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  1. One day as I was just meditating on Him, sitting on the sofa, it was as if a presence so big was before me but I couldn’t see it, it was close to the top of the ceiling, and I heard the Father speak to me the words, “My Son, in whom I AM well pleased.” I was only about a year into discipline, and the accuser was hounding me day and night. I felt like a puddle of ashes on the floor, how could He say this to me…..
    Only the Cross!!! Oh Beautiful Grace!!!
    He will get us there. And those who will go through the Furnace next are going to need much encouragement and help. Their going to need a people so transparent that it’s as if we dissappear, so He is truly made known.
    Humility, Patience, Perseverance, this Army He’s producing is blemish free, no spot no wrinkle. No looking to the right or left….a truly Awesome sight!! He’s THAT good!!
    I loved every word of this post Deborah. What they’re doing to me and His people is a cruelty that’s reached the bottom of the sewer. But the rat Exterminator is on it!! :D
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

  2. HALLELUJAH JESUS! Thank YOU LORD! Thank God for the BLOOD of JESUS that has Saves, Cleanse is from ALL sin. HE Forgives us as we repent & has Redeemed us! Thank God for HIS Mercy & GRACE! GLORY TO GOD! IT IS FINISHED! LET GOD ARISE- ALL HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED!!!☝✝️

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