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The LORD Will Order Your Steps — 5 Comments

  1. Praise God, June! Thank you for a right on, encouraging word. The Remnant must arise and shake off our lethargy! God bless you.

  2. Praise God! God bless you, beloved woman of God! I thank you, for all that you share Pastor June Reinke, with what the Lord God imparts to you, to relay to us the people of God. I receive and embrace this Word from the the Lord closely, as this is what I am feeling and experiencing.

    The Lord is exposing and showing me his Divine Strength, Might and Power, through Jesus Christ, through the Holy Ghost, allowing the holy fire to fall from heaven. The more I read, study and meditate on the Word Get d, understanding spiritual warfare, he opening my understanding more and more in depth.

    This is the reason for so many demonic attacks from the enemy, to slow down, an attempt stop my progress in Christ Jesus, by monitoring my careless steps, me once ignorant to the enemy’s schemes and devices.

    I’ve learned that we in Christ, must have a humble heart, a fervent prayer life, a fervent spiritual life, rejecting Satan’s temptations in Jesus’ Name, kept through the holy fire in the Holy Ghost. Thank you, again for sharing this on time Word, which is never sent out and void, but effectively accomplishing what the Lord desires for his Word to accomplish in Jesus Name.

    God bless you! I pray that you are doing well physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally in Jesus Name, as well as your family, friends.I pray Come Lord Jesus, even so Come Lord Jesus! Maranatha!️❤️

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