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The LORD Is Not Finished With You — 12 Comments

  1. Bless u Kelly for your obedience.✨‍♀️✨
    To release Our LORD’S words to us.
    LORD, this is for me!✨‍♀️✨ I RECEIVE!
    #JehovahRaphe ✨✨The LORD our HEALER

  2. I know God loves me so much! HE is always around! HE is my JEHOVAH EBENEZER WHO HAS BROUGHT ME THIS FAR!  I have been believing HIM for yet another Healing & I know its done in Jesus Christ name! I know HE is not finished with me yet!  Thank you so much Dear Ewing! More Anointing!

  3. God is good and he cares deeply about you. Every detail. I pray the Lord a special blessing upon all of you. He will do it! Trust Him. He is a good Father!

  4. Beautiful, encouraging Word for the heart of the Father!  Yes Lord, keep making me!  Thank you Kelly for your obedience and sweet balm.

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