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  1. Such a “waves of power exploding around them” day was today at work. People are like a thirsty sponge who hungers to hear from God or at least hearing a good comfort or even only a song headline. I get clear spoken complements, every day when I am at work. A dying Bible-grounded Christian lady awaited me eagerly and said “I love you”. I do not treat them with extra kindness. I serve as best I can, though I am often weary, and often with sweat running over my body. On every workplace old people here and then called me “doctor”, “director” or ven “general”.
    But I work humbly and busy. Without compromises I care for poor and rich people in the same way. God wants us to do so. I write this to help all who read this message, that we must GIVE. And share. There is POWER and GLORY IN THE AIR and atmosphere, when we serve others and hold them higher than ourselves or at least love them like we first have to love God and then our neighbour like we love ourselves. When we do so, we are a bright light, a warming or igniting good fire. A hope, a joy and blessing for many.
    But how fast jealousy comes up in those who neither really care for others, nor love others or God.Those can be dangerous and mean. When then a false or instabil leader turns his ears and heart to gossip, often the good ones get
    fired. Or they quit the job and go to another place, before others drive them out. But this is not the reason why I respond here and now. The reason is because today from 7-12 AM was like an exploding holy fire-work. The work day isn’t over yet.
    Brothers and sisters, never give up being real, being authentic, or being vulnerable. And when all misinterprete you or doubt you – or laugh at you – think about Psalm 2, how GOD laughs at them who mock or hate you. And: NEVER GIVE UP ! ! !

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