The Lasso of His Fiery Love!

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God Is Removing the Gag and Muzzle That Has Silenced His People

I heard the Father say, “Daughter In this hour, I AM removing the gag and muzzle that has silenced My people.

I AM calling them to Arise and Advance forward as Mighty Warriors who I have anointed to speak forth My Word with a loud voice and with great boldness.

I have put My ROAR within their mouths.  For now is the time to speak forth My word, for you will decree a thing and it shall be established for you,” says God.

“Sons and Daughters, as you begin to speak freely and boldly that which is decreed shall come to pass quickly for I have released the power of Momentum and Acceleration upon My Word, for the time is short,”  says God!

“WATCH, as the enemy goes running and fleeing in terror in 7 different directions. In this season,

I AM gathering together a scattered remnant that have been purified and prepared by the fires of My Glory and they shall go out from the North, South, East and West.  They will move as one, speak as one, for these are My Glory carriers mandated to move heaven and change earth,   Just Like the walls of Jericho that crumbled to dust so shall it be at the sound of My ROAR that goes forth from their mouths.

My Beloved, Even now in this hour,” says God, “I AM releasing Mantles of old.  

My chosen Davids shall Arise to Slay the Giants in the land and the spirit and power of Elijah shall blow forth upon the Nations bringing a divine rearrangement and a reordering of things.  There is an unlocking of wells of Wisdom and revelation in this moment that will cause a great shifting and birthing of Transformation and Change within the Nations of the Earth,” says God.

“Now, do not be moved by the voices of fear and discouragement, for My Governing hand is now moving upon the face of the Earth.

I will bring forth swift Vindication and Justice for MY PEOPLE,  Fear Not Mighty Warriors, for My eyes are upon My Righteous Ones and My ears are inclined to their Cries for Mercy and Deliverance.

STAND STILL and Be of good Courage for I have not left you as fatherless orphans, but I have Promised to bring you forth in Great Victory and Great Deliverance.  You shall enjoy the spoils of war which I the LORD your God shall give to you in this season.

Have I not Promised to make you Fruitful, Abundant and Overflowing in Goodness and Mercy?

Even in this hour, I AM exposing the wolves that walk amongst you, nothing shall be concealed or hidden from the Light and Brilliance of My Glory, My Spirit of Truth is exposing the spirit of deception and division in the midst of you.

My Spirit of Revelation and Discernment is revealing and uncovering that which has been clothed in darkness.  Who shall stand in the Power of My Presence and not be changed?” says God.

“Beloved, My Word will not return to Me void, but it will accomplish that which I desire and it shall achieve the purpose for which I have sent it,”  says the Spirit of God.

The Lasso of His Fiery Love!

This afternoon while in a time of Worship, I had a powerful vision where I saw a long rope of blazing fire in the Fathers hand.

As I looked at this fiery rope, immediately I heard the Father say,

“Daughter, the Lasso of My Fiery Love now goes forth to rescue those that are lost and living in a far and distant land.  For My Love knows no limits, My forgiveness knows no boundaries and My Joy is without restraint.

I AM the Prodigal God who comes to bring Revival, Reconciliation, Restoration and Restitution in this season.”

I Prophesy:   The Lasso of His Fiery Love goes forth in this hour to lay hold of the lost and those living in a far and distant land.

The prodigals are going to suddenly be apprehended and arrested by the extravagant and lavish Love of the Father.

Those who have been bound and ensnared by the wiles, schemes and strong grip of the enemy are going to suddenly come to their senses.  Their eyes will be opened and their hearts will be enlightened to the lies and the deceptive lures of the enemy.

I Decree:   The Prodigals are Returning home to be Restored, Reinstated and Revived in Jesus’ Mighty Name.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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  1. Your updates are always a great blessing. As well as all here are chosen, brave, bold, loving and caring people. God bless you all !

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