The Graft…


“The Graft” . . .  I did not fully realize until today, that being heady and high-minded, are signs of the last days.  I thought I did, but I think It’s one of those things that you read, but you don’t really see the full implication.

I know that Paul wrote to the church of Rome at that time, and he cautioned them about some things.  He spoke, that we would say, the branches were broken off, that I might be grafted in.  He went on to say, that because of unbelief, they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Then what?

Be not high-minded, but fear: I believe today, that the enemy pulled a swift one over on some of us.  He used those without the true wisdom of God, to buffet us with the wrong kind of fear.  Threatening people with hell fire, if they do not do everything we command them to do, is not the way the Holy Spirit works.

It seems plain to me now, that many people somehow knew, that all of that kind of fear, was not the way we were supposed to live in Christ.   So, we withdrew from that. I don’t feel that preaching that there was a real hell, caused so many to back away.  It was more likely, that some tried to make everything, a sin; requiring things of people that really were not scripturally based.  You either obeyed these people, or you were lost.

But it never was meant, that we should not have the correct “fear of the Lord.”  Most of us know, that is wise.  Somehow, many were tricked into not having any fear at all; or actually fearing man, more than God.  We were grafted in; we were adopted, because God turned to a different people; who otherwise, would not have had a chance for redemption.  The Spirit, had this apostle write things that people in the church needed to know.  This apostolic letter, was not written to the world.  It was written to the church. He went on to write, “For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed, lest he also spare thee not.” Somehow, we forgot about that.

We were once known for being humble.  If we really care, we should ask around.  What do other Christians and people in the community, think about us today.  There was a time, when people were drawn to us; there was truly something about our spirit, that made people want to be around us.  And I’m not talking about just being around members of our own group.  It’s about people in the world; that could see and feel, something they did not have.  It must be said, that arrogance and haughtiness, is not the fruit of the Spirit.  To treat others as if they are less than you, especially those who may not know the Lord as we say we do, is not of the Spirit.  It’s of the flesh.  Even putting down on other denominations, is not the attitude of Jesus Christ.

Manifesting the fruit of the Spirit, has never been more important and necessary.  Believe it or not, people may not have complete understanding about the Holy Ghost and God’s ways, but they certainly do know about the fruit. Is it true, that this world is searching for the real thing.  It’s been said, that they have tried everything else; they long for something genuine, and true. Paul said, that God will not spare us, if we are high-minded; puffed up, full of self-righteousness and haughty to others.  We must never forget, that if it were not for the Grace of Almighty God, we would remain undone, and without hope.  True wisdom and knowledge, comes only from above.  And it is easy to be entreated, compassionate, loving, kind; and it’s real.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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