The Terror of the LORD is Coming to the U.S.A.


The Word of the LORD:

“Oh, My precious child, you are going to need to trust Me, but not just with your pen.  You are going to need to trust Me with your mind, with your heart, and with your very life,  (Proverbs 3:5-6).  There are things which are about to come upon this land that will strike terror into the hearts of men,  (Luke 21:26).  They will search high and low for the causes and the solutions.  They will long for safety and security but none will be found apart from Me,  (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

It grieves My heart to say this, but many hearts will remain unrepentant.  In fact, for many, although they will be sorely afraid, these things will only stiffen their resolve to rebel, (Exodus 32:9).  Rather than repenting they will judge Me from their own black hearts for the things coming on the land.  They will decide that their self-made “gods” would never do something like this.  I AM saddened by their positions, but I will respect their choices, (2 Timothy 3).

I AM not the God of puppets or mindless drones.  In fact, it is the opposite.  While it is My heart’s desire that the people of this world surrender all they are unto Me, I want to take who they were (broken, blind, deaf, deceived, poisoned) and transform them.  I have come to take captive and I have come to set captives free, (Luke 4:18).

Just as a bond servant is free and yet chooses a life subject to the will of their master, I seek free men to surrender, (Romans 1:1).  It takes great trust for a man to surrender their life to another.  They have to believe that their master’s intentions towards them are good.  They have to believe that their master will care for them in times of need.

This decision may be based on such deliberative criteria, but once is it is made it is irreversible.  Whether they are right or wrong concerning the nature of their master, they are surrendered for life.

Listen to Me.  I AM the Good Master (Mark 10:17-18).  Anyone who surrenders their life unto Me will have all their expectations met and so much more (Matthew 6:33).  Although I AM God, I AM meek and lowly in heart.  Although I have absolute power, I AM gentle and kind (Matthew 11:29).

I AM the Good Shepherd.  The Good Shepherd does not abandon his sheep.  He stays with them. He guards them day and night. He is ready to lay down his life for them,  (John 10:11).

These words are truth.  They speak to My character,  My integrity and My heart.  Yet I know that when the wolf comes there will be those who succumb to fear, (John 10:12, Proverbs 3:5-6).  They will question Me and the integrity of My word.

Listen, I AM not speaking to the wayward.  I AM referring to those who walk within My fold.  Those who flee in fear with the hope of self-preservation will not find it, (Matthew 16:25). Instead they will flee directly into the jaws of the very one who kills, steals and destroys,  (John 10:10).

Tell them.  Tell My people.  They must shore up their faith in Me now,  (Mark 11:22).  They must make their elections sure.  In the coming days there will be no room for doubt. Tell them.  Their lives depend on it!

The terror about to befall this land exceeds even the imagination of your Hollywood.  The terror of the LORD is coming to the United States of America.

When it falls there will be only two positions.  You will either be under the shelter of My wings, (Psalm 91:4) or you will be under the full weight of My wrath (Isaiah 1:24).”

My words in response:

Oh, my LORD, hear my cries!  I pray that You awaken Your people.

I pray that You open their eyes so that they may see.  Awaken them from their slumber!

Arise, my brethren!  The hour is late.  Danger is at the gate.  You must unsheathe your swords.  You must don your armor.  Neglect nothing.  Fear not!

The coming hour is filled with trials but it is also filled with victory.  The most ferocious of battles leads to the most exhilarating of victories. Jesus, have mercy!

Show kindness to those who have given their hearts and their lives to You.  Remove doubt. Remove division.  Bring them into Your divine shelter.

The LORD responds:

“I will strike with great ferocity to the left, to the right, and to the center.  Let those with discernment discern, and let those who lack wisdom seek it.

Those who seek Me in this hour will find what they need (James 1:5), but those who turn their faces away from Me are in danger of destruction (Deuteronomy 30:17-18).  As you have asked, I will be merciful to those who seek mercy (Deuteronomy 4:31), but those who judge Me from their evil hearts will come under My righteous judgment (Romans 2:6).

I AM merciful, but I AM just.  Which one you receive is your choice.

Look!  The hour is late (Matthew 16:3).  The light of day has retreated from this land.  A long night lies ahead.  Those who are full of My light will shine with great brilliance,  (Isaiah 60:1), but those who have chosen darkness will be overwhelmed by it.  For them there will be only weeping and gnashing of teeth, (Luke 13:28).

This word of warning is My mercy, (Amos 3:7).  Some will listen and take heed.  Some will laugh it off.  The choice is theirs to make.  Human lives and eternal destinies are at stake. Choose wisely.  Choose surely.  Choose now.”

My Advice:

I advise you to stop and take heed to this word.  Do not read through it quickly.  Rather, pause as necessary to ponder and discern what is being spoken.  If you decide that this is mere rubbish that is the product of fanciful imagination, simply discard it.  However, if you discern the voice of the LORD there are several things you must do.

  1. Pay close attention.

  2. Take these words to your prayer closet to hear individually from the LORD.

  3. Do not hesitate in taking action as you have been directed.

  4. Share these words. Share them with people you know want to receive them and with people you know do not.  All must be warned.  No one wants to come out of this with blood on their hands.


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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