The Line of Demarcation


I was up early today and heard the LORD say “No turning back now!” 

He began to talk about Words of great change coming and how we are coming to a line of demarcation and all will change forever.

As I listened he said to me,  “Write this Word of Warning.”

Here is what He said:

“No turning back now, for many thousands who walk with hate and rejection of Me and any form of morality.

See their haughty hearts, how they have said:  “I do not need God nor do I want him.”

See their hearts, so cold; they do not feel.  They have no real feelings about right or wrong, they stumble on unchecked into the night.  Undaunted by any wake-up call; they laugh haughtily at anyone who would dare say anything to them.

Pride so bad, that greater fall looms upon their pathway.  Yes, fall they will but they will not get up again.

They walk away in the vanity of their hearts, having minds filled with open sin.  Such a shame to hear them talk, such debauchery.”

[Debauchery: Extreme indulgence in bodily pleasures and especially sexual pleasures: behavior involving sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. that is often considered immoral…..
‘…..He was glad when others joined them, men and women; and they had more drink and spent the night in wild rioting and debauchery,’  — Upton Sinclair.
‘…..Matthew had continued his debaucheries, having chartered a private plane for himself and a bunch of fringe celebrities to go to Corfu for a week of hard-core partying.’]

“Totally lucid to evil, their minds controlled by demons; into deeper darkness they will go, until all is lost.  Now see, I will shake My people [The body of Christ] with reality.  See Me they will, and they will know they must turn around [repent].

No other choice!  No other way out!  I AM in their way.  They cannot ignore this time, no, they cannot!  Choose they must or perish.  [When I say “Perish” I speak of physical death, not of salvation.]

I say Life will not be possible on their present course of shallow commitment to me.  I AM will pull them from Liturgy to Reality.  To many it will seem as if salvation comes all over again, but, In reality I only show them their shallow understandings of me, and useless manner of service to me.

Emptiness is before them without me.  There is no way to walk forward without me.  Turn and be Revived [Awakened is a better word] because many have had such a shallow experience with me.

They have called upon me, but faintly, with no real conviction.  But now, Deep Conviction, not from knowing the results of shallow and watered down nonsensical preaching which they have known.

Wake up to Reality as they see clearly just how they really treat me.  I AM all in all, yet they have viewed me as weak and conditional [they have not seen me as Essential but as one whom they can just take or leave as they pursue their lives.]

I AM not conditional, but I AM the LORD.  Why call ye me LORD, LORD and do not what I say?

The only way to walk now [Forward out of this place of mediocrity] is by me alone.  Without me you can do nothing!

No more playing church!  No, I invade the Assemblies to shine truth, which will show the folly of their religious form of Worship.

REVIVAL, REVIVAL, REVIVAL, yes I will bring men to Change.  Change will mark the days ahead [for his true Church or Peoples] while the World walks away into darkness, My Body will rise.

Yet know this: Many (of My people) have gone too far from Me to return.  They will suddenly be cut off without remedy and cast out with the Hypocrites [false professors].

Many will then perish physically from this Earth to stand before me.  They will not listen, yet lose all they will.  Too late, yes, too late, they have wasted too much time.

In conclusion I say:

I AM sending a wave of shaking, and I will shake the Earth.  Not just America, but the Earth!  Men will be FORCED to see and will be forced to choose!

I AM no longer standing and knocking, but I walk right in.

I AM coming in to disrupt. Nothing will remain the same, but I AM that I AM.


* * * * * *

I have posted this Word in obedience to my LORD. It is one of the strongest warnings that I have heard. I heard him speaking of his Book the Revelation upon completion of writing this word.

He said to me: “Have you not read the Book of Revelation? What does it say? I AM warning you now that these days are coming fast!”

LORD take this Word of Warning and Instruction, and help all who read it to prepare for things that are soon coming upon your Earth and People.

* * * * * *


Another Word given to Celeste today after the above word.  Here is what she heard Him say:

“See their folly; they are marching to other orders, not from Me.  They are scattered lacking direction because they do not seek Me.  They are lost and wandering, tripping over themselves.

Watching and waiting they do not, only squandering their time and talents on nothing that matters.  I have called them by name and they do not answer.

They are too full of the world, they seek Me not and they will fail without Me.”


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

Ken DeweyEvangelist/ Prophet/ Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder ofOUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES in Belen, New Mexico, USA.  He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words,  Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.
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The Line of Demarcation — 3 Comments

  1. Serious words. I saw this article after I published also a serious WARNING FROM THE LORD on my google page. But many will not turn to the Lord. They want to continue to walk and talk in their own ideas, ideals and orders. They hate the messengers. Like they hated Jesus.

    • The antidote for hatred is to demonstrate the Love of Christ. It is the goodness of God, made manifest through His purified Body, that leads the lost to repentance.

      I bear witness with this word. The problem is that the Love of Christ has grown cold in much of the Church. We either spurn correction from worldly living… or we spurn the call of our Father to enter into His heart.

      Either way, we have forsaken first Love. Worldness or self-righteousness. it’s the same. We need to return to His heart and mind in this hour and speak the Truth, IN LOVE… WITHOUT compromise.

      We have lost the ability to do this.. because we have lost the practice of intimacy.

      A question we need to ask ourselves is this: once we “repent” (which we as a church must do) what does a life that reflects the nature and love and Earth-walk of Jesus Christ look like? Most of us know only to turn to self-righteous works… Father is looking for intimacy.. and the power of His kingdom and the immense love of His nature flowing through us, is the bi-product.

      Otherwise we will simply return to a superficial repentance, and move in a pharisee spirit… still cold and indifferent to the Great Commission we are called to fulfill.

      In Him and His love,

      David Murry

  2. I thank the Holy Spirit for his words of warning.
    This message is for the Church and is waking me up some more and check my life that there be no evil in me.
    Thank you again