The LORD is Releasing Ministering Angels


Ministering angels on assignment to hold up the arms of God’s weary warriors in this hour.

While sitting in my garden early this morning, I had a powerful encounter with the LORD, where he made His presence fully tangible.  His beautiful and intoxicating fragrance filled the crisp early morning air.  His spirit gently and tenderly breathed afresh upon me, which caused my heart to become still and my mind to become fully awake and aware of his powerful presence.

Every fiber of my being came alive and fully activated, in what seemed like a sudden moment my whole body.  Soul and spirit felt completely renewed, reinvigorated and revived with supernatural strength and greater power, a deep peace washed over me like the waves on the sea shore.

I became fully captivated by His glory and grace, then suddenly, angels appeared in front of me and then I heard my papa whisper,  “Daughter, fear not, I AM the LORD Sabaoth, I AM the God of angel armies.

Behold in this hour, I AM sending forth ministering angels on assignment to hold up the arms of my weary warriors, for I have heard the deep cries of My people for relief, resolution, restoration and deliverance.

I have heard and I have answered with fire and with greater power for the victory belongs to My sons and daughters!”

After hearing these words, I saw the angels who were standing in front of me. turn and leave.  Then I saw again in the Spirit, a great host of angels being deployed from the heavenly realms.

These were the angels on assignment who are being sent out by God in this hour to hold up the arms of his weary warriors.  These are the ministering angels who are coming to war for us in battle.

These are the angels who are coming to strengthen and sustain, to protect and to preserve, to lead and to lift up, to ensure and secure a great victory for God’s chosen and anointed ones in this hour and season.

Then father showed me many standing with arms lifted high, as Moses did, when the Israelites encountered their first opposition while wandering in the hot and barren desert.

The Amalekites, were ruthless and blood thirsty raiders, who came to attack and kill the people of Israel.  Joshua was the one who led the troops into battle, and Moses, along with Aaron and Hur, stood high upon a hill and watched as the battle raged.  “So it came about when Moses held his hand up, that Israel prevailed, and when he let his hand down, Amalek prevailed.”

Eventually Moses became worn out and weary, and so Aaron and Hur quickly responded by holding up his arms until the Israelites were able to finally and fully defeat the Amalekites, and a great victory came to the people of God.

In this hour and season, there is a battle that is raging for individual and corporate destinies, and there is a battle that is raging for the birthright and kingdom inheritance of our nations.  Satan has declared war against the warriors of God and he will not relent, or but rather, he has ramped up his ruthless attacks, because he knows that his time is short upon the earth.

“But listen, be of good courage you mighty warriors, I have good news for you, those of you that have become weary and feel worn out in the midst of battle, I say to you, “Fear not, but only believe that the battle belongs to the LORD.  

Look up and you will see a host of heavenly angels now coming to hold up your arms and strengthen your resolve, for it is time for you to decree; the battle belongs to the LORD, My victory is assured and My destiny is secured.”

“See, I AM sending angels before you to protect you on your journey and lead you safely to the place I have prepared for you,”  (Exodus 23:20).

Now be expectant of angels on assignment around your life in this hour, for they are sent to fight for you and to secure and assure you of a great victory that you have not yet fully taken hold of.

These are the messengers of hope and supernatural strength, as you co-labor with them in this hour you will be empowered and equipped with supernatural strength and greater power which will enable you to overcome, overthrow and overtake the forces of darkness and destruction that have raged against you.

Raise your voice, and rejoice in faith and with great expectation for this is the hour of unprecedented power and manifest promise, angels have been sent ahead of you to protect and lead you into the place he has prepared and predestined for you.

This is your time to shine!  There is a land where new life, great victory and a secure kingdom destiny awaits you, and for those that will keep their eyes on the LORD Sabaoth, the God of the angel armies, for indeed this battle belongs to the LORD.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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