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  1. This is hard to receive but I know it to be true as this has been spoken by some other prophets as well. Prophet Julie Green has received many words about big earthquakes and destructions and the importance of staying in prayer and in his word. She prophesied about the darkness coming but those who honor him and stay close to him he will protect and bless. Many leaders in the church have rebelled against the true prophets and God has warned them many times to repent.He has spoken many times as well about the importance of covering yourself family home etc with the blood of Jesus and speaking Psalm 91 because we are going to experience the greater exodus. He is do king to keep preparing us with the prophets who are in tune with his spirit. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Stephen, Agree with you.

    Had a Word when Condoleeza Rice was Sec of State & wanted to split Israel. 

    Like you I saw the nation being split at the New Madrid Fault Line. God said then if we split Israel, He’d split the US. I cant say we are in good relations with Israel now with the one who says he’s president, as he wants it divided as well.

    Hearing, “Division, Division, Division, will you as a nation, repent & fall on your knees to fast & pray, or let the enemy have his way? The choice is yours.”


  3. I sincerely believe that if just 20% of those who profess Christ in this nation were to truly repent and seek His face in humility He would heal, bind up the broken places. I don’t think they will though. A wicked nation has been given wicked rulers because the salt has lost it’s saltiness. I seek Him, I repent and fast and yet still I feel He hides His face from me. Is this the wilderness I hear others speak of? Are other believers in the same place? What are we to do in the spirit when we don’t know what to do?

  4. The most important words of your prophecy at the end-God saying “I will be with you”. Amen! I’m not scared.

    • Amen. I’m not afraid either, “but” God wants us to be prepared and to know what’s coming.

  5. Yes, I remember that word from more than one prophet, Stephen.. it truly has happened in the spirit even if not in the natural as we speak. Thanks for sharing, Sandi Holman

    • Sandi, the Lord has shared these things in visions and words perhaps about 25 times over the last several years. This time will come, and it will probably sooner than we may think.

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