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The Spirit of Unworthiness is Being Washed Away! — 4 Comments

  1. Man…you are a partner of Hope and Encouragement Miss Deborah!! What a beautiful Story He’s telling in and through Your Life, and what a blessing you are.
    I recall, from reading this incredible picture of His Passion for me, a night I had many years ago after sliding back in to a very destructive lifestyle….yet again. From the time I went to bed, through the night, in every dream, until I woke in the morning, our Abba Father proclaimed over and over to me the Words, “I LOVE YOU!!” It had to have been thousands of I love you’s!
    The ironic part of this is that, like I said, I was on the cusp of sliding back. He also gave me the ability when I’d close my eyes to see the most Beautiful picture of a Cross!! How great is our God and Father. He’s the Daddy with His arms wide open the ENTIRE time!! Since then I’ve run back into those arms and have been allowing the process of His Love to heal and restore me.
    Just had to share and brag on my Abba Father a bit!! :D

  2. Hallelujah, amen. So in line with thoughts and discussions of last night. I sense Father God is speaking to me personally through this word. Every blessing to you and all yours Prophetess ❤️

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