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  1. About 3 weeks ago, I was just getting ready for the day when I heard “golden calf”. I asked the Lord, “what about the golden calf? what do you mean?” I believe He was saying that the president is the golden calf, the one we have placed our trust in and we are going to find out that this has been a grave mistake. It’s not just him, it’s the money, the world system, the things we have trusted in, given our valuables to, sacrificed our children to, something or someone we are willing to worship and celebrate other than our first love-Jesus. In this last year, I have been healed from sickness, delivered from several demons, and baptized in the Holy Spirit and have also experienced some of the most refining fire ever since asking Jesus to save me many many years ago. I have returned to my first love. I pray that during this time when God is shaking the foundations that many would return to Him.  I believe He led me to this page as He has led me to several other confirmations over this last year when I heard other words from Him. Very thankful for being led to this site and thank you, Stephen, for sharing this word.

  2. The days in which some call good evil and evil good are now.  A seismic shift has occurred, wherein a line of demarcation has been drawn – separating the Sheep (God’s children) from the goats (those who are Godless).  The God – His name is Jehovah, The Great I AM, Yah – is the God of the Ancient of Days, and changes not.  In loving kindness he sent His Son, Jesus, into the world, not to condemn it, but save it before the Great and dreadful Day of The Lord.  He sees the the wickedness that abounds in some, but the love of and for humanity in others.  Repent! For the Kingdom of God is still at hand.  However, that door will not remain open forever.  Make sure you are among the Bridesmaids whose lamps are ready for His return.

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