The Spirit of Wisdom


Revelation, comes with a price.  There is so much more that Christ intended for His church.

Perhaps, we should start by saying, why don’t we leave it up to Him, who is in His body, and who is not.  There’s a particular verse of scripture, that some of our people, preferred to ignore or look over.  For a long time now, it just didn’t seem right, that anyone who desired and claimed Jesus Christ as LORD, should have been pushed away.

While trying to determine doctrine as some understood it, there is a comment that always pulled me up short.  It said, that all those that called on the name of Jesus Christ, would be saved.

I have no real desire to drum up old bones, but we often belittle people over that very proclamation.  It was our understanding that there was so much more that we could have; a greater fullness of Him.  Whether it ouches some or not, this was always about Jesus Christ.  Those things which we required of others, were not always about Him.

It has become very clear, that things are being revealed and will continue to be revealed, to chosen and anointed vessels, in this hour.  Right now, even as we speak.

Paul wrote to the Ephesians, “That the God of our LORD Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.”  By now, it is likely, that the Spirit wants us to continue to talk, about all of the ministries that were placed in the Church.  It could be said, that there’s a lack of fullness, for changing that order.

Meekness.  And the right kind of spirit, are paramount in these closing and final days.  It’s possible, that God has gotten very tired of those who have misused and thwarted, the revelation that He has meant for His people to have.

This, being taught by the Holy Ghost, is an on-going thing.  We once had no problem saying that much of what we sought to understand, was a mystery.  And if people are truly wise and even-minded, they see that no one person, received it all.  There was a reason, that those Gifts, were given as He willed.

It takes a meek person, to accept that no matter how much we have studied and sought understanding, we yet know very little.  Since there is so much to Him we do not know about, it seems wise that the Holy Ghost is revealing many things to those who seek Him.

For myself, that’s one reason why I do not get it, that people who say they are baptized believers, won’t follow the lead of the Spirit.  In any given service, the Holy Ghost can lead and reveal, on even a moment to moment basis, the exact way, that He wishes to move in.

Perhaps, one message that God is trying to get across here, is that He is weary of us messing up His plans.

Nothing should be taken for granted.  It’s pretty certain, that this is one reason why the God of Heaven, has led many through a will-breaking and total spirit changing journey.

If we again, attempt to put ourselves in the midst of what He wants to do, there will be a dire price.  Our spirit and attitude, should be very different than it was before.

There is too much at stake, to allow us to lift up ourselves.  That, is Wisdom.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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The Spirit of Wisdom — 1 Comment

  1. “This, being taught by the Holy Ghost, is an on-going thing.”

    The Spirit of truth leads step by step, like a puzzle when the received puzzle piece fits perfect into the previous and so on, until the picture becomes more and more clear.
    I am sure that in this last hour God will not let His true Word be twisted or stopped anymore.
    Because His Word is sweet as honey as long as it stays in the mouth and still easy to spit out, but when it comes into our inner being it is sometimes hard to digest. 

    “I have yet many things to say to you, but ye are not able to bear them now,Joh.16:12

    “and he saith to me, take, and eat it up, and it shall make thy belly bitter, but in thy mouth it shall be sweet as honey.Rev.10:9


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