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The LORD Your God is in Your Midst! — 3 Comments

  1. We saw the most beautiful sunrise today; one of my daughters saw the outline of a praying angel in the clouds with rays of sunshine around “her” head.  Thank you for the confirmation that God always renews us, and always gives us reason to hope.

  2. I don`t know who has set the typos inside the text above…
    Of course I go to MY church for Bible school… if you believe or not – while I wrote the word “school” again right, but someone has cut off the last letter before my eyes !!! May those who want to destroy me in every walk of life, may they find peace this year. May they go to their knees and repent.

  3. Dear one, thank you, and extra thanks to sister June ! I am not updated on every article yet, will read it one by one. This morning I woke up after long and good sleep. I feel many have been praying. In the garden in front of me, frozen today, sat 4 doves !!!! Very unusual for the season. Often there are ravens, but all kind of birds, big white birds and eagle like birds. But today DOVES ! I wanted to take a pictures when they flew up, but it was so fast. They now watch in a high tree while I write. Sun is shining bright, it`s a NEW and beautiful morning, yes. Tomorrow I will have a job interview at a luxury residence, and next week at an Airline. All will be well, I believe it. Even when my mom is dying in these days, heaviest chemo therapy and cortisone, yesterday she said she wants nothing any more. She is only 74, but it`s ok when the LORD takes her home. We are prepared. I sing a new song. Music plays while I type this: KADOSH. Stay connected, dear ones. Soon I start Bible school in your church, internal Bible school, not as big as students in year-long studies, but anyway – I am looking forward for these special Sundays after church, when interested brethren will gather together. I bought a big new Bible for this, empty of any own marks, so truly new beginnings on every side. My son will return in this month to “hotel Mama” and we are happy. I am more, much more than a “hotel” for him. All is well, dear loved friends worldwide.

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