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The Owl Is Diligently Watching for His Prey! — 3 Comments

  1. Powerful article and insight, dear sister. Thank you ! I got an almost shocking confirmation after a bigger purchase to fill up empty boards and fridge with food. They gave me some (32) pictures at the check out, an action for faithful buyers in that store. These are nature stickers. Oh… guess what ? The first package of stickers I opened: An owl with orange eyes staring at me ! I am truly not against any animal. God made them all for a reason. But this is really strange. I know who has the owl in the agenda, and I know at least some important Scriptures about unclean creatures. Over the past decades knowledge through internet increased worldwide. People 100 years ago had lesser stress with all that stuff. Anyway – I take it very serious, when brothers and sister share Holy Scriptures !

    • Just an added information: After years of being poor, the LORD gave me better work and HE has promised that my son and I never again have to suffer again hunger. I bought not only food today. Some stuff for cleaning the house was in that purchase of 129.- (almost 1:1 to dollars) and the lady gave me 8 x 4 pictures, instead of 6 x 4 according to their rules. I don’t need these tiny stickers, I just took them as they gave them. I will give them to a neighbour in the house who surely collects them for an album. Interesting anyway.

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