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The Great Victory, a New Battleground and Supernatural Living — 2 Comments

  1. Wow!! This Word is such a powerful confirmation!! I’m so grateful.
    I live in Minnesota, USA, and persecution has been the story of my life for years, day after day after night after night!! People I don’t even know, quite possibly some who know me…or think they do. It’s been molding and forming me and growing my spiritual muscles!!
    I have stayed in strict obedience to all He’s led me to do, and I’ve not wanted for a thing. My comforts are gone, everything that was world or flesh…gone, but He’s become my Beautiful Reward!!
    God bless you Abel Praise!! :)

  2. Changing the atmosphere with fasting to humble people as the praise and worship to fill up air in places and areas of the battle Fields with the pure affection of love of the heavenly atmosphere that now can clashes battle of minds, battle of words of darkness kingdom to send confusion in the camp.New songs of hearts that pulls heaven to touch the earth. Children voices of faith to speak miracles it done in Jesus power

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