The Father Says Today – November 2016

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

30 November 2016.   The Father says today, I AM enlarging My word in your mouth.  I AM putting in your mouth an audacious, incredulous faith that even those who have seen the mountains move will catch their breath and be astonished at what you are believing for.  You cannot bankrupt the storehouses, the warehouses of heaven.  There are treasuries yet to be released that are now being opened this day.  The glories are expanding above you, beneath you and within you.  You will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.  You will reach into the glories by your faith and come out with the hidden manna that will become the manifest substance of your deliverance and your promotion in this seasons.

This is your moment to step into a greater maturity.  It is time to put away childish things, childish teachings and childish people who will never be anything but childish.  Abandon, says the Father, those weak teachings and tepid writings that only encourage coping with things that seem to be unchangeable.  I AM a mountain moving God.  I AM a God who gave heaven’s best.  When the enemy does his worst, I will do My best, and you will come out without even the smell of smoke upon your garments.  So, let the heathen rage, says the Father.  Be this day the one that sits in the heavens and laughs, knowing that the greater one is within you and the outcome is assured.

29 November 2016.   The Father says today, let the law of kindness be in your mouth.  For all the rantings and ravings arising from the company of the uninformed – I say to you put your hand to your mouth.  When they solicit your opinion – say nothing.  Silence waits for Me.  There are times that silence is the most powerful faith statement you could ever make.  When they call for your input – refuse to speak until I fill your mouth with the wisdom of the just.  This is a time and an hour to know that by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned.  To those who have pronounced, declared, and judged through eyes blind to their own condition, I say “I did not come to destroy but to save …”  Let salvation be in your mouth, even this day, even to those who have reviled My justice and My sovereignty over the earth.

Open your mouth wide, says the Father, and I will fill it.  Let your voice and your words become a stream, even a river of mercy poured out to a stubborn and a gainsaying people.  When Jonah prophesied the doom of Nineveh – he became incensed and inconsolable when they repented, and I forbade to destroy the city.  He lamented the death of a garden vegetable and complained when a sea of humanity in the city were spared by My hand.  I say to you, purpose in your heart to be a participator and not an objector to My mercy.  Say not in your heart “they shouldn’t get away with that….”  I do not judge on the time table of man.  Were I to judge the offender you can identify, I would also must needs deal with things even in your own heart and life.  So be the mouth of mercy, from a heart of mercy, speaking the words of mercy, even to those who are most obnoxious in their stubbornness.  I will turn them, not by My severity, but by My goodness, and you will go together to the table of the Lord in peace.

28 November 2016.   The Father says today, prepare yourself for the consequences of total victory.  The base state of being a believer is to see everything you say and do become as effective as if I said it or did it.  Your eyes will see the destruction of the wicked.  Your ears will tingle at the report of My hand laying heavy upon those who have warred against My purposes.  You will be tempted to glory in the judgments against them, but I say to you, mourn for their losses.  Even as David – a man after My own heart mourned and fasted for his enemies.  When his enemies fell, he mourned for them like they were his best friends.  He was denigrated and rebelled against – he was lied to and defamed, yet his heart ached with compassion for the suffering of his detractors.  He knew the reality of what was in his own heart – he understood that only My love and favor stood between his own life and a similar fate.  Let this love be in you.  Let My mercy be your first response to the report of the demise of your enemy.

This is the hour that much upheaval will be seen in your land.  Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, and only that which is compatible with My Kingdom will remain.  The fortress of the enemy will be shown to be anything but impregnable.  Those who have incessantly mocked, scorned and vilified will be smitten before your face.  I will deliver your enemy – those who chose to walk in enmity against you – I will deliver them into your hand.  What will you do then?  Will you crush them?  Will you gloat and despise their pitiful complaints?  What you do next will define so much more than your true heart’s condition.  Your own future will be weighed and balanced by the metric of the mercy you show to those who have so mistreated you.

27 November 2016.   The Father says today, have you learned how to love?  Love is who I AM, not just what I do.  Let love be who you are.  Lavish your love upon all you encounter – even the unkind, and the unloving, who need it most.  Only small minds compartmentalize their hearts so as to exclude others.  I stand at the door and knock, says the Father.  I stand even at the door of your heart and I knock, surrounded by all of those that your natural mind, with its resentments and refusals, would exclude.  If you cannot and will not include those for whom I sent My son to die, then I cannot come in.  The table I have prepared for you is in the presence of your enemies – so get ready to set a place for them at the table even as I died, not just for the lovely or the believing, but for the unlovely and the unbelieving.

Love never fails, says the Father.  Why would you ever step out of love trying to get something done?  Hatred is bereft of power.  It has no true energy, and is incapable of getting you to the finish line.  Lay aside every weight – even the memories of wounds and disappointments that have been stored up on the inside of you, at times like a festering sore.  Forgive, says the Father.  Release.  Bless.  Bless even those who have cursed and vilified you.  Bless those who have maligned and worked against your happiness.  Bless those who have usurped and threatened.  Only in this way can you move on into the fullness of all that I have for you in My kingdom.  Love – unconditional love is the only path forward, oh My beloved.

26 November 2016.   The Father says today, I AM pushing you into your potential.  When I send a called, anointed leader into your life, it will be about pushing you toward your potential – not pummeling you into submission.  There will be in your life a season of dismantling the illegitimate authorities that have left you frustrated, insecure and cowering before life’s circumstances.  This is your time of change.  This is your watershed moment when you realize things can be different, and that the on ramp to the superhighway of My goodness and your destiny stands open to you.  Open your heart, says the Father.  Set aside the scandal of offense, complaint and hopelessness.  The outlook is not bleak.  The greatest promise is just ahead.  Know this and embrace it as your most basic outlook in life.  Have the boldness to simply walk out of the bondage and know that you are truly released and delivered.

Make your choice now about those you are taking with you into your new-found fruitfulness.  The prosperity and blessings ahead for you are not just for you alone, but for all those that comprise your most intimate circle, your family, your tribe and your community.  It only works by love.  Your successes are not, and must not be measured, by those you leave behind.  I AM an inclusive God and when you are willing to include – even your enemies in the goodness and greatness I have accorded you, then you have shown yourself to be a most beloved son of your ever-loving Father.  It all works by love, says the Father.  You knew that you had the faith – even mountain moving faith, but nothing was happening.  That will all change as you adopt the inclusive, expansive love, even toward those who have scorned and despised you.

25 November 2016.    The Father says today, you are never alone.  You have felt as though you were alone at times, but you were never alone.  Even on the backstretch of the backside of the desert, where a single friend could not be found – I was there with you.  I was there with you and there were angels watching from the galleries of heaven to urge you on.  The promoted saints stood at the bannisters of glory with your loved ones and family, urging you on to the promised outcome of victory.  Don’t be discouraged – you are one of the beloved.  You are about to break the tape and win the race.  You have outdistanced the enemy and the gainsayers, because love never fails, while everything and everyone else runs out of gas!

You are drawing upon the limitless energies of heaven, says the Father.  There is nothing lacking.  You are backed with the bottomless treasuries of heaven that never run out. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. You can never bankrupt the warehouse of heaven.  There is always supply. You will reach back and lay hold and never come up empty.  I AM there at your back supplying all that is needed.  I AM at your side cheering you on.  I AM going ahead, running interference for every foe.  No need to fret or have anxiety about anything, for even those things that have long been absent in your life are about to fill up your joy, and cause those heaven-sent longings to be spontaneously fulfilled, says the Father.

24 November 2016.   The Father says today, you are not a misfit.  You have thought of yourself at times as a black sheep, and a renegade, but that is not who you are.  You have been accused of being a “lone-wolf”, and told you were trying to be a “one-man show”, but that is not a perspective that aligns with the lens I look through in My dealings with your heart.  Alignment is first about aligning vertically with My mind and heart, and then yielding and cooperating with others laterally as their assignments intersect with the foot print of the mandate I have given you.  Accept the accountability, says the Father.  Live out My assignments and directives on your own recognizance, and not like an insecure child always looking over your shoulder to see if others approve.

Why seek the honor that comes from man rather than the honor that comes from My throne alone?  You have examined the teachings of those in whose footsteps you are called to follow, and there have been inconsistencies between what they said they did in pursuing the Kingdom and what they actually did.  Read between the lines, says the Father, and you will see the protocols of success that flow through the humble, yet persistent, resilient, obedience in spite of all objection to the contrary.  It is time to lose the fear of man.  Man did not die for you.  Man did not lay down his life for you.  Align yourself this day with the ONLY BEGOTTEN, and I will place you in the company of the MANY BRETHREN who have quenched the violence of sword, subdued kingdoms, and fulfilled righteousness in the path that I laid before them.  All true spiritual fathers will never step on you as a pre-requisite of so-called discipling.

23 November 2016.   The Father says today, that I AM reclaiming lost territory in your life.  I AM in the waste reclamation business.  There have been those that have kicked you to the curb and dismissed you as someone they completely disregard, but that is not what I say about you.  That is not a reflection of My regard for you, oh My beloved.  Shake off the sense of abandonment.  You are not abandoned.  I saw you when you were cast off and when your needs were ignored and your heart was trampled over.  I hastened to you to be your comfort.  I AM your comfort says the Father.  I AM your Healer.  I AM the God that heals you – even those inner wounds and putrefying sores that no one sees because they are on the inside.   Allow Me to come with the healing balm of My Spirit and make whole that within you which has been battered and bruised, for I paid for the whole of it on the cross 2000 years ago.

This is your hour, says the Father.  You look around and see things that seem bleak, and cannot find the hopeful outlook.  Come up higher.  Climb just a little higher into My bosom, and rest your head against My shoulder.  Allow Me to show you what I’ve been dreaming up in your behalf.  Look with the eye of faith and expectation, and the template of heaven come to earth, for that is the mold that I am casting your future in.  Nothing shall deter, and nothing shall sway that outcome, says the Father.  Others may despair and refuse, but I say to you, LOOK AND LIVE.  Command your eyes to see the hopeful promise that is your portion, for I AM coming through for you in this season.

22 November 2016.  The Father says today, stop beating yourself up.  I AM not mad at you, says the Father.  You need to quit pounding yourself and denigrating yourself for those things you cannot control in the first place.  Self-recrimination and self-loathing is as the man cutting himself with stones in the tombs.  I came and spoke deliverance and the man was found sitting at My feet in His right mind.  I speak deliverance to you this day.  I have not called you to cut yourself, I AM not calling you to recriminate yourself.  I AM simply inviting you to sit at my feet and learn of me.  There are things in your life you think you can fix, but it is not up to you.  If you continue to take matters into your own hands, the end result will not be what you are hoping for.  It is time for you to take those things which you cannot control and cannot change and give them over to My capable strength and wisdom.

The Father says, do you trust me?  Let me take it from here.  I will direct you and I will move and I will mend and I will manage.  I say again that I will move, I will mend and I will manage.  You are to do nothing out of reaction.  You are to do nothing on demand.  You are to wait.  You are to wait upon me.  You are to take every day, every choice, every action and lay it before me and believe me and ask Me to come and direct you what to do. You are to move in calmness of spirit.  You are to act always out of solitude of spending time with Me and soaking in My presence.  I will speak to you in dreams.  I will speak to you in visions.  I will take you even by the Spirit and I will show you what’s taking place in hidden counsels and secret things.  You’re in the battle of your life, says the Father.  But it’s not a battle that you’re going to carry out in your own strength.  I AM with you.  I AM in you.  I will direct you, correct you and move you out of despair and into a new place of blessing as you depend fully on Me.

21 November 2016.  The Father says today, this is the day the chains come off.  This is the hour of your deliverance from every bondage and besetting sin that so easily entangles.  You have been walking in one direction and now you will walk in another.  I have the power, therefore you have the power to access your freedom.  Every chain broken this day!  There is an altar of redemption and repentance that is your portion and you are invited to worship at this altar today says the Father.

What is holding you back?  What is keeping you down?  What is imprisoning your soul and entrapping your frame?  There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain.  Lift up your heads and rejoice as one who has been set free.  It was for freedom’s sake that I have set you free.  It is paid for and it is finished.  There is no longer a place for the prison master’s plan because he no longer holds the keys to the chains.  I hold the keys and I have given them to you.  There is now only an illusion of imprisonment and I have removed the scales from your eyes that you may see that you are free.  Take your keys of freedom, be released from the chains, for who I have set free is free indeed says the Father.

20 November 2016.   The Father says today, first I expose and then I expel.  Get ready for information and strategies of the enemy to be exposed, as I draw you out of many waters and bring you into ascendancy over all the works of the enemy.  This is a time of turning around. It is a turn around time, says the Father.  You will see My hand working to turn situations around and reveal every deception and lie of the enemy.  Do not fret or have anxiety, says the Father – for this is exposure to the defeat of the enemy and not your own failure.  Be strong and of a good courage – not allowing yourself to relinquish your peace or lose your composure in any way.  You may think these are things that others see, but on the contrary, I AM giving you x-ray vision to pierce right through and know exactly what you need to know, and when you need to know it.

In the coming of the new year there is a new clarity and spiritual insight into your life.  I AM causing you to walk a new walk in razor sharp clarity of my Spirit.  You are going to see things and you are going to know things that got past you before, but now the enemy will be stopped in his tracks.  I will protect and keep you from every assault of hell against you.  I will send forth angels standing ready to war in the midst of the affirmation of your faith in bold and courageous petition and supplication.  You are going to accomplish that which I have sent you to do.  Your assignments will not be still born or end in failure.  You will also find yourself experiencing increased blessing financially, blessing that you should have been walking in up to now, but the enemy was restraining you – but no more.  As you pray in faith so I will answer in power.  This day I AM working to bring increase, increase and further increase into your home, blessing upon your family and an open heaven in your life.

19 November 2016.   The Father says today, that we are covering new territory in this season.  You are going to encounter new experiences and enter new territory life – particularly in relationships and finance.  Where you have in times past seemingly put money in a bag with holes in it – I will bring new fruitfulness and productivity.  As you engage with Me, and implement kingdom strategies drawn from My word, things are going to be different in these areas.  Stay flexible and stay teachable.  Be a risk taker. Faith to the natural eye looks like an untenable risk.  Be bold. Be forthright.  Be willing to step out in anticipation, not of downturn or difficulty, but of My goodness being made manifest in your behalf.  When things begin to be repeated and the pattern of past failures surface, know this – you are not going around the mountain again.  You are coming in as a conqueror.  You will find My favor and My goodness attending you, to bring fresh victory from old defeats.

Seek Me for answers in relationships and in ministry portion.  Yes, there have been questions and wonderings and you have sought me for clarification.  It was suggested that this was doubt on your part, but it wasn’t doubt.  Seeking My face and My mind for clarification is not a manifestation of doubt.  I never upbraid those who come to Me for greater wisdom and insight.  Not only am I going to give you clarity, the Father says, I AM going to begin to speak to you with great exactitude.  I will show you how and I will show you where and I will direct you what to do next, and it will be just that way.  Reach out to Me and know that I will surround you with favor and protect you from things that you know you need to be protected from.  Expect turn around in broken relationships.  Believe it and put your faith on it.  Situations are turning around.  Poverty is giving way to provision.  Strife is yielding to healing and restoration.  This is your day and your time and your moment, says the Father.

18 November 2016.   The Father says today, I AM bringing you into new deeps in My kingdom.  I AM moving and causing there to be a deepening of your intimacy with me.  The house of the idol has been destroyed and a new discipline of prayer is coming.  Yes, there is in you this day a grace to pray – a grace from heaven to open your mouth and make your petitions and supplications known.  When I was in My earth walk, I offered up prayers with strong supplication and crying.  I did this, though I was perfect in My humanity and sinless in My nature.  It was a necessity that I would pray and resort frequently to the place of prayer.  Beloved – if I must pray – you must pray.  If My sinless humanity did not exempt Me from the necessity of prayer for My own survival, how much more is prayer – verbal and insistent prayer, on a daily basis, as important to you as breathing?  Renew your mind to a life of prayer.  Take the energies and time squandered in other activities and put your attention on Me in prayer.  It will pay off.  There will be dividends and benefits made manifest in your life as a result.

Say yes today to the fresh beckoning of My voice.  My sheep hear My voice – are you listening?  Are you yielding?  Harden not your hearts, for I AM bringing a prayer initiative into the earth, and you are a recipient of an early invitation.  My people in this generation will pray as My people haven’t prayed since the 1st century.  Think not that the contest is over or that the battle is won.  Gird yourself for the spoil of the earth to become the bounty of heaven, in your life and in your community.  Put on the mantle of ruling and reigning this day.  Put on the mantle that was designed for you before the foundation of the world.  As the mantle comes upon you, says the Father, I will then stand up as the Lion of Judah on the inside of you, and you will walk in me and you will talk in me, and my mind shall vanguard you, and my truth shall guide you and you will tread down your enemies and you will redeem even the captives, for I promised you.  This is your heritage and your call.  This is your commissioning and the choosing is of Me, even this day, says the Father.

17 November 2016.   The Father says today, that I AM establishing your borders and your boundaries.  You may feel encroached upon by others and taken advantage of, but know this beloved, no man or circumstance determines what happens to you next.  I AM sovereign in your life, and at the end of the day as you put your trust in Me, you will come forth as fine gold.  There are many influences that would seek to trespass against My promises over you, but fear not.  I will cause you to rule and to reign over all the contradictions of man.  I will take all those contrary situations and bring Satan shortly under your feet.  My anointing on you and in you will rise up and go out to cause a rooting up and pulling down of every stronghold of the enemy.

The rooting up will come to destroy the work of the adversary, and building up and establishing will take place regarding that which I have promised and planted in your life. Yes, there are some things that I AM going to build and there are some things that I AM going to plant.  That which I build is going to be that concrete blessing installed up in your life as a wall and a defense against the advance of the enemy against you.  Within that which I build there shall be blessing, provision and protection over those things, and those concerns in your heart that you purposely and by faith commit to Me.  I AM planting, says the Father.  That which I plant will not die but will begin to grow.  At first it’s going to look like bare ground, but then it is going to be the ear, then the stock, then the full corn in the ear, and then the harvest.  You will see in your land the seed-fruit-harvest of My goodness.  Be faithful to plant.  Be faithful to sow.  Be faithful to move in the power of seedtime and harvest, and there will be no more crop failure, but a full recompense of faith reaped in full measure back into your life, says your God.

16 November 2016.   The Father says today, before there can be breakthrough there must be a breakdown.  Allow Me to bring a breaking down of those things around you that are not compatible with what I AM doing and what I have called you to.  Take up your refuge in Me, and allow My hand to pass over your life to conquer every adversary.  Apply the blood of Christ to the doorpost of your heart, and know that everything of value in My kingdom will be passed over in the time of shaking.  The blood of Christ applied to your life, and applied to your situation, is coming with great force in its efficacy to bring deliverance and to shake every enemy of the cross that has come against you.  Do not be afraid of the turbulence when it comes.  Fear not when the shaking comes for the shaking that comes only removes those things that carry death, only removes those things that diminish, and only remove those things from your life that are not constituent elements of the destiny that I have for you, says the Father.

I AM touching your mouth.  Even as I said in Jeremiah I AM putting forth My hand and touching your mouth, putting My words in your heart to speak with great boldness.  My touch in your mouth will produce My word in your life, says the Father.  You are going to feel it happen.  There will be seasons throughout the coming year that you will sense My hand and My touch upon you to speak boldly, and forthrightly, even to silence the adversary and stifle the naysayers who do not agree with what I AM saying and doing on the inside of you.  When that comes there will be a decree that will accompany it.  Let the decree proceed forth not just out of what you have been taught – not just out of your learning or things that you know, but speak forth in the moment out of that resonant experience of My anointing on the inside of you.  When you feel My hand upon you, open your mouth boldly, and allow My word in your mouth to bring a rooting out that will expose and expel all works of darkness, and establish you in victory and in advancement of My purpose and My promise in your life.

15 November 2016.  The Father says today, press into the pressure.  This is a season that places you in the midst of transition.  There are purposes coming to the birth in your life, and with that are many challenging things.  Do not shrink from the pressure.  Do not run from the challenge or ignore the problems.  Refuse to turn away from the pressure.  That pressure moving against you is the last hurdle before you break out into the righteousness, peace and joy of My Kingdom.  It is through much tribulation or much pressure that you enter into the kingdom, Beloved.  There are times you feel pressure and you want to fly away like a bird to its sanctuary.  I say to you, says the Father, don’t shrink from the challenge.  Turn into the challenge, for as you turn into the challenge, you shorten the tribulation and you will break out into the kingdom.  When you break out into the Kingdom it’s going to be righteousness, joy, and peace.

The righteousness I AM to you in this hour brings entitlement, ruling and reigning.  This is that righteousness wherein everything you say and do will become as effective as if I said or did it.  You will experience My joy and go out and be led forth in peace.  Do not allow the enemy of your soul to steal your joy.  The enemy has tried to steal your joy and to rob you of your peace.  I say to you this day, allow My peace to rule as an umpire in your heart, deciding with finality of the decisions that are before you.  So stand this day in expectation and confidence. Move forward in obedience and trust.  As you seek My face, and immerse yourself in My word and My promise, things will shift and change for you.  Are you ready for change?  All change takes place as you embrace the challenge, move forward in reliance on My faithfulness, and know that in the end you will come out the victor.  This is your portion Beloved, and your righteousness is of Me.

14 November 2016.   The Father says today, that I AM bringing the touch of heaven over your physical body.  Beloved, at the right hand of My throne, intercession is continually made in your behalf.  This includes intercession over your physical body.  Your physical body is the tent and the tabernacle that I have ordained.  I have purposed by My Spirit that I would live in you, would walk in you, and would make Myself known in you in a supernatural way.  This includes your physical body.  There is intercession made for you in the heavens regarding every tissue, every organ, every bone and ligament of your frame.  Are the prayers of heaven answered?  Then your health even this day springs forth speedily.  Health and healing are making themselves known in you and through you in an expeditious way.  This is your portion.  It is what happens as I make Myself known in you as your Jehovah-Rophe.

I have placed My deep on the inside of you.  I have caused you to know My voice and to sense My Spirit when it is moving upon you.  Even now My Spirit is beginning to move upon your body to mend, strengthen and heal.  I AM permeating your tissues and into the sinews and the very fabric of your physical body.  Receive the healing warmth and the heat of My hand upon you by the Holy Spirit.  Allow yourself by faith to be visited upon by the angels that are assigned to attend you.  Everything that is less than absolute human perfection in your physical body is going, and total heath and strength is coming.  Your body will function from this moment on in the perfection that I created it to function.  This is the blood bought provision that is poured out upon you now, as heaven’s answer to your cry.

13 November 2016.   The Father says today make up your mind to believe and believe BIG.  The new birth has taken root in you.  You are rooted and grounded in Love.  You are rooted and grounded in the faith whereby heaven comes to earth in your life.  You are seated.  You are risen and seated far above all principalities and powers.  Every illegitimate authority that comes against you will do so in vain.  Every illegitimate word curse falls inert at your feet.  You are risen with Christ therefore seek those things that are above.  It is not wrong to move in holy ambition.  It is not blasphemy to aspire to all that the cross affords you in Christ.  Adopt this day a “rooted-in-Christ” mentality.  Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ.  You are children of the Highest.  You are equal siblings of the First Begotten who paid the price in His precious blood for you to find your security and your paternity in Him.

Set your affections on things above.  Anchor your emotional attenuation on “above things” and not on “beneath things”.  You are dead to “beneath things” you have been made alive to “above things”.  This is your portion.  This is the door I have opened to you – a door that cannot be shut by man or demon.  This day says the Father step into your dominion.  As My kingdom is come so I have made you to be a king.  You are a king and kings have kingdoms.  Put your hand to the scepter that Calvary has bequeathed you.  Be the son that the incorruptible seed of Christ has gestated in the husk of your earthly life.  Shed the lifeless. Rise up in that life which is irreducible, eternal and transcendent.  This is who you are. This is who I AM on the inside of you.

12 November 2016.   The Father says today this is your coming out time.  I AM bringing you out of the house of Nabal and into the house of the king.  I AM transitioning you out of the house of the fool and into the house of David.  The sure mercies of David are your portion this day.  Even as David of old showed mercy to Abigail when she was captive in a broken relationship to a foolish man, even so I AM moving to extinguish the folly of men in your life to bring you to the wisdom of the just.  Are you ready to move?  Are you ready for rapid shift?  You are now moving with God-speed-acceleration into a new season.  All things become new says the Father, so don’t look back.  Don’t look back to what was but step into the new, for therein lies your provision.

Put your hand to the plow and thrust your faith forward like a plowshare into the fallow ground of your faith.  There is acreage in your heart that has lain neglected for many seasons that I AM now breaking down the fences and calling you to do some plowing and planting.  The foolish man says in his heart “there is a lion in the streets – I cannot go out” but I say unto you shake yourself out of lethargy and become KINGDOM-conscious where you have been problem-conscious.  Put your attention upon Me, for you are where your attention takes you.  Your hope is anchored behind the veil where there is no account taken of the DOW averages or the instability of nations.  I AM promoting you in the midst of chaos to a new place of freshness and bounty, for that is the portion of all those betrothed to Me.

11 November 2016.   The Father says today, come into the secret place of the Most High.  I have provided a place for you here by Me, where benefit and blessing define your existence.  There is no disqualification when you lean with all your heart upon the provisions of the cross.  I AM your healer.  I AM your redeemer.  I AM your banker and your provisioner in all things.  The Darling of Heaven was sacrificed on the tree, that I might bring you out of many waters and lift you above the high places of the earth.  This is transition time beloved.  This is the hour that changes the world and changes your world from one of uncertainty, limitation and lack, to abundance and clarity beyond all your expectations.

So rejoice, says the Father, that your name has been recorded.  Rejoice that I have given you a testimony that says, “What else could possibly go right.”  Rejoice that in renewed intimacy and refreshing, I will restore you and empower you to a new walk in My Kingdom.  There is no other agenda flowing from the throne other than “heaven come to earth.”  Did I not teach men to pray “on earth as it is in heaven”?  Be bold and confident that even in your personal life and situation, I AM moving both to will and to accomplish that very thing.  This is the love wherewith I have, and do continue to love, and show My love, in your behalf.  This is who I AM and this is what I do – says the Father.

10 November 2016.   The Father says today stay active in the things that I have called you to do.  There are leadings and assignments in your life that have been deposited there by My hand.  Refuse to be idle.  I AM the God who brings you into Sabbath rest – but rest is not inactivity.  In the rest of God there is a release of creative energy to fulfill and finish every project that I have commissioned you to put your hand on.  You have the commission, now let there be a commitment to that very thing no matter how implausible or impossible it may seem to be.  Always remember I AM working with you.  Always say of your soul “it is the Father that doeth the work…”  You will not falter nor fail as long as you keep your hand to the plow and don’t look back.

Rise up this day in the staying power of My Spirit on the inside of you.  The temptation to withdraw or lapse into inactivity is not by My leading.  Do not live in reaction but live in the now.  Now is where miracle working power is made manifest.  Step into your now and you will find that I AM there waiting on you.  Now is the place where time yields to eternity and your extremity is swallowed up by My provisioning hand causing you to accomplish what needs to be accomplished and to fulfill all that I have called you to do.  Discover in yourself that untapped well – that spring of life giving water, even the wells of salvation that cannot be stopped or stymied in anyway.  Drink deeply of that refreshing, square your shoulders and step out as an entitled one in My Kingdom.  You will not be disappointed.

9 November 2016.   The Father says today, raise your sights higher.  I AM reclaiming the kingdoms of the earth in the prayer closets of My people.  It is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Father.  The mountains of influence in the earth can be moved by no other power than that which is unleashed in prayer.  Let your mouth pray, says the Father.  Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.  Open your mouth wide and I will cause the words of your mouth to define what heaven come to earth looks like.  Make no mistake, says the Father, that My hand and My sovereignty are working, moving and establishing righteousness in the earth.  I will be known by My name, and I will be known by the testimony of those who refuse to be distracted by the false narrative of the earthly perspective.

Make it your determination that you refuse to look back.  Do not look to the things that are behind you, but look to the things that lie ahead.  I have prepared great and tremendous things ahead for those people that will obey my word, and those people that will walk in My Spirit.  I have great and mighty things that I want to do in the earth, says the Father.  But I need a willing, and an obedient and humble people.  I need people that are willing to pay the price.  People that are willing to turn from the things of the world and give me their whole life, completely and totally dedicated to Me.  With no compromise, with nothing of the world, but just looking unto me.  Being so obedient unto me, that they move in My Spirit.

8 November 2016.   The Father says today that the kingdoms of the earth are in My hand and not the hand of man.  Man pulls the voting lever but I decide the outcome says the Father.  It is in My sovereignty that seasons change and leaders rise and fall.  Your portion in looking out at events on the national and world stage is to know that My kingdom rules over all.  The deep things and the secret things are mine says the Father.  It is in My hand alone that times and seasons are changed.  There is no wisdom among men but that which is imparted by My Spirit, and it is by My sovereignty that one king is removed and another set up.  Your mandate in the midst of it all is to anchor yourself to the overarching narrative proceeding from the throne and not the smoke and mirror deceptions and manipulations of men.

It is not by might says the Father.  It is not by power – but by My Spirit that I am going to do the things in the earth that I AM going to do.  You are going to have to make up your mind in the days ahead if you believe this or not.  It is not men’s might nor men’s power that brings about righteousness or godliness in the earth.  Let your mouth pray.  Let your mouth daily offer up both the morning and the evening sacrifice to Me.  When all the systems of men have failed My kingdom still rules over all.  Attach your sense of security and peace to who I AM on the throne and not any other false security.  I AM working both to will and to do My good pleasure.  I will not be overthrown in My purposes.  The heart of the king is in My hand and I will turn it withersoever I will and you will see righteousness wrought on your land.

7 November 2016.   The Father says today, that your prayers are heard on high.  I will be petitioned of you regarding your loved ones and those close to you.  As you lay them before the throne and cast these cares upon Me – answers will come.  Your prayers are as incense offered up as a sweet aroma before the throne.  My hand is upon those loved ones.  I AM going to raise them up.  They are destined for greatness in me.  I will not allow them to falter, even as I will not allow one of my little ones to fall to the ground without their Father.  I will not allow one of these little ones to fall to the ground.  I will work in their lives by My goodness.  I will lift them up.  I will elevate them.  I will speak to them and stir their hearts in the night.  I’m going to come to them in dreams.  They will hear My voice and know My love for them.  I will shield them and surround them with My love and My goodness.

So regarding the lives of those close to you, let your mouth pray.  As you pray, I will bring divine interruption in their day.  There are going to be moments and experiences that may seem odd and unusual, as I send my angels to vanguard them and surround them and begin to woo them, says the Father, to the cross of Christ.  Look for opportunity to speak and be heard where you have been rebuffed and ignored in times past.  See yourself as one who will demonstrate to them My love and the reality of spiritual things.  See yourself as one to give them guidance, to point out and help them see the doors that I AM opening to bring them into a deep and real walk with Me.  As I care for the sparrow, so I care for everyone around you that you have concern for.  I AM working.  Continue in prayer, and trust and see that I AM able to keep those that you have committed to Me against that day.

6 November 2016.   The Father says today this is not an ending but a beginning.  Despair not when loss seems to mark your path, for My hand is yet working to bring the seed that has fallen into the ground, and make it bud, blossom and bear fruit in your life.  Trust Me for what you have planted.  Trust Me with highest heart’s desire for I AM all about greatest dream fulfilled.  Make it your determination to hold loosely those things that have occupied your emotions and your sentiments.  Make sure your investments are beyond the vail where moth and rust cannot corrupt.  Regardless how helpless you may feel remember this: I AM in charge of the times and the seasons.  I can change the season of your life in a moment of time.  You are not subject to the principalities and powers of darkness, for I have liberated you.  I have liberated and empowered you to stretch forth the wings of your faith, that you may make your way to the high places I have prepared for you.

You have asked “what are you doing God?” and I say to you I AM marrying the generations.  You are standing with one foot on the land of the natural and one foot on the sea of the spiritual.  I have planted in you an all-encompassing faith that will bring you out of the darkness of the deep valley and set you on the rocky crags where only eagle saints may go.  Mount up in your faith today.  Discard the unfruitful works of darkness and every thought and attitude of defeat or despair.  Despair is not your portion.  Despair is not a garment crafted by My hand.  I have given you the garment of praise.  It is a mantle of new anointing and fresh empowerment to sail forward toward those things that seemed so distant you didn’t dare believe.  I say to you dare . Let your faith dare to bring close those blessings and benefits and purposes that seemed at times so unattainable, for I AM the Father within you doing the work and bringing about that which seemed so impossible in times past.

5 November 2016.   The Father says today come up higher.  I AM calling you up to a greater maturity than you have known in days past.  There is a point of yieldedness in life to My Spirit where you look back and take the measure of choices you have made and attitudes you have adopted that in truth do not reflect My character.  Let all such things go.  Set aside childishness and self-centered attitudes.  Let go of the habits of unbelief and the coping strategies that have entrenched you in failure and disappointment.  Walking in My kingdom is not about groveling in an eternal immaturity regarding spiritual things.  Others around you may choose not to grow up but this is not the time to compare yourself to others for that is not wise.  Make it your determination that you will embrace the dealings of My Spirit to bring you into the full measure of the stature of Christ.

Let it be your aspiration in life to grow up before you grow old.  Set aside childish things. Terminate those relationships that only encourage ungodliness and wrong choices.  Press in today to the mark of the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.  Elect to live this life on your own recognizance in the kingdom.  Hold yourself accountable even though no one else will.  There are those around you who should have discipled you and trained you but they choose another path.  What will be your response?  Will you simply languish in childishness or will you square your shoulders and become a soldier of the cross even though others won’t be paying attention or give you credit?  My eye is upon the life of that one who chooses to grow up in spiritual things.  Let this be your choice says the Father and your reward will be swift and sure in this life and in the life to come a hope eternal.

4 November 2016.  The Father says today, it is My purpose to build a family. It is not My purpose to build a regime of subservient followers.  That is for the religious bent.  It is My intent to build a family of sons and daughters.  It is My intent to bring all of My children back home.  It is my intent that they return to Me.  Every infant spirit being sent out from My heart to be born on the earth is a child of My loving intent.  My intent is for family and that they return to Me.  That they return to Me, having chosen My offer of love, and accepting My provision of the way back through the cross.  There is no memory of the time before birth, no recollection of My tender benediction released over you as you were sent forth, but it was there.  My love was there and My love goes on reaching throughout your lifetime, throughout the generations calling My family to come home.

When you see the lost who do you see?  Do you see the ones I have loved with an everlasting love?  Do you see ethnos and societies that are vastly different from you?  Do you see the religious and tribal peoples outside of your sphere of culture and understanding?  Do you say in your heart, “well, it is too bad they don’t know the truth because they will spend eternity apart from their Maker?  But you don’t really know them, so it is not like it is someone from your own family, right?  Or are they part of your own family?  The family you don’t remember?  Who lived in My heart since before the foundations of time?  They are all My family, and I desire them to return to Me.  You are all My family and the focus of My everlasting love.  It is not My will that any should perish, but that whoever believes in Me will have everlasting life, and return to the heart of the Father.

3 November 2016.   The Father says today, there is nothing that I would withhold from you that is good, pure and holy.  Every good and perfect gift comes from Me.  Have I not said that no good thing would I withhold from the one who walks upright before Me?  That means every good thing, every gift from the coffers of heaven is available to you.  Pay no mind to the scoffers and mockers who think that My goodness toward you is a sugar-coated delusion of fantasy.  My goodness is more real and more powerful than the sum total of all the evil in existence.  In the ultimate story of Good versus Evil there is no contest. My goodness prevails every time.

So go for the goodness.  Grab a hold of it like it is pure gold.  For it is My desire for you to know and walk in the fullness of the Goodness of Heaven.  Declare this day that My kingdom comes in your life.  The fullness of My goodness is incalculable and unmeasurable.  I not only have a fullness of goodness, but I have a fullness of the “Goods”!  What is it you have need of My child?  What good thing do you desire?  Go for the “Gold of My Goodness” and it will not be denied to you.  For whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them, says the Father.

2 November 2016.   The Father says today, walk with Me in the cool of the day.  Meet with Me in the early hours just before dawn and just after sunset.  I love to spend time with you beloved.  I see the weariness at times you encounter in your day, and I AM here to refresh you and restore you, but it involves a decision you must make to come to Me to receive.  I will set you forth into your day, and I will settle you in from your day, and bring sweet healing and restoring sleep to you in the still of the night.  Receive from Me this very hour all that is needed and sufficient to this day.  It will be more than enough child.  I am ahead of you and I am behind you and I am by your side.  There is nothing that takes Me by surprise.  I will lead you this day beside the still, cool waters that bring a quenching of thirst to your soul.  I will lead you into the green pastures, and bring a restoring of peace to your heart.

In the hours that we share, you will see Me and you will hear Me as I come to you whirling on the breezes.  There will be a clarity in the air and a fragrance of prayer that is sharp and pleasant to us both.  Come and join Me in the garden where the birds will sing praises, and the trees will rustle in harmony, and the little fishes will dance in the bubbling brooks, and all things sweet will be shared together.  Come away My beloved, to the garden of life where we will share our love together, with pleasant words and sweet songs.  In this place I will remove all of the weariness and all of the troubling concerns from your soul, and great will be your peace in abundance, says the Father.

1 November 2016.    The Father says today, there is a joyful sound in the air!  Hearken to the sound of joy and tune your ears and hearts to the sweet sound of joy in My Kingdom.  Does the Bridegroom rejoice with His Bride?  For I rejoice over you with singing My Beloved!  A new sound.  A joyful sound, even the sound of laughter with timbrels and stringed instruments.  As I have said in My word, go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy unto our LORD, neither be sorry, for the Joy of the LORD is your strength.  For all those who mourn are given beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.  For every one who sows in tears shall reap with joy!  Even an anointing of the oil of gladness above your companions!

Let everyone who puts their trust in Me rejoice and shout for joy!  I will defend you and show you the path of life!  In My presence is fullness of JOY!  At My right hand are pleasures for evermore!  Obtain from Me this day joy and gladness, and let the sorrow and mourning flee away.  For everlasting joy will be upon your head.  Let the young and the old rejoice in the dance, and I will turn their mourning into joy, and I will comfort them, and make them rejoice from their sorrow, says the Father.



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