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God wants Intimacy and Relationship with His People! — 2 Comments

  1. I remember 3 years back…we were prayiny for direction for a long time and the Lord just didnt answer. We prayed, asked, waited, seeked His will etc etc but still He kept silent. When our time ran out and we had to move, we still didnt had an answer. I say He blindfolded us, for that time, so we will learn to apply faith that when we ve done everything on our part that He will do what He does.  We needed to stand on His promise that He heard and will help and guide us, that He is faithful even when He is silent…we had to believe He IS guiding us even if it is with a blindfold…so when we got to the place after month of settling down…Him making everything possible as we got to each thing…as I walked across the floor of our new home, I still felt uneasy since He didnt told us directly what place to go…where we where we should be? Then I saw a piece of paper and picked it up from the ground…and right there He took the blindfold off and said…”Now just to tell and show you…it is this place and I have guided you blindfoldedly while you trusted Me in walking it out with Me…see here…on the paper…the name if this place to confirm This is My will for you.” Immediately His peace came and now it is three years later.

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