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  1. Oh my sister… you have eagle eyes, and you truly see with and through GOD’s eyes, through His HOLY SPIRIT, I am more and more astonished what GOD has shown you. He often has shown you the exact places where I am, yes, physical locations, but surely also the spiritual places. I can’t write it all what exactly happened during the week. I recall that article about the center a few days ago. This was very very timely.  Now, about the mountains… you saw it right: Yesterday I came one more time to the high alps, because I had to travel to the capitol city of Bern, to get my new passport from the German Embassy there. So after it I spontaneously decided to drive up to that mountain place where I had years ago some worse experiences. Nobody must travel to the mountains to speak to THAT mountain the Holy Scripture talks about. But sister – you saw THE LION roar, and you saw a child of Elohim standing there with Him. Yes and Amen ! I stood there with Him (Grindelwald churchyard) and I saw His face and His eyes, HEAVEN OPENED !UP again, as He often does when I have time to look up. It is written to LOOK UP, to seek His face. Many verses speak about His eyes. Sometimes I see Him when down on my knees, but He is always in the center. He is everywhere. He is daily increasing and releasing more power. People so easily like to doubt, but I had a reason to be here.  The blessings that can’t be paid with gold and silver are those, that THE LION OF JUDA has granted me powerful vindication. He heard my prayers, He has seen and He counted my tears and He has given me more and more of the ISAIAH 61 BLESSINGS. To all who read this: Don’t give up ! Never give up ! We are surrounded by jealous, envious and very evil forces, but GREATER IS OUR ALMIGHTY, OUR LIVING GOD. He never sleeps, He is alive and He fights for us. I can confess and confirm this by many testimonies. Thank you, sister Deborah and extra hugs also to to June, Dana, Sandra, Jo Ellen, and thanks and prayers to you all at HKP !

  2. HalleluYAH, HalleluYAH,HalleluYAH…
    Wished more believers were really into it…Praying more…
    Bless you girl…
    Roll TRUMP Train Roll…

  3. Just yesterday, I was singing Scriptural songs directly from the WORD.
    Isaiah 55:12
    Zeph. 3:17.
    GOD is calling HIS children to worship. Amen?

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