The LORD says, “The Tables Have Turned!”


The LORD says,  “The tables have turned.  Many great minds have come together and they walk away, baffled.

Their own minds have let them down.  Lofty thoughts they did not hear from Me, yet their confidence was in themselves.  These are numerous and the understanding is great to behold – Man has nothing apart from God.”

That is your message.  Listen for His voice and you will hold all the knowledge the world can contain, but you seek the knowledge rather than the God of it! In this way you will be greatly disappointed – for He is the Only One Worthy!  And if you are looking in another direction, your expectations will always fall short.

To this end, but it known – Seeking God is your answer to everything!  Seeking anything else will fail you every time.

“So seek My face and find My heart – not for gain or possession, but for freedom and truth and light.  This is the life I have for you.  

Now, Come to Me and listen and I will tell you, also!”

This God reigns over all the earth!

His mercy and goodness endure forever!  None other will there ever be!  By Him all things are made and every plan set into motion on which the world turns!

Let us be His people and seek His heart!


With Love and Belief,
~ Jill Steele

Jill SteeleJill Steele.   Truly, it’s not ‘About Me’, but has always been about Him.  I am a grateful, willing vessel, broken to be used.
My passion comes alive in writing, offering encouragement, sharing perspective on life, and pointing others in the direction of the Heavenly Father.
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