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  1. I can attest to the season and the seriousness of becoming God’s vessels for new wine skins RIGHT NOW. I am shrugging daily, anything that appeals as a distraction to my limited focus right now. Since we all are walking a tightrope blindfolded, staying straight and your course is pretty important. Seers have had limited vision and walking by faith is liken to that which I have never seen before the last 8 years. We are being prepared for a Big move of God and we will find ourselves placed by our faith, not so much our gifts, this go around. Those first who need a rest will retreat back and those hidden and dead last will see the front of the lines again.

    This word unearthed this last season which is only preparing us for the next. Timely.

    We are to keep sober and alert cause things are not getting easier are they?

    I believe we ARE in MAJOR TRANSITION and this word comes forth appropriately. I agree, let us keep on keeping on BOLDLY. I lift up everyone here. I have been blessed and so, bless you all.

    God’s grace bind up what needs binding in all of us and loose that which we need to prevail which lies before us. May the Lord preserve you mightily.

    Let the light of your love for God glow BRIGHT!

  2. Thank you sister in Christ and blessed are you for what you share and blessed am I who saw the post!

    When I read it I immediately comes to think of the dream I had some years ago, before I did understand that there were differences among ‘believers’ and that there were those who must be warned nor had I any other revelation according to the seriousness of the times.

    The dream, shortly:
    I and some people stood close together gathered to a door. I did not see it I just knew it was a door.
    There was a lake there and we looked at a person who belonged to us and who were swimming in it and was fully satisfied at the place where she was.
    At the same time we saw dangerous things come closer and we knew that the swimming person could not see it, only we who stood close to the door. This part was in natural color.

    Suddenly the picture changed into black and white (like an old movie) we stood still at the same place close to the door but now we did not see the lake nor the swimming person.
    Suddenly everything began to shake and we heard people screaming and we looked up to the sky and suddenly the moon on the sky flew away out of sight and disappeared from the heaven as fast as it was shot like a canon ball.
    In the same moment a voice said:
    “Now we must shut the door”
    and in the same moment we were inside the door.
    Inside this ‘ark of protection’ I felt great grief and sorrow for the one that I remembered who swam in the lake and I ran through the ark for to try to save her, but it was too late. Here the dream ended and I woke up.

    Since then the Lord has revealed, which His Word confirms, that the moon is only set upon the sky as a signal for to show times and seasons and for to give knowledge (spiritual light) to His people and NOT for the reason of giving ‘natural’ light, which it also is unable to otherwise we would have had no need for electricity. Not even once a month when it is ‘full’ it gives natural light.

    Some year after this dream I saw a scientific paper (I usually do not read such but the Lord often leads me to it when He has revealed something or rather He leads the scientific evidences to me because I do not seek it for the reason that I can not know about such evidences until He shows it) which said that ‘the moon is leaving the earth faster and faster each year’.

    God says that He shall shorten the time the last days and He is faithful and reveals nothing that not can be confirmed and which not gives true knowledge.
    With this understanding one can suddenly understand things in His Word which speaks of that the moon no longer will be seen, for the reason that its purpose as a ‘hour hand’ is finished:

    “the moon shall not give her light Matt.24:29
    “there should be time (moon) no longer Rev.10:6
    “abundance of peace till the moon (time) is not Ps.72:7
    “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night, AND let them be for signs (226), AND for seasons AND for days AND years Gen.1:14

    Signs: Strong’s Hebrew Number 226: signs, ‘owth – oth, from 225 (in the sense of appearing); a signal (literally or figuratively), as a flag, beacon, monument, omen, prodigy, evidence, etc.: —mark, miracle, (en-)sign, token.

    There is a ‘flood wave’ prophecy out there which contains things that can not be confirmed in God’s Word and blessed is the one who are able to discern the differences.

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