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The Holy of Holies in Heaven — 3 Comments

  1. Amen! Earlier, I was studying Eph 1:22. I have missed a MAJOR TRUTH in this verse, and that has to do with the position the Ekklesia holds UNDER Christ’s Headship! The verse says “all things” are put UNDER His Feet. If the Bride is also His Body, then “all things” have been put UNDER The Ekklesia, since “feet” are part of His Body,cf Gen 3:15. This is why Marriage and Unity are SO important to the Lord! It also puts into greater perspective the passages in the Song of Solomon regarding the Bride being so “terrible”, and also Her value and beauty in Ps 45:9-17.
    I have just scratched the surface of this but compare this with Mt 17:11;Acts 3:21; 1Cor 3:21-23, and Rev 3:21. The Glorious Work of YHVH, through His Bride, in the coming days, is going to be staggering and mind blowing! Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!!
    Beloved, let this “VISION” grow and burn in our hearts, so that we are prepared and ready in that hour! ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD AND HIS SON!!

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