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The Lost Art of War — 2 Comments

  1. Targetted focused “repentance” means to genuinely (sincerely) confess specific sins committed that are troubling and you are sorrowful for and wish to completely remove from your life.  These are sins that have kept you from God or drawn you away from God.  God wants nothing to interfere with His relationship with you.  If there is anything that would, it must be confessed and removed by the Holy Spirit.

  2. This might sound really stupid but is praying for others the same thing as target focused prayer?  And what about target focused repentance?  I know about repenting of my own sins and it was in 2014 when I became reborn.  I try to be in God’s Word every day but I’m not sure exactly what target focused repentance means.  Does it have to do with fasting?

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