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The Heart of America Shall Be Renewed — 9 Comments

  1. I will read this word again and again. It’s a Breath of Hope for those who refuse to listen to the naysayers and doomsdayers. Is judgement coming to America…..I believe it is!! Upon every head, fortress, stronghold, perversion and deception of the (defeated at the the Cross) devil. Satan stands condemned!! So all who are intertwined with the ‘world antichrist spirit system’ which is passing away, all who have been in agreement with the enemy of our Lord Jesus Christ……FLEE BABYLON!! The time is now.
    Thank you Sandi!! I so needed to hear this beautiful word of encouragement. ‘God Bless America’ and other National Anthems have been playing over and over in my mind lately.
    I knew He’d do it!! :D

    • Thanks, Cherish, for your valuable input. The Just Judge will judge and have the last word! God bless you..keep standing, HE IS FAITHFUL!! Sandi

  2. This hits the heart. Gods not done with America. God remembers the help we given to others as a nation, he remembers missionaries sent through the world from this nation, he remembers that even if there are 10 righteous, he’ll spare. God have mercy and may we come back to you with all our hearts.

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