The Spirit of God Is Moving Suddenly & Quickly!


Hold onto your hats in this hour, for the Spirit of God is moving suddenly, quickly, strategically and sharply in the earth!

Watch!  As many prophetic words will ‘suddenly’ come to pass…!

For there is a divine acceleration and momentum that is taking place in the realm of the spirit over the nations.

These are the headlines in today’s newspapers.

“Trump: UK-US trade deal to happen quickly”!

US President Donald Trump has said he expects a “Powerful” trade deal with the UK to be completed “Very quickly”.

Speaking at the G20 summit in Hamburg, he said he would visit London.  Asked when, he said: “We’ll work that out.”

In one-to-one talks, Mr. Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May agreed to prioritise work on a post-Brexit trade deal, a UK government official said.

The President made it clear he believed Britain would “Thrive” once it had left the European Union, the official added.

Below, see the prophetic word I posted last year!  Amazing God we serve.  Giving Him all the glory!


A Word for America and the United Kingdom:
Two Shall Become One!

A mighty river of gold and silver;  the power of glory and redemption is shifting and reshaping the nations in this hour! 

Today while praying for the nations, suddenly a very powerful vision opened up before me where I saw a large gold hand coming out of the nation of America.  I watched closely as the gold hand reached up high into the heavens.

Then suddenly I saw a large silver hand coming out of the United Kingdom and it too reached up high into the heavens.

I watched intently as the silver hand of the United Kingdom and the gold hand of America came together and began to shake hands.  As the two hands shook, I felt the earth tremble and the ground beneath my feet began to move and shift.

Then suddenly, out of heavens, came a third large hand, but it was a hand of blazing fire.  I watched as the hand of fire came to rest upon the shaking hands of silver and gold.

Suddenly the blazing hand of fire intensified in heat causing the hand of silver and the hand of gold to melt.  I watched closely as the two precious metals melted into one another forming one mighty river of molten gold and silver.

And then I heard these words, “Unity and freedom, glory and redemption!”

Then I watched as the river moved with great force and in great power.  I watched as the river of gold and silver suddenly turned and broke forth upon the nations of the earth.  Wherever the river of gold and silver flowed, the mighty waters rose causing the landscape to be changed and transformed.

Then I watched closely as great fires broke out upon these nations, the blazing fires of purification and revival, fires that will not be quenched but will only burn brighter and brighter.

Then suddenly out of the heavens, I heard these words, “Watch!  For the nations of America and the United Kingdom shall shake hands and the two shall form a strong alliance and the two shall become one in purpose, one in vision and one in great victory.

Watch!  For the river of My glory and redemption shall now flow forth upon the nations, causing a tidal wave of transformation and change.

For even in this hour beloved, the power of My glory and redemption is shifting and reshaping the landscape of these great nations and the fires of purification and revival shall burn, burn, burn,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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