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The LORD’s Light Is Bright! — 3 Comments

  1. Amazing Mr. Dewey!!
    I watch and pray as the thief fills the atmosphere with poison, trying to change the weather.
    Abba Father, the Earth and the Heavens and ALL which dwell therein belong to You. Your Word says so, and He doesn’t lie.
    Therefor I claim the atmosphere and the weather of the United States of America for You, and through the Power of the Complete Work of the Cross, I exchange the spirit of thief, who’s been sowing poison to steal kill and destroy Your Creation, and receive instead the Full and Abundant Life You’ve purchased for us, in complete agreement with the Spirit of Truth.
    Render judgement against this thief I pray Abba, in every form he’s infested and infected. Bring salvation to those partnering with him and take what the devil is using to destroy, and work it for the good of Creation instead, God of ALL THINGS POSSIBLE!!
    Thank You and Amen Father.
    I loved your post Mr. Dewey.
    Thank you. :)

  2. Sorga potente lo Spirito di Dio! Dai giovani nasca il rinnovamento! Da essi nasca la Luce che sconfigge la tenebra! Dio salvi il Suo popolo prima che venga la Sua ira!!! AMEN!

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “May the Spirit of God arise mightily! May renewal be born from young people! From them is born the Light that defeats darkness! May God save His people before His wrath comes!!! AMEN!” ]

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