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The Internet Dream: “Internet Shut Down, Closed?” — 2 Comments

  1. Luke 22:53 (AMP)
    53 When I was with you day after day in the temple [enclosure], you did not stretch forth [your] hands against Me. But this is your hour—and the power [which] darkness [gives you has its way].

  2. First time on this website and this internet shutdown dream is what I clicked on first, because the Lord gave me a dream over this past year of me driving onto a large parking lot, where other people gathered.  It was a cloudy, dismal day and I came with some paper documents and among the parking lot were tables full of different documents, DIYs, various researches and even recipes.  One could give, take or swap these paper documents, which were either printed before, machine typed or handwritten. In my dream, I got the impression we no longer had internet usage and we came together as a community to help each other be informed.  Thank you for sharing Bro. Ken. Praise the Lord for His warnings. Pamela

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