The Lord says, I AM Clothing You!


“Favor is coming to many of you, favor you are not used to – favor you have even grown to disdain, because you have learned the value of hiddeness instead of vainglory.  Many of you are shedding old garments because I have new robes for you to wear.  Many are letting go of old things, because I have a new plan for you, a new perspective and new things for you to do.

I AM clothing you in MY righteousness where you have not relied on that truth.

I AM clothing you in royal garments, where you have not realized you are to be prophets, priests and kings.

I AM clothing you with cloaks of humility where you have struggled with pride.

I AM clothing you with mercy where your heart has not known the depths of My compassion.

I AM clothing you with the Spirit of Might, where you have been timid or fearful.

I AM clothing you with TRUST and greater FAITH where you have been unbelieving.

This will come through the Spirit of BURNING that will transform you and break all the chains of oppression for all who are willing to be changed.”

From “more” word
Holy Spirit thru Priscilla


~ Priscilla

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The Lord says, I AM Clothing You! — 2 Comments

  1. Oh Lord thank you Jesus this is confirmation change is on the way children of God arise and shine our light has come let’s get ready glory to Jesus.

    Thank you for allowing God to use you for his kingdom be blessed.

  2. Thank you My Sister & I soooooo Receive! May The Blessings Of The Lord Overtake You!