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  1. Sherry, this Word really spoke to me on a deeper level. The scriptures, all of it.

    At the end the Rhema Word struck true to my spirit every Word.

    God bless you sis.

  2. Amen!Yes Abba Father .
    Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven.

  3. Hi, Sherry,

    I understand the message of the one woman with the two heads but cannot relate this to the vision of the two women with the epha! I can see no connection here.

    Interesting that you mentioned Mose and his long test in the wilderness to break his pride and make him an anointed tool in God‘s hand.
    Plus, mentioning Joseph and his tests causing him to despair in prison until God stepped in!

    Someone here recently wrote: „You will be reduced to Despair.“ in the process of the shaking.

    As we have been through tests and trials in all areas of life since more than 4 decades on a lone journey in past years, we can very well relate to Mose and Joseph. We have been prophesied that we will be used as Josephs.
    We are still waiting and praying for the shackles to be removed but our hope has been fanned recently! We live in Germany.

  4. UMMM The two women of Zechariah were the queens of Spain and England who sent out explorers with not square sails on their boats but sail-like stork wings. The Babylonian Empire was built in the land of 2 rivers which means (Shinar) this wicked woman was being moved to a new location where she would be set up on her own base where there was a very mixed (mixed grains) population which is where the UN is set the same as Babylon at the crux of the Hudson and east rivers like Babylon of old at the Tigres and Euphrates. The USA is the Babylon of prophesy this is only a small piece of her in prophecy. The reason she is seen as the Hoare is money is seductive which is what Babylon is all about, money is not evil but God is our supply. The US is going to be mightily used by God in the next few years but many are going to be seduced by money (very prosperous time) when the rapture occurs their attention will be elsewhere hence the terms you see in rev 18 The Babylon system is the best mix of powers it produces the most Christians (head of gold)

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