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  1. Thanks for sharing. I had read several of your posts over the last year or so. My spirit jumps in my stomach when I read your posts, at least it did a couple of times.
    When my spirit confirms something it kinda flexes my upper stomach. A few times it has been so strong I have almost blacked out.
    I am from the USA. God took My dad, My brother and Myself and had us all sell our homes and move our families onto one property together. Jesus moved in with us too. Jesus is constantly teaching and training us through the Holy Spirit. We are very blessed, and thankful. We are a little isolated, so it’s good to hear others like yourself who knows Jesus. May Jesus bless you for your sharing your stories!

  2. Thank you for posting this word.  We all need the fire of the Holy Spirit to fall on the whole globe so that the harvest can be gathered.  I want to be on fire for the Lord Jesus, please pray for me.  God bless you and family.

  3. Dear Brother,
    I so love your musings and exchanges of thoughts like here today and can fully understand your reactions because of the looong waiting……! I live in Germany and want to see those fires lit here too!…

  4. Oh wow, I do not usually put anything on internet, but I have just switched on my computer. Before reading this God-word He has shared with you, the first words that appeared were “GET READY” – 4 TIMES! followed by the song “The Good the Bad and the Ugly”. I then, as part of my morning routine, opened HKP and there was your title for today, “The Fire is Lit” That was before I read any of the other articles on here. Phew, yes I am buzzing! 

    Bless you for sharing

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