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  1. I cast the burden of the opposition which has been released against me today under our feet Lord Jesus, and I embrace today the Cross that purchased my Freedom and Victory, and as a result of Its Completed Work I take my position in You today Lord, at the Right Hand of the Father. I cast the burden of the responsibility and control of the opposition upon You Lord Jesus, and invite You to be seated upon the Throne of my life today, to reign and rule the land, and I take the copilot position as co-heir and surrender to Your guidance today Holy Spirit. With a heart Overflowing with Gratitude I thank You Prince of Peace for guarding my heart and mind.
    Reveal Yourself to me today as the One and Only God, the Sovereign and Majestic, the Good Good Father. The One who does as You please with men and with angels, I decree and declare over my land that this Day “Heaven Rules”
    In the beautiful name of Yaweh, Yeshua, Amen


    “My Breath is your breath.”
    “…breathe in My Breath of Life. Whisper My Name, My Child. Even a whisper is enough.”
    “The Breath of God has given you life. Now just breathe out My Name.”

    REPLY TO DR KEVIN ZADAI “Catch the Wind.”
    Let the wind catch you.
    Let the wind turn you around.
    Let the wind cause you to sail.
    Let the wind become your breath.

  3. Absolute TRUTH on the ABOUT Message…! Suggest to pass it as many need these Words.

    FAITH IN ♥♥♥HIM♥♥♥ OPEN ALL SHUT GATES in Your heart, as well windows of stagnated atmospheres’, making bread ♥♥♥HIS FRESH AIRS & ALL WANTED HOPES, DELAH..!♥♥♥

    PS 34

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