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  1. Beverly, this is hope with a message of true repentance! Loved how Father said this: “Do not be dabbling in witchcraft of any kind. There is no ‘good’ witchcraft. Witchcraft is witchcraft!”
    People many times don’t believe this. Even many Christians think there is a good witch, like the show! God forbid, who will we serve? We can’t give place to worldliness. All matters and the Lord is light and truth and we are to be pure. God bless you.

    • Agree, The LORD reminded me of the good & bad witches of THE WIZARD OF OZ. Even then (1900 when it was written by Frank Baum & 1939 when the movie came out) the enemy was trying to convince us to go to good witches for help when we needed it, instead of to GOD.

      If only more would wake up and realize who GOD really is, instead of running from HIM, or trying to claim someone or something else is HIM.

      Well, I believe HE’s about to surprise everyone shortly!!!

      God Bless YOU!!! GOD LOVES your kindness, goodness, mercy, and great grace that you carry with you. Truly you are a picture of the LORD in action!

      • You state truth about that movie. I am guilty of watching it many times in my life. :( Yes it was planted in peoples minds way back then, even. Remember the beautiful so called ‘good witch’ in the movie? Wow what a deception to the people!! The world colors it good, to get it accepted.

        Thank you for your kind words to me. I so want to portray the fruits of the Spirit. Still I am so lacking at times,truly a work in progress! God bless you.

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