A Word as We Approach 2017!


A Word as we approach the new year, 2017!

A new vibration and a divine frequency is now resetting many in the body of Christ

At the beginning of the week, I had a short dream where I was trying to reset the settings on my radio.  All I could hear were the pops and crackles of radio static, as I turned the buttons on the radio.  Eventually after spending much time turning buttons, repositioning the antenna and trying to tune into the right radio channel, I finally found the right frequency and suddenly the sound was crystal clear.

This dream has resonated strongly with my spirit all this week, and as I began to pray for interpretation the Holy Spirit began to show me, that many in the body of Christ are only hearing the pops and crackles of his voice in this season, there are many that are tuned into the voice of man.  This is causing fear, great confusion and a lack of spiritual clarity.

I believe there is a spiritual static that is causing many to loose hope and much needed direction in this hour.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that there is a need in this season for the body of Christ to be spiritually tuned into the right vibration and frequency, the frequency and vibration of heaven, where we can begin to hear clearly the voice of the father and begin to partner with the mandate of heaven for Kingdom occupation and establishment upon the earth in this hour.

I believe that as a prophetic people we need to reposition our spiritual antennas and re-tune our spiritual settings if we are to walk in greater clarity, insight, understanding and wisdom.

Listen friends, when the body of Christ comes into agreement with purposes and desires of god this will cause the earth to begin to vibrate with the frequency of heaven.  Then we will clearly see and hear what heaven is doing, and what the spirit of god is releasing.

This will enable us to begin to co-labour and partner with the spirit of god in a new way.  I believe heaven is standing at attention just waiting for a specific “Sound” to be released.

I believe it is a sound of unity, the sound of many voices but speaking as one loud voice.  It is the sound of faith and expectation being released into the spiritual atmosphere.  Many have heard the saying “As our praise goes up the glory comes down”!  Well prophetically, I believe that there must be a corporate sound released from the body of Christ into the realms of heaven for there to be a great shifting in the spiritual atmosphere.

In this next year 2017, I see that as the sound and vibration of heaven meets with the sound and vibration of the earth and there a sudden shift, a great awakening of Kingdom purpose and Kingdom destiny will be released over gods people.

Friends, we must be ready, watching, waiting and willing to come together in unity to release the sound that will awaken the nations to their God given destinies!

A great example of this when Paul and Silas were imprisoned.

“And around midnight, as Paul and Silas were praying and singing with a loud voice to the LORD and the other prisoners were listening, suddenly there was a great earthquake; the prison was shaken to its foundations, all the doors flew open — and the chains of every prisoner fell off!”  Hallelujah!

It was their unity in purpose that caused the heavens to shake and the earth to shift, and like a flaming arrow the frequency and vibration of their “Praises” going forth as one voice penetrated the dark spiritual atmosphere causing a great earthquake.

The chains suddenly fell off their feet and the prisoners walked free.  I believe that when the vibration in supernatural realm and the natural realm collide the powers and forces of darkness cannot with stand it’s force, the works of wickedness will be driven back, and the enemy will be sent fleeing in 1000 different directions, and we will see the release of his glory and power made manifest upon the earth.

We must begin to speak with one voice and move as one body, there will be a great awakening and a great outpouring of the power, glory and wonder of God coming to the earth.  We must be rightly positioned, we must be tuned in to the right spiritual frequency if we are to be victorious in the days that are ahead.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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