The Subliminal Witchcraft of Sickness


This morning, the Spirit of The Lord was dealing with me concerning subliminal witchcraft of sickness.

He said, some people are trying to act like they are showing concern to others, by acting like God gave them a dream or vision of them being sick or afflicted with some disease.  In fact, they will even go as far as calling you up, asking you constantly, “How you are feeling.”

He said, many will even go as far as naming conditions they say they saw, but the thing is, they never pray or rebuke the sickness they say was revealed to them by God.

He said they are in reality, trying to get the person to come into agreement with what they are loosing against them, by constantly speaking it into their ear so that it can take root in their mind and embed the thoughts in their subconscious mind, so that it will be constantly rehearsed in their spirit.

Once they begin to constant think on it, then it will begin to take root in their body and they will begin to exhibit the symptoms of what the person has spoken over them.

Many persons are healthy, feeling good and alright, until they start listening to someone who always seeing sickness or death about them.  Be careful what you allow to be spoken over your life, or into your atmosphere.

Watch those persons who are always dreaming death and horrible sickness concerning you, or always calling you, (especially when you have an attack against your body) to see if you are feeling alright, but they never want to pray or rebuke it, but try to insist that you receive what they are saying.

Many times our warfare is increase because we are not watchful or careful of who we allow to speak into our lives, or what we allow to be spoken over our lives.  There are to many instances of unexplained sickness occurring, and when they go to the doctor, they can’t find any medical causes as to why their body has develop the symptoms that it is displaying.

People, we are in a real war and the demonic forces are truly stirred against God’s anointed, but three things the devil forgets:

  • No weapon formed against us shall prosper.
  • God will not suffer a witch to live and,
  • I shall not die but live and declare the works of The Lord.

I serve notice on the workers of evil and darkness, Luke 10:19 is in full force in this season.  We are walking in authority and power and everything you try to do God will reveal and uncover to the righteous.

Stay in prayer and fasting, listening to the voice of God.  I’m telling you, He is not letting us be ignorant of satan devices.

The Lord also spoke and said, tell the leaders they need to be more alert and prayerful concerning those whom He has entrusted to their care.  Too many things are coming into the midst of the people and the Shepherd and the Watchmen are not aware of what’s going on.

How can you warn the people of the enemy, if you can’t see or hear discern or know what’s going on in the spirit realm yourselves?  If the blind are leading the blind, both will fall in the ditch.

Leaders, get into a place where you can see and be able to protect the sheep, from not only the wolves, but the whole demonic animal kingdom.  How are your a watchmen of souls but never know what the souls you are suppose to be watching, are going through?

It’s a season of being on high spiritual alert against the things that are trying to overtake the Body of Christ.  Be in prayer against sickness, disease and affliction in this season!

“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you,”   Luke 10:19.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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