart through you and change will come to all around you.  You are a carrier says the Father.  You are a carrier of My glory and a harbinger of My presence.   I am preparing to manifest in your life in a very unique way.

They will stop you and ask “what is that fragrance”?  And your answer will be, “It is HIMSELF – it is the rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley.  It’s a new day says the Father and your “coming out” time.  No longer hiding or being hidden. I am announcing and annunciating Myself in your life with authority and strength and all will know and see and testify of who I have chosen to be in your life.

November 12, 2014:   The Father says today that My love in an endless bounty over you today.  Yes it is true that you fail and you falter and even shame My purposes at times.  I am not expecting you to fail – I am expecting you to become a success in My kingdom.  I take no pleasure in pummeling you with condemnation or shame.  I don’t do shame and I don’t do blame.  When shame and blame are leveled at you even by the illegitimate authorities of religious mentalities know that I am at your back.  I am your rear guard and I go before you in all things.  So what if you are criticized?  So what if they are fasting and praying that you will falter and fail?  If I am for you it doesn’t matter who is against you!

So relax, take your eyes off of what people are doing around you to frustrate your purpose.  Your success is determined by My hand and not mans.  No man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life.  Do not be distracted or discouraged because others gainsay your testimony for even so they disparaged Me in the days of My earthly sojourn.  There is nothing to be gained by rehearsing the criticisms of those who never see anything positive unless it originates with them or profits them in someway.  They are blind leaders of the blind whose plans and opinions change like the winds of chance.  You will be established.  You will be left standing when all others who malign and vilify and tear you down are but a distant memory.

November 11, 2014:   The Father says today that I am a fire from My loins upward and from My loins downward.  There is fire in My hands and My feet are like brass, burnished in the furnace.  There is a sword proceeding out of My mouth aflame with My power.  My eyes are as coals of fire that shoot out bolts of destruction at the enemy.  Let THIS mind and this image not only be your vision of who I am but know this is what the enemy sees when He looks at you!

You do realize don’t you that when the enemy looks at you he sees Me looking back at him?  He can’t tell the difference UNTIL you open your mouth!  Let My confidence be your confidence today.  Let Me promise be your expectation.  Be bold and let My authority imbue your every word with strength and declaration.  I am with you says the Father – let My mind saturate you completely today until there is nothing more of weakness and doubt and all your words and your actions will become as effective as if I said them or did them.

November 10, 2014:   The Father says today that there are those in your life that need to repent.  Their choices are destructive and their future though unknown to them is bleak.  They will say in their calamity “why has God done this to Me?”  Let your answer be “this is not God’s will for He sent His son to bring you life and life more abundantly”!  Time is not yet run out says the Father.  I will deliver them before they fall into the snare of the enemy.  Confront them.  Confront them with My grace and confront them with My goodness.

It is My goodness that leads men to repent says the Father even as I said in My word.  Religious mentalities threaten offenders with judgments and they mock and turn ever deeper into transgression.  It is My goodness and My kindness that turns the hearts of men.  Do you want men to repent?  Do you long to see those that oppose their own happiness transform?  Go out and love them unconditionally and without expectation.  My love in you and through you will bring them to change and rob Satan of the spoil he would have in their destruction.  Be an agent of My unconditional love and My mercy that is renewed every day and you will see the change you have sought and prayed for even in the most stubborn and sinful people around you.

November 9, 2014:    The Father says today no more postponement and no more delay.  I am giving you joy right now.  When the angels assigned to you look at your face today they will say your smile is just like your Father’s!  Be buoyant.  Be focused.  Keep your attention on My goodness and My sovereignty and My goodness.  Never EVER make allowances for not being happy.  Joy is My identity and My character.  Joy is your inheritance and your portion.  Receive My joy.  Accept even the stigma of joy because those around you will account your buoyancy of spirit to be a sign of a lack of maturity.  Those that think that way have no clue how ignorant the are of My priorities in their lives.

Be joyful!  He that sits in the heaven shall laugh.  Laughter is your first response and just deflates the enemy.  The enemy thinks he has you on the ropes and you are about defeated and then you smile, wink and laugh and say “is that ALL you’ve got devil”?  That is the warrior spirit says the Father.  That is the audacity of a favored son beloved.  You are favored and you are My entitled one.  Step into the fray today and extract victory from defeat and joy from heaviness and I will give you beauty for ashes in an unprecedented way.

November 8, 2014:   The Father says today I am establishing My headship within you today.  Come up higher says the Father.  You have looked at what men have done around you and set your goals based on the accomplishments of mere men.  Set your sights higher.  Set your expectations higher.  Remember the mandate of scripture “looking unto Jesus…”  I am the author and the finisher.  I am authoring My newness in you and finishing off the enemy who has presumptuously transgressed your borders.  I said I am about to FINISH THE ENEMY OFF and giving you a whole new understanding of the fullness of My Spirit on the inside of you.

My glory is a covering glory upon you today.  The still small voice is about to become a trumpet of Jubilee within you.  I am declaring on your mountain My blessing and My call to war.  Shoulder your armor and recognize My hand in your situation.  The enemy wants you to pay attention to what he is doing but I say to you it matters not what the enemy is doing because I paid the full price for your deliverance and safety.  Be secure in My strength today.  Let the enemy be the one who gets depressed and tired and discouraged because you just won’t give in to his lies.

November 7, 2014:   The Father says today have an appetite for the impossible.  Be famished for the challenge of pursuing the implausible, unlikely, astonishing impossibilities that will become your reality in Me.  Refuse to allow your walk with Me to become boring by always choosing the easy way.  Be as Caleb of old whose heart panted for the good fight of faith.  There is only one good fight says the Father and that is the fight you win.  If you will simply shake off the chains of capitulation and compromise I will redirect your path into more-than-you-can-ever-ask-or-think territory.  This is your time.  This is your day.  Dispense with those anemic and generalized prayers and plans.  Get tough with yourself and wake up to your entitlement as a son of the Most High and a warrior in My kingdom.

Are you hungering and thirsting for righteousness?  Does your heart cry out to see your prayers answered in a conspicuous way?  Are you willing to make gains in My kingdom that will offend every religious mentality in your life?  They come up with convoluted and sophisticated lies explaining away their powerlessness.  I am about to cut through the tissues of their falsehood and establish you in their midst as a vibrant and victorious warrior – even one who has the courage to snatch the prey from the mouth of the enemy and gain souls for your labor that others have written off as lost forever.  Step up says the Father and step forward – this is your hour of renewal and victory.

November 6, 2014:   The Father says today there is no more delightful experience for Me than to walk with you today.  You are living under My smile and My favor this day.  Today you will walk out your day as the object of My delight and you will see My hand even in the challenges that caused you to question in times past “where is God in all this”?  You are predestined to be conformed to the image of the Son.  There is no fatalism in My mind.  I am resurrection-minded and dominion-minded.  Let your mind be as My mind and let your first response in crisis be to turn in loving relationship to Me and give ME your attention and not the illusory and insistent tactics of the enemy to seduce you into looking away from the throne.

What does this mean? What must you do?  These questions will always lead you to deeper relationship in Me.  I am undefeated therefore you are undefeated.  I am seated at the right hand of majesty therefore you are seated at the right hand of majesty.  You are not merely visiting this is your home territory.  You are My beloved and I call you this day “the ENTHRONED”!  So shake off the merely human vantage point and refuse to be discouraged.  Refuse to be distracted.  When pressure comes simply redouble your determination to SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM and guess what?  All things will be added to you and the troubles and troublemakers will be swept away from your life in a tsunami of My favor, grace and power.

November 5, 2014:   The Father says today align the mental traffic in your head to the flow of My thoughts coursing through your heart right this moment.  You know you have nothing to fear.  You know that My preeminence is finding its way in your life to produce maturity, victory, joy and overcoming in your day.  So take it as a learning experience.  When others are raising their voices in complaining and murmuring make it your choice to access the secret place of My presence.  Open your eyes and see from that secure vantage point what I am going to do to bring you through in first class style!

No more compromising.  No more stifling your song in the night seasons.  Allow My song to persist in your life and refuse to allow the opposition of the enemy to tear you down in any way.  You are a champion.  You are an overcoming.  You are not a victim – you are a victor.  You don’t HAVE to fight the enemy – you GET to fight the enemy.  There is no question whether the enemy is being defeated.  The only question is whether you get to lay into him before he is finally dragged pummeled and bleeding away from the field of conflict.  So move forward this day and do not allow intimidation or fear to rob you of this rare moment of putting your foot in the neck of your enemy and trumpeting from the top of your lungs the supremacy of the cross and the manifestation of the throne in your life.

November 4, 2014:   The Father say today do not run from the crisis before you.  Crisis leads to promotion and elevation.  Those things, situations and circumstances that threaten to take you down are in fact causing you to rise up in the power of My might that you might surmount every obstacle and fulfill your ordained purpose.  Your challenge and the crisis you face today attract My power and My strength to you.  My grace and My power is sufficient for you and perfected in you even under the greatest pressures.

Do not allow your prevailing situation to be an obstacle for your faith.  Everything – even the plans and strategies of the enemy are leading to a manifestation of My majesty and greatness in your life.  This is where My sovereignty and providence come together in a synthesis of breakthrough.  You are not going to have time to be intimidated by the enemy – rather be raptured by the greatness and mystery of how I am going to break through at the proper moment and establish you in an unimpeachable victory.

November 3, 2014:   The Father says today that they are going to call you “The Come-back Kid”.  Some have counted you out and others have marginalized the successes you have had.  Your heart is a heart of great passion and you have struggled thinking “is my vision EVER going to be taken seriously”?  The vision is not YOUR vision it is MINE says the Father.  I have taken custody of the vision and the heart – your heart that contains it.  The vision will be realized and become substance.  You will not be denied – you WILL see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

Bouncing back is an art form in the life of a warrior says the Father.  When you get knocked down, rise up and do not be deterred by seeming set back.  I am a God who doesn’t take no for an answer and I do not want YOU to take no for an answer.  Do NOT capitulate to the enemy.  No compromise.  No surrender.  This is highest-heart’s-desire and greatest-dream-fulfilled time for you.  Press inward and onward to the deeper depths and higher heights where all your dreams are spontaneously fulfilled and My purpose is established beyond all question in your behalf.

November 2, 2014:     The Father says today make it your choice to glory in your sufferings and challenges.  Know that the pleasure you take by glorying in weakness is about the triumph that surely will follow.  Every experience and everything that occurs in your life leads inexorably to My majesty.  You don’t have time to be intimidated because you are preoccupied with the anticipation and curiosity about how I am going to manifest My Lordship in the circumstance.  The sufferings of the day are not worthy to be compared with the glory that should follow.  The glory that follows is glory NOW and not glory later!  Can you take NOW for an answer?  Now is all I have to give you but all I have to give you is IN your NOW!

The glory that comes in the midst of reproach and assault is because of My Spirit and My power that rests upon you.  So don’t look for sympathy – look for My majesty.  Wear the enemy down by your freshness.  Wear the enemy down by staying fresher longer in the knowledge and conviction that My mercies are renewed every morning.  So crisis is no crisis says the Father.  You are not being ROBBED you are being ROBED in My majesty.  You will not be victimized you will find in the darkest hour the dominance that I have encoded in you as the base line response of a warrior to every challenge.  This is the maturity of the saints.  The world grows up into cynicism and despair – as a member of My kingdom you mature by growing up in to joy, simplicity and rejoicing in every victory wrested from the jaws of defeat and anguish.

November 1: 2014:   The Father says today that your strength in Me flows from an inward resource and not an outward conjuring.  There is a place I have established within you of calm and tranquility that is the source of your internal power and anointing.  Speak to the enemy from that place.  Focus your mind on the reality of the enemy’s failure in spite of the very real pressure that he attempts to bring against you in the circumstance.  Identify the crises and know it is something EXTERNAL to you that is incapable of affecting the quality of the GOD-LIFE within you.

Crises is a normal event beloved on the path to your destiny.  The day is upon you that a crisis is not something you will seek to avoid.  You will no longer avoid the crises rather you will step up to the crisis as I stepped up to the storm and quietly said “be still”!  When I stilled the storm beloved, I simply took the stillness within My own being and released it as a template of expectation on the winds and the waves that were battering the ship.  The disciples had no clue though I had walked with them for so long.  They saw My power as something outwardly drawn upon.  My power in you is not an outward conjuring but an inward release.  So beloved begin to identify WITHIN you every condition that you are crying out to Me to manifest outwardly.  You will realize that much of what you call for is already in you just waiting to be released by the words of your mouth and the authority of My shed blood.


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The Father Says Today – November 2014 — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Russ and Kitty, thank you for you dedicated delivery of powerful messages. I have truly been encouraged. I just wondered why there isn’t scripture attached to the messages? The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God Romans 8:16