The Light Arrow


This morning as we began our morning devotions, Prophetic Words of Importance begin to come.

I got my writing pad and prepared to write and I saw an ARCHER STANDING WITH HIS BOW READY TO SHOOT THE ARROW…  I heard the LORD talking about SOMETHING FIXING TO HAPPEN QUICKLY.

He said to me how many days until the election?  I said 14, I believe….  Then he said, during the days before election day prepare because before the election… [there will be… 10 days of Testing upon America], I will send my LIGHT ARROW.

I ask broke in on Celeste who was praying and ask her to look up a verse speaking about Arrows being shot.  To my surprise, she had already opened up her Bible to Psalm 64.

She begin to read and I heard words describing what I had been hearing the LORD say to me [you must know for some months now, even years in many Prophetic Words].

Hear now the words of scripture found in Psalm 64:

“Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint;
Guard my life from the terror of the enemy.

Hide me from the secret counsel and conspiracy of the ungodly,
From the scheming of those who do wrong,

Who have sharpened their tongues like a sword.
They aim venomous words as arrows,

To shoot from ambush at the blameless [one];
Suddenly they shoot at him, without fear.

They encourage themselves in [their pursuit of] an evil agenda;
They talk of laying snares secretly;
They say, “Who will discover us?”

They devise acts of injustice, saying,
“We are ready with a well-conceived plan.”
For the inward thought and the heart of a man are deep (mysterious, unsearchable).
But God will shoot them with an [unexpected] arrow;
Suddenly they will be wounded.

So they will be caused to stumble;
Their own tongue is against them;
All who gaze at them will shake the head [in scorn].

Then all men will fear [God’s judgment];
They will declare the work of God,
And they will consider and wisely acknowledge what He has done.

The righteous will rejoice in the LORD and take refuge in Him;
All the upright in heart will glory and offer praise,”   Psalm 64 (AMP).

The LORD then said to me, WRITE THIS DOWN:

Ten days are determined upon the enemies of America, beginning ten days [10 days…. ”BEFORE” the actual election, added by KD for clarification] out of the Final Day of Election.  I WILL SEND MY ARROW INTO THEIR HEART, SMITE THEM WITHIN TO SHAKE THEM WITHOUT!  Ten Days of Shaking because I AM who I AM.

Simultaneous Shaking of many Events will Stop the SUDDENLY.  Out of Control, Yes no man knows.  I will walk among them, I CAN BECAUSE I AM. MY FEET WILL SHAKE THEM!

They who scheme in the Dark will Fall Hard Openly for all to see.  MY ARROW WILL BE LIKE A FLASH OF LIGHT, MY LIGHT ARROW!


Many important heads will roll like falling stones on a shaking mountain!  The World will see My LIGHT ARROW to awaken men who see not, TO SEE “ME”.

* * * * *

I have posted this Word, as I have heard it, and written it in Obedience to my LORD.  Now, LORD bring this word to pass even as you have spoken it.  Because I am only one who speaks that which I am told to speak.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

Ken DeweyEvangelist/ Prophet/ Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder ofOUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES in Belen, New Mexico, USA.  He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words,  Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.
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