The Rock and The Sand


In the days ahead, you will need a foundation on which to stand and that foundation must be firm.  On eternal ground there are but two places where people stand.

There is the rock which is Christ Jesus and there is the sand which never was nor will it become stable.  Consider truth.  My truth, the only truth, does not change.  Like the rock, it cannot be moved, no matter how mighty the storm.  Yet to most the truth seems too rigid.

They refuse it and instead prefer the apparent flexibility of the sand.  They take off their shoes and plant their feet in it noting that it seems firm and yet soft.  In the days which have passed there has been room for this choice with (relatively) little consequence.

This is not so in the days that lie immediately ahead.  No one can look towards the sea in this hour and not notice that a storm is approaching.  When the waves begin mercilessly pounding the shores of your nation the “fashionability” of relative truth will be no more.

While not all who have chosen this foundation will be destroyed, all will be broken.  They will suffer tremendous loss and weep torrents of bitter tears.  While those standing upon the rock of My truth will feel the force of the fearsome storm they will not be moved.  When the wind calms and the waves return to their place they will be found standing firm.

In My church there are many who have forsaken the truth to go their own way.  Those ways are many just as there is much sand beside the sea.  Those lies have scattered them in many directions and planted them in many places.  Just as there is an abundance of sand there are many lies.  They say things like, “Love = Love” even as they know nothing of real love.

They call My unborn creation a “choice” and My holy word the “writings of man subject to error.”  Worse yet, these who call themselves My children use human logic to justify their stances and to dictate their choices.

See the shore? (I am shown a seashore from a slightly elevated view.  It goes as far as my eye can see.)  There is room for many lies.  The whole world could fit on this shore and for that matter many have already positioned themselves there.  Yet behold My rock (before me I see a large, solitary rock standing in the midst of the shore.   It is massive and multiple stories high).  (Speaking of the rock)

All My remnant has chosen this place.  Each of them had to walk across at least some of the sand to come here yet they chose to continue moving until they arrived here.  Some delayed for a time but through My grace I delivered them from the lies that held them fast.  Now they remain planted here.  This aspect of their journey has ended.  By My grace more are coming.

I have a word for those who are scattered about the sands on this shore. ‘Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with Me?’  You have made a choice to compromise the truth for one of various reasons.

Perhaps it is that you are ignorant of it.  Yet this is not an excuse.  My truth is available to all in this nation (the United States of America).  You remain ignorant only because you do not seek the truth.  For some of you it is fear.  Yet your fear is misplaced in man.  Never have I told you to fear man.  Fear no man.  Fear Me and Me alone.

Still others remain here due to misplaced compassion.  As a result you now relate more closely with the fallen in their sin than you do with Me in My righteousness.  There are also those who cling tightly to their sins.  Secretly you wish that you could scoop up a bucket of the sand and take it with you as you position yourself upon the rock but know this, I AM not a God of mixture.  I AM not divided.  You who choose this mixture will suffer great loss though you yourselves may be saved.

To you who have chosen this sandy foundation consider this your warning.  Come to the rock.  It is not My desire that you be swept away by what is coming but I will not infringe on your freedom to choose.  You must choose for yourself on this day who you will serve.

I always was and always will be a God of compassion.  I seek the redemption, not the destruction of man.  My warring is not with man but with this world and its evil system.  In the end it will be utterly destroyed and those who hold it dear will accompany it into perdition.

My war is with the rulers of this system; evil ones who are beyond redemption.  I speak not of flesh and blood but of principalities and wicked rulers in high places.  Their war is with Me and it is with all flesh.  Do you not see?  They seek your destruction and when they have achieved their goal they will rejoice in their success.  You are hated, but not by Me.  I am the lover of your soul.  My grace has demanded that I withhold judgment for a season but it is My righteousness that now compels Me to move forward.

You will stand on the rock or you will sink in the sand.  These are your choices.  You must choose wisely and you must choose now.

* * * * * 

My added thoughts:

I find that with all the wickedness in the world many who are counted among the righteous get frustrated.  We surrender ourselves to skepticism and to cynicism.  Our frustration and our anger eventually overtakes our compassion and our love.

As a result we stop effectively interceding.  I have been guilty of this at times myself.  On this day I repent before you and before the LORD and ask for forgiveness.  When we see what is coming on the face of the earth and upon this nation none will rejoice.

Let us remain tirelessly in our positions of intercession.  Let us hold fast to our compassion, not with evil, but for those who are held firmly in its grasp.

As you examine this individually you can see these in your mind.  Their stubbornness has frustrated you.  Their harsh words have inflicted wounds.  Do not become a Jonah as you secretly long for the destruction of Nineveh.  Instead, decide to be like God who chose to withhold the destruction they deserved while extending the grace that they did not.

Consider this.  No matter who you are and no matter where you come from where would you be without grace?


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!


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  1. Thank you Mitch,
    I understand that we are in a critical hour,
    a ‘valley of decision’
    and that God now call us
    to be alert and ‘ready.
    God bless you.

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