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The Line of Demarcation — 4 Comments

  1. And the whole earth was shaken. All kingdoms of the world have been demolished and the Kingdom of Heaven has come and been established. Amen

  2. I thank the Holy Spirit for his words of warning.
    This message is for the Church and is waking me up some more and check my life that there be no evil in me.
    Thank you again

  3. Serious words. I saw this article after I published also a serious WARNING FROM THE LORD on my google page. But many will not turn to the Lord. They want to continue to walk and talk in their own ideas, ideals and orders. They hate the messengers. Like they hated Jesus.

    • The antidote for hatred is to demonstrate the Love of Christ. It is the goodness of God, made manifest through His purified Body, that leads the lost to repentance.

      I bear witness with this word. The problem is that the Love of Christ has grown cold in much of the Church. We either spurn correction from worldly living… or we spurn the call of our Father to enter into His heart.

      Either way, we have forsaken first Love. Worldness or self-righteousness. it’s the same. We need to return to His heart and mind in this hour and speak the Truth, IN LOVE… WITHOUT compromise.

      We have lost the ability to do this.. because we have lost the practice of intimacy.

      A question we need to ask ourselves is this: once we “repent” (which we as a church must do) what does a life that reflects the nature and love and Earth-walk of Jesus Christ look like? Most of us know only to turn to self-righteous works… Father is looking for intimacy.. and the power of His kingdom and the immense love of His nature flowing through us, is the bi-product.

      Otherwise we will simply return to a superficial repentance, and move in a pharisee spirit… still cold and indifferent to the Great Commission we are called to fulfill.

      In Him and His love,

      David Murry

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