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The Time of “What Must I Do to Be Saved?” — 1 Comment

  1. My dear sister, I am writing this from inside a highspeed train (I thank God, “wifi” connection) and I read at HKP. Recently a young stranger asked me the same question on the shore of a lake. He called me “Mami”. People sense the urgency of being ready for JESUS CHRIST’s return. They need answers. And we must give them the answers.
    An old lady at my work place did nothing know about the rapture and day by day it somehow always comes to the point about God, history, future. People are hungry for the gospel everywhere. Thank you for sharing the story. I remember, you once payed for a woman on a check out a part of her bill. Or was it Mary ? It seems that in the rows of market check outs much happens in these last days.

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