The “Pneuma” Breath of God

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The book of 2 Kings chapter 4 speaks of a Shunammite woman who had a request to the Lord asking the Prophet Elisha for a son.  Elisha then prophesied to her that she would have a son the following year.  One year later it came to pass that she had a son but then the son died.  She took him back to Elisha and the child was brought back to life when Elisha stretched himself out and lay upon him.  As he put his mouth to the child’s mouth and his eyes to his eyes, and his hands to his hands, the child was brought back to life.  In the same way, the Holy Spirit wants to breathe His breath (pneuma) into you.

The Lord says I desire to come face to face with you in the same way that Elisha did as he brought the Shunammite woman’s dead son back to life.  Just as Elisha lay on that young boy mouth to mouth, eye to eye, hand to hand and the boy was restored back to life.  Allow Me to breathe My breath into your being.  I will resuscitate you with My pneuma (Spirit).  Allow Me to release a new and fresh wind of My presence into your life.

I desire to take you to levels that you have not yet experienced as you allow  My breath to enter into your spirit.  Allow Me to resuscitate you with My glory.  Do not fear this intimacy and do not be afraid to receive such encounters.  I am inviting you up to a higher place.  It is a place where you will experience My presence in a new way.  In this unknown venture, your eyes will be opened to the heavenly realms.  Receive My anointing as I refresh you and bring you into the atmosphere of My glory says the Lord.

2 Kings 4: 32 – 35  “When Elisha came into the house, there was the child, lying dead on his bed.  He went in therefore, shut the door behind the two of them, and prayed to the Lord.  And he went up and lay on the child, and put his mouth on his mouth, his eyes on his eyes and his hands on his hands; and he stretched himself out on the child, and the flesh of the child became warm.  He returned and walked back and forth in the house, and again went up and stretched himself out on him; then the child sneezed seven times, and the child opened his eyes.”

Job 32:8   “But there is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding.”

Job 33:4   “The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”

Psalm 42:7   “Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls; all Your waves and billows have gone over me.”

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