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The Knowledge of My Glory — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus. Peace be with you all. All is well. Who am I? I am that foolish woman who asked the Lord not to ask me to write on your website at least until after your personal and important election, and when He did that anyway, I was taken by surprise and sent an unfinished message. As we all know, He is the Lord and can do whatever He wants with us. So here it comes, In order to gain your blessing you need to bless and bless and bless. Above all, bless the Lord and maintain constant love for one another. Shout out like David that Jesus loves. Jesus loves you and you and you. God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

  2. Glory to our God Deborah, What an awesome word from our Daddy. I love your words, Abba, I delight in every word. I love you. I’m so addicted and in love with you. Tidal Waves of Blessings coming to me Double Portion of Glory unto me. I receive it. Thank you Abba Daddy, you are so good, so good, so good.
    I honor you. I look forward to your post Deborah, such a blessing to me. Yeah so good. I feel so happy, so bubbly inside, so awesome am I feeling as I am in the presence of the Almighty King of Glory. Blessings !!!

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