The Sounds of His End-Time Army!


There is a resounding sound being heard in the realms of the spirit!  Do you hear it?

It is the sound of an end-time Army, making ready to take new territory and establish the Kingdom of God.

I hear the Spirit say, “In this hour, My people will see through blood stained lenses, and they will walk in blood stained shoes.  They will move and advance forward in blood stained garments of redemption,”  says God.

“The sound of My word goes forth in power, overturning, pulling down,breaking down and demolishing structures and strongholds of darkness, for I AM reestablishing, realigning and rebuilding in this hour.

I AM preparing a new foundation.  I AM gathering what has been scattered.  I AM bringing forth a reformation movement; reformers are rising up; a new breed of overcomers are emerging in victory”,  says God.

I see a divine deployment, a fearless army is rising up in the midst of turmoil and chaos.  Many have been selected for stealth missions that will go into enemy territory.  They will go in “Undercover” and His blood will camouflage them.

I see these are the secret agents of God’s Kingdom.  They are carrying weapons that will bring about maximum destruction to the enemy’s camp and they are carriers of secret strategies from the Throne Room of heaven, strategies that will foil and expose the hidden plans and schemes of darkness.

Get ready, as we keep hearing, there is a divine positioning that is taking place in this hour.  Father is strategically positioning mighty and courageous warriors.  These are highly trained sons and daughters and their mission is fraught with many dangers, but their strength lies in their unmovable and unshakable faith.

They love not their own lives unto death.  They are sold out to the purposes of His Kingdom.  They are passionate in their pursuit to take back ground that the enemy has stolen.

Their sole aim and ambition is to establish the Kingdom of light and occupy new ground.  These are mighty warriors who know their God and they boast not of their strength and power, but they walk only in the fear of their of God, the captain of the angel armies.

Last night, I woke up at 1:33 a.m. and felt strongly impressed to pray.  As I began to speak in the Spirit, I found myself on a battlefield.  I was standing on the battlefront of intense warfare.

The enemy seemed to press in on every side.  Their faces were dark and fierce and I could hear the sound of the spirits of death and violence in their shouts and screams.

I stood without fear as I was fully clothed in armour.  I stood my ground with my sword and shield lifted high.  I could feel the mighty impact of each blow that came against the armour, but I felt no pain.  I was totally insulated and protected; the armour was impenetrable.

Then suddenly, I heard the deep sounds of a shofar and the sky above me lite up.  A great fireball that looked like the sun, began to move onto the battlefield.  It shone so brightly that I could not look upon it..!

As I shielded my eyes from the bright light, I could hear the sound of the enemy screaming and screeching.  They began to run in fear.  I could see them running in every direction, and then I heard them shouting, “Look, it is Lord of Angel Armies, it is Lord of Angel Armies”!

At that moment, I looked up and the sky was filled with angel warriors.  The battlefield was now ablaze with the Fire of Heaven and the enemy who had come against me with such violence, had now vanished.  I now stood on the battlefield of a great victory!

This morning I have been strongly impressed by God to encourage many of you, that if you find yourself on the battlefield, and on the front-line warring against the enemy, fear not!  You are not alone, the Lord of Angel Armies goes before you.  The fire walls of His Glory surround and protect you!

Now stand ready, dressed in the helmet of salvation, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, the belt of truth buckled around your waist.  Stand in the shoes of peace.  Take up the sword of the Spirit and the shield of faith and lift them high!

I Decree:   You will have the victory on the battlefield..!

He has trained your hands to fight and has given you all authority in heaven and on earth.

You have nothing fear!  The victory belongs to the LORD and today He fights for you, and He fights for your family.  He is the Captain of the Angel Armies, and He assures you of great victory over your enemies!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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