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The Government Is Not Your Friend — 2 Comments

  1. YES! We are to ALWAYS look to God instead of man. Thank You Lord that YOU will always be our First Love. We know that man will always fall short & is prone to err, but our God makes NO mistakes and HE IS the Answer to ALL that we Need and ALL that we are dealing with here on Earth! The shaking is working for our Good- for those who Love HIM! You are taking what satan meant for evil to work for our Good! God is Doing a New Thing in the midst of All the Shaking That is leading to the Great Awakening! Glory to God!!! Shalom

  2. Dear Almighty God, Thank you for your servants Ken and Celeste Dewey. Your message has been received loud and clear. Lord you know how much our family loves President Donald J. Trump. Lord you know how much our family loves America our home. You also know my Lord that we prayed for a spiritual revival way before Trump was elected President. We knew then Lord that man cannot solve all problems, only you can Lord. You are the answer, you Lord are what we need. Lord my prayer still stands, you will deliver another spiritual revival and all people will know you are God. I believe it God. I also believe God that you will crush the evil in this country. What they have done is wrong and they know it. We absolutely need you God, please show the World you are God the Creator. You know there are a lot of good people worth saving God.
    All my Love, Melissa

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