The Subjects of The King


Your value isn’t determined by power or position.  That value is like a pearl of great price; a nugget of earnest Spiritual investment, that shall compound.

A puzzle can not be complete without your part, but when complete, presents a clearer picture of My masterpiece.

As a sponge absorbs the element it is immersed in, your lives have drawn in the good and the bad.  I take the sponge of your hearts and I squeeze out the old so you can hold the new.

The contamination’s of this world are reflected in the sponge as it wipes and cleans the surface of humanity.  I must therefore squeeze and immerse your hearts into deeper water.

I go to the deepest detail of your heart and motives.  Deep calls to deeper still.

I see the afflictions of your hearts, I AM familiar with them.  I AM healing you.  I AM not a superficial God, and you will not be superficially healed.

The war has gone on for the possession of the airwaves.  Bind the prince of the power of the air! Warrior’s you know who you are!   Set judges up spiritually and dispossess these demonic strongholds over cyberspace by land, sky and sea.

I AM placing MY Judges in high places that shall have authority over regions, states and nations!  This is like I established it at the beginning.

Take cyberspace back by force!  For the Word of the LORD shall be published throughout all the earth.  It is I the LORD who gathers the outcasts of the earth, and I will gather others besides those you know.

Not only AM I quickly establishing and publishing My Word through cyberspace, but I AM establishing churches through cyberspace, and the church of God of cyberspace shall be greater than any previous method’s!  Who can hold the multitude that shall come in through conventional means?  For a number than cannot be counted, shall come! Get ready.

As a king loses touch with the subjects of his kingdom, he must therefore go among the people to see their condition, relate to where they are, so he won’t be out of touch with the objective; to win them so they become loyal subjects in his kingdom!

Character issues are being developed in this season.  It is in the secret places with Me that I shall see your progress, not before the admiration of man.  It is not who you are before men that counts, it is who you are before Me!

There must be balance between the gifting and the maturation of your character.  The gifting without balanced character results in self righteous pride.

The gift is My Son.  The working and proving of the gifting is through your submission to My character as molding in the furnace of affliction so that My Son will be seen in you.

Don’t look at your inadequacy, but look to My sufficiency.  Take your eyes completely off yourselves and others, place them on Me.  Look to the author of the book who shall finish the last chapter gloriously!

The battles for territory are to gain the new lands by force.  The relentless personal attacks that have come against you, have been the result of the ground that has been gained Spiritually!

Every time the enemy tries to blow you out like a candle, you shall come back stronger!  Continue to reclaim the land, tear down the high places through warfare, prepare the way for the coming of the LORD.

Warriors!  Cleanse the land of defilement by destroying the powers of idols!  The land must be cleansed for revival to stay!

Behold, I will bring health and healing, and will reveal abundant peace and truth for I will cleanse the land from all the iniquity, says the LORD!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Sherry Edwards Mackey imageSherry Edwards Mackey
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